10 Quick and Easy RC Racing and Setup Techniques

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10 RC Racing Practice Tips

Great ideas from rccaraction.com on how you can prepare and setup for a race.

1. Neutral Setup

Go with the box-stock setups and set up the popular tires at your track. When you do begin making modifications, make one at a time and see how it affects or improves your car’s performance. As you get a feel for the track design and your vehicle, gradually make your setup more aggressive.

2. Standards

After your race, don’t focus too much on your lap times. When your average lap times get closer to your fastest lap time, you know you are improving. Everything else will fall in place.

3. Pass With Courtesy

Drive your vehicle as if it were a genuine vehicle and you’ll be much quicker. When enclosing on, slower vehicles plan your pass.  Slower RC cars and buggies must yield to faster vehicles, however that does not indicate they have to pull over and stop racing so you can fly by. The exit of edges is normally a great location to pass because slower owners typically overshoot edges and go broad.

4. Stay Late

Most of individuals get to the track early to practice, however the very best time to practice is really after racing is over and the track is in condition you race on. It is frequently dry if it’s off-road or dirty if it’s on-road when you get to the track early.

5. The Evening Prior

Being ready is important to racing quickly. Undergo all your race gear the evening prior to race day. Not just will you be less likely to forget something, you will discover hidden troubles during a time when it much less stressful to repair them.

6. Bring a Friend Racing

Commonsense appears to get tossed out the proverbial window when competitors begin warming up. One of the finest means to get us all utilizing our typical sense once again is to bring a friend racing with us. This is due to the fact that we commonly exercise exactly what we preach when we understand somebody is watching (e.g. it helps a friend will help us be less critical of others and more critical of ourselves).

7. Practice with Speed, Race Slow

This is one of our preferred racing maxims at RC Car Action. You’ll develop your ability when absolutely nothing is on the line and you are burning rubber. This provides an excellent concept of exactly what you and your car can do. When you’re racing, slow down a bit and concentrate on being consistent.

8. Take Corners, Do not Overshoot Them

This is how you perform through a corner effectively: Get close to the edge and relocate to the outside while decreasing well prior to the corner, begin relying on the within prior to you get to the edge, drive along within of the edge and begin increasing speed as you exit the corner. It appears easy, however lots of racers fly into edges, get a great deal of push, slide or brake to the exterior, essentially stop and need to accelerate out from the corner. This could look quick because they go flying and burst out from the edge, however it is really the sluggish method around a track.

9. Walk The Track

Do not trust your point of view from the owners’ stand. Walk the track. try to find flaws that will journey your automobile up and research the face of the jumps to see where you ought to be lining up for smooth launches.

10. Enjoy

Having the right mindset will likewise assist you in quicker lap times. When you concentrate too much on beating the next racer or retaking a position you simply lost or making up time after a crash, you frequently attempt things that are too risky or difficult and end up falling back or crashing more.

Incentive Suggestion: When your car is spinning out and you make certain you have the right tires for your track, attempt a gear change prior to tweaking the suspension. Set up a bigger pinion. This give you more fluidity in your acceleration preventing you from breaking traction.


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