Team Redcat Coming Soon!

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Team Redcat Vehicles

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What is Team Redcat?

Team Redcat is a new high-end brand of premium vehicles being introduced by Redcat.  All Team Redcat vehicles will be manufactured in Taiwan and focus on delivering the highest level of quality, durability, and performance.  The Team Redcat strategy is different than that of Redcat Racing.  Redcat Racing focuses on developing and delivering excellent entry and mid-level vehicles to the market at low prices, whereas Team Redcat will primarily focus on developing and delivering higher-performance vehicles similar and above the Redcat Rampage line for more experienced users.  Team Redcat will still offer the same high level customer service, top level parts support and aggressive pricing you have come expect from Redcat. 

When will Team Redcat Vehicles be available for purchase?

The first Team Redcat vehicles will be available in early November 2015 and will include the introduction of our Flagship vehicle the TR-MT8E Monster Truck as pictured below. Additional vehicles will be released throughout 2016 to include, Buggies, Truggies and other high-performance vehicles.

Will Redcat Racing continue to offer new vehicles?

Yes.  Redcat Racing will continue to operate as normal and is committed to developing new and exciting vehicles at affordable prices, providing entry and mid-level users with the best overall value in the industry.  Redcat Racing’s goal is to bring new RC enthusiast into the hobby and grow the RC surface vehicle community.  Redcat Racing is stronger than ever and will continue to operate as it always had with many exciting things to come.

redcat tr-mt8E-Rc

Redcat Racing Has Released the Everest 1/16 Scale Rock Crawler – Video

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Want to get started in hobby grade RC but short on space?


Meet the newest edition to the line of Redcat Racing RC Rock Crawlers.   The Everest-16.

Small 1:16th scale size with big performance, The Aggressive offroad tires and 4WD drivetrain are great for gripping multiple terrains while coil over shocks absorb bumps.  Want to know more?  You bet you do.  Follow the links below.


Buy an Everest 1:16th scale RC Monster and start crawling today!



Everest 110th scale RC Monster Rock Crawler Redcat RTR

These easy to use 116th scale Rock Crawlers can be driven indoors or out. Set up a course in the living room or climb some rocks outside. There are many options with the Everest-16 by Redcat Racing. Grab a Everest-16.…


Explore the outdoors with Redcat Racing’s Everest-16

For those looking at the crawler scene Redcat Racing has a new smaller-scale vehicle that might be just what you’re looking for. The Everest-16 is a shaft-driven RTR rock crawler that looks to be a very capable and VERY.…


everything rc crawling red cat everest 16

hey i just gor a new crawler today it the red cat everest 16 and it seems to do very well wanting ro build a crawler course this weekend nd have some fun. Posted by Brad Moorefield at 8 58 PM Email ThisBlogThis Share to TwitterShare to.…



The Newest Redcat Racing 1/10 Scale Brushless RC Truck & SUV is the Blackout

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Are you ready for an adrenaline explosion? Fast and powerful, the Blackout XTE PRO is equipped with a powerful KV3800 brushless electric motor, with heat sink, and forward/reverse ESC. Ready to run out of the box, the Blackout XTE PRO is eager to heat up the neighborhood. Complete with LIPO battery and charger, this monster truck has everything needed to get started.

Shaft driven 4WD provides you with the necessary traction to maneuver the toughest obstacles and the forward/reverse ESC is beneficial in navigating tight spots.

Lightweight plastic chassis, four aluminum capped oil filled coil over shocks, and independent suspension offer rock solid performance as the soft compound monster truck tires leave disaster in their wave. Fear not! A 2.4GHz radio system and waterproof electronics ensure control, for those who dare to unleash the power of the Blackout!


Check Out All Our New Gadgets and RC Vehicles!




Redcat Racing’s Newest 1 10-scale Monster Trucks

Redcat Racing has added two more budget-friendly 1 10 scale models to their lineup with the Blackout XTE and Blackout XTE Pro. If you have a need for some scale speed and a desire to rip up the road these new machines.…

Redcat Racing Blackout Xte 1 10 Brushed Electric Monster

Fast and powerful the Blackout XTE is equipped with a powerful brushed electric motor with heat sink and forward reverse ESC. Ready to run out of the box the Blackout XTE is eager to heat up the neighborhood. Complete.…

The competition to the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE PRO

The competition to the Redcat Racing Blackout XTE PRO and the Terremoto-10 4×4 Monster Truck. Alright this is a list compiling what I feel are the main competitors to the Terremoto-10 Now to make it on this list a truck must.…

Redcat Racing’s Rampage Chimera EP Pro in Action

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Image of The new Redcat Rampage Chimera EP Pro

The new Redcat Rampage Chimera EP Pro

Recently Redcat Racing launched the new Chimera EP Pro 1/5th scale RC sand rail RC buggy.  With dual 11.1v LIPO batteries, 2.4GHZ control, 150A electronic speed controller and brushless motor, the Rampage Chimera arrives ready to run!

Check out the video below for the action.

Sneak Preview Redcat Racing 1 5 Scale Gas Rampage

Redcat Racing Rampage CHIMERA SR 1 5 Scale Gas Sand Rail. Meet the newest member of the Redact Racing Rampage Family the 1 5 Scale Gas Sand Rail CHIMERA SR. With the same great motor you’ve come to love.…

redcat rampage chimera Large Scale Forums

redcat rampage chimera General Large Scale RC. Can I get reviews about the redcat rampage chimera Thanks. fg2252 is offline. fg2252. View Public Profile Find More Posts by fg2252. Unread 09-12-2013 08 43 PM.…

Redcat Chimera 1 5th Scale EP Pro Sand Rail Desert

Full specs here This 1 5 scale electric large scale sand rail includes dual 11.1v LiPo Batteries 2.4GHz radio system powerful 150A ESC and brushless motor. The Rampage Chimera EP Pro will impress Specifications.…

Chimera Redcat Rampage Forum

I noticed the wheel hubs are more like the MT TT and not the X series. Do we have an idea if they are standard 24mm. I hope to god they don’t make them an oddball 23mm again.…

RC Vehicle Will Not Start When Starter Cord is Pulled

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My vehicle will not start up when I pull the starter cable.


The initial point that lots of brand-new owners of Nitro Cars should understand is that a Glow Plug Igniter is required. The Glow Plug Igniter needs to be completely charged before affixing it to the glow plug. If it is totally charged and it is affixed to the Glow Plug a good connection will be made.

Secondly, if the above is done correctly you need to inspect to see if the problem is that gas is reaching the carburetor. This can be accomplished by holding your finger over the exhaust opening and providing a couple of tugs on the pull start. This will create nitro fuel to siphon via the gas line to the Carburetor. Ensure that you do not pull the pull cable all the way out . The start up of a nitro car is a fine art and could quickly be done with brief fast pulls 1/2 of the way out. (If you pull start is broken, see this article: How to fix a broken pull start)

Third, if the above 2 do not deal with the start up problem, you could have swamped the engine. You could eliminate the glow plug and transform the vehicle upside-down and pull the cable a couple of times to remove the gas then try starting again.   See: how to deal with a flooded engine


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RC Air Filters: A Quick Tip on Protecting Your Redcat Racing Engine

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Redcat Racing Air Filter Picture

Be it a gas or nitro engine, the most vital thing you can do is keep the evil dirt and wetness out.

Dirt is the most harmful predator to a gas or nitro engine and we can keep it out with correct air filter upkeep.

Keep your air filter clean and make use of air filter pretreatment oil.

A Clean air filter

A clean redcat air filter permits your engine to breathe effectively. A blocked air filter will trigger an engine to run rich, which will not harm the engine, simply trigger poor efficiency.

If the filter is covered in dirt, it might trigger some air to slip into small spaces in between the filter and housing. When a filter is kept clean, air can easily stream through the filter, catching dirt, that would otherwise harm the vehicle’s performance.

Filter Oil

Filter oil is required in catching small dust fragments that can possibly harm the interior of your Redcat engine. While the filter aspect can catch bigger dirt bits, the smaller dust particles can sneak by. Air filter oil produces a breathable protection obstacle that dust cannot permeate.

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10 Quick and Easy RC Racing and Setup Techniques

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10 RC Racing Practice Tips

Great ideas from on how you can prepare and setup for a race.

1. Neutral Setup

Go with the box-stock setups and set up the popular tires at your track. When you do begin making modifications, make one at a time and see how it affects or improves your car’s performance. As you get a feel for the track design and your vehicle, gradually make your setup more aggressive.

2. Standards

After your race, don’t focus too much on your lap times. When your average lap times get closer to your fastest lap time, you know you are improving. Everything else will fall in place.

3. Pass With Courtesy

Drive your vehicle as if it were a genuine vehicle and you’ll be much quicker. When enclosing on, slower vehicles plan your pass.  Slower RC cars and buggies must yield to faster vehicles, however that does not indicate they have to pull over and stop racing so you can fly by. The exit of edges is normally a great location to pass because slower owners typically overshoot edges and go broad.

4. Stay Late

Most of individuals get to the track early to practice, however the very best time to practice is really after racing is over and the track is in condition you race on. It is frequently dry if it’s off-road or dirty if it’s on-road when you get to the track early.

5. The Evening Prior

Being ready is important to racing quickly. Undergo all your race gear the evening prior to race day. Not just will you be less likely to forget something, you will discover hidden troubles during a time when it much less stressful to repair them.

6. Bring a Friend Racing

Commonsense appears to get tossed out the proverbial window when competitors begin warming up. One of the finest means to get us all utilizing our typical sense once again is to bring a friend racing with us. This is due to the fact that we commonly exercise exactly what we preach when we understand somebody is watching (e.g. it helps a friend will help us be less critical of others and more critical of ourselves).

7. Practice with Speed, Race Slow

This is one of our preferred racing maxims at RC Car Action. You’ll develop your ability when absolutely nothing is on the line and you are burning rubber. This provides an excellent concept of exactly what you and your car can do. When you’re racing, slow down a bit and concentrate on being consistent.

8. Take Corners, Do not Overshoot Them

This is how you perform through a corner effectively: Get close to the edge and relocate to the outside while decreasing well prior to the corner, begin relying on the within prior to you get to the edge, drive along within of the edge and begin increasing speed as you exit the corner. It appears easy, however lots of racers fly into edges, get a great deal of push, slide or brake to the exterior, essentially stop and need to accelerate out from the corner. This could look quick because they go flying and burst out from the edge, however it is really the sluggish method around a track.

9. Walk The Track

Do not trust your point of view from the owners’ stand. Walk the track. try to find flaws that will journey your automobile up and research the face of the jumps to see where you ought to be lining up for smooth launches.

10. Enjoy

Having the right mindset will likewise assist you in quicker lap times. When you concentrate too much on beating the next racer or retaking a position you simply lost or making up time after a crash, you frequently attempt things that are too risky or difficult and end up falling back or crashing more.

Incentive Suggestion: When your car is spinning out and you make certain you have the right tires for your track, attempt a gear change prior to tweaking the suspension. Set up a bigger pinion. This give you more fluidity in your acceleration preventing you from breaking traction.


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Using Thread Lock For Redcat Racing Parts and Other RC Hobbies

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Loctite threadlocker


Making use of thread lock to secure device screws is typical practice in the RC market. Did you realize cleansing the threads with rubbing alcohol prior to using the thread locker will guarantee a much better bond? RC fuels, shock oils, and greases prevent the thread locker from working correctly, creating a weak bond. This can cause screws falling out and your new Redcat Racing hop ups falling off right in the middle of a race (how annoying)

Threadlock is created to be made use of where metal threads are placed into metal threads so it isn’t really extremely efficient on plastic parts. Always use medium strength thread lock just in case you want to remove the screw at a later time



How to Adjust the Slipper Clutch In Redcat Racing Cars and Trucks

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Redcat Racing Slipper Clutch

Numerous RC cars are geared up with a modifiable slipper clutch. This slipper clutch has 2 major functions, the first being security.

When adjusted correctly, the slipper clutch secures the whole drive train by providing a little slip throughout high bursts of power or other times the drive train undergoes shock. An example of this would be a crash. The RC vehicle stops, but the motor is still attempting to turn the wheels. An additional example would be landing a jump with your finger on the trigger. The unexpected stop in wheel spin could otherwise strip the gears.

Traction control is the 2nd reason RC Cars and Trucks are geared up with a modifiable slipper clutch. High powered 2 wheel drive automobiles are particularly susceptible to speed wobbles and a loss of control during a fast launch off the starting line. Readjusting the slipper clutch will change the quantity of power that makes it to the ground. Be mindful. Setting a slipper clutch too loose can lead to excess heat melting the spur gear.

To set the slipper to a prime beginning point, take off the body and place the automobile on a high traction surface area. Leave the battery detached if electric and the engine off if nitro for this step. Using a work glove, hold the spur gear with one hand and roll the vehicle with the other. The slipper clutch should barely move. If there is no slippage, loosen the nut on the slipper clutch and attempt once again. If the car rolls easily while you are holding the spur gear stable, tighten up the nut and retry till a small quantity of slip is accomplished.


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Not So Secret Societies

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“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”- Groucho Marx



Groucho Marx


Did you get rejected from the StoneCutters when you applied for membership? Do you know that you are actually “The Chosen One” but just aren’t sure which secret society you are the “Chosen One” for?

If you don’t fit it with the main stream clubs perhaps you need to find a secret society (or not so secret) that is less about the exclusivity of keeping people out, and more about finding that bizarre form of happiness that only comes when certain birds of a feather flock together.

At Daft Gadgets, we have put together a list of societies that accept membership of people who may have a hard time fitting in to society’s norm. If you haven’t been accepted somewhere else already, you may find what you’re looking for in one of the clubs below. The only caveat is that it may make you an outcast of society in the process.

The Society for Geek Advancement

According to this society, when you believe in something strongly enough to not care if other people think its cool, it means you’re a geek. So technically, Charles Manson and Jesus are both geeks according to the society’s definition. Of course in modern times its cooler to be “Bad” than “good” so if you believe in doing anything good like loving and caring about people, donating time or money to charity, or smiling at people, you are probably a geek.

The society was founded upon the principles that everyone should embrace their inner and outer geek and enjoy doing it. The second founding principle is to be a geek that keeps giving back. So technically being a geek means you should also be homeless, since you give everything away. However, being homeless does not automatically make you a geek, that’s a syllogistic fallacy that any true geek would be aware of.

The society helps people come to terms similar to AA where it is encouraged to announce “My Name is such and such, and I’m a Geek.” They call this project the “I AM A GEEK” project. A project inspired by a Beer Commercial from the year 2000.

As we all know, Beer is the exception where its both cool and geeky, as was proven by google in their quest to create the ultimate beer which they call URKontinent named after the original supercontinent that made up the earth.

The Society of Barefoot Living

No, this is not a male chauvinist society that believes in keeping their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. On the contrary. The bare foot society is all about experiencing the the freedom of being in bare feet and the connection it gives you to your surroundings.

Apparently , the same barrier that protects you from stepping on pointy rocks and infected drug needles that we call “shoes” are also a barrier between us and nature. By removing this barrier we open our sensitivity enough to “feel” this connection, until our bodies make its version of a Callus Shoe that numbs down our feet.

According to the barefoot society:

  • it is healthy for your feet to go barefoot.
  • It is not against the law to go barefoot into any kind of establishment including restaurants.
  • It is also not against any health department regulation.
  • It is not against the law to drive barefoot.

Apparently, this means that anyone can join. Its not just a support group for hippies and martial artists.

The Society of Bead Researchers

This is a non profit scientific corporation that was created to foster historical archaeological and cultural research on beads. Its the be all and end all place for those interested in keeping up with any breaking news in bead research and group members get access to a biannual newsletter.

We suggested that they needed a catchy slogan like “Well I’ll Bead Ammed”, “Put an end to Wife Beading”, “Bead still my Beading Heart” , “That’ll Bead the Day”, “To Bead or not to Bead, that is the question”, and others, but have yet to hear back from the society.

Now as exciting as beads are, we actually found this society while looking this society…..

The Society of Beards.

No, this is not a secret society for terrorist members of the Taliban. It is actually a place where men with beards can get together online and smoke pipes and discuss things about life when your bearded. We don’t know a lot about the site because they only accept people with facial beards. However, they have had over 2.4 million page views to their website and have sworn to keep the site going until we are all dead on December 21st 2012 when the self fulfilling Mayan prophecy kills us all.

SCA Society of  Creative Anachronism

The Society of Creative Anachronism is a group that frustrated with their primitive inabilities to travel through time and have moved on to the next best thing. Recreating the past in modern times.

As it stands, they have been able to recreate the arts and skills of pre 17th century Europe which consists of 19 kingdoms of over 30,000 people. Yes, that’s right. They have an army of 30000 people at their disposal, who (luckily for us) are equipped with seriously out of date weapons.

Members of the society dress up in renaissance style, attend royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes and workshops, and other things you may find during a Lord of the Rings
reenactment. Also, we suspect these may be the same people behind “Ivrea Carnevale:The Battle of The Orange” (see Daft Gadgets Columnist Monte Richards’ article: The 7 Most Insane Festival Battles On Earth

Whether you’re bearded, beaded, barefoot or bully cocked (from 17th century slang), there is a secret society just waiting for you to join. If you don’t like any of the above, you can always start you own. There may even be some money in it if you can come up with something that enough people want to join. You could try:

The Society of celebrity lookalikes – as a niche facebook alternative

The society of attractive people (which sounds exclusive, but you only need one attractive quality to join)

The Society of Odd Unique Talents – Everybody has at least one

The Society of RC Taxidermists – as a way to bring joy with the death of your pet. (see Daft Gadgets Article “Things that haven’t been invented”)

And pretty much anything else.

Be creative, start your not so secret society now and get guaranteed acceptance.

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