6 Cool Substitute Teachers Who Could Walk into Your Class.

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"I just was in hell when I was teaching. I inspired the kids only by teaching them what I liked and what I was inspired by and enjoyed - that was basically soccer and poetry. "The rest of it I couldn't teach." - Sting (photo compliments of wikipedia)

We can’t help but think it would be really cool to have a rock star teacher for English class. Imagine the enthusiasm kids would have for poetry and song writing when engaged by a professional and famous musician like sting.

Yes, thats right, band camp would suddenly become the next cool thing to do.   Students would be rushing home to work all night on homework that just may become a hit song someday. Yep every kids dream: to get paid for going to school.

A rock star teacher would have most students thinking they’re in bizarro world.

STING has confessed he was an awful teacher before he became a rock star – because he only taught kids subjects he found interesting. We at Daft Gadgets think that this probably makes him one of the best teachers out there.
Sting was a certified primary school teacher in England and also taught English in a secondary school in Cramlington near Newcastle. So technically, it is possible that he could show up in your class as a substitute teacher.

“I just was in hell when I was teaching. I inspired the kids only by teaching them what I liked and what I was inspired by and enjoyed – that was basically soccer and poetry. “The rest of it I couldn’t teach.” – Sting

George “The Animal” Steel

Some of you may remember WWF (now WWE) wrestler George the Animal Steel.

George was known for antics like Eating the stuffing from turnbuckles and for his famous finishing move the flying hammerlock.

What type of wrestler eats foam from a turnbuckle? Well, Steel was a simpleton with low intelligence but cunning animal instincts, and believe it or not, before he was a wrestler, George the Animal Steel was a school teacher.

In fact, the simple minded animal taught school for 25 years, coaching football for 17 years and starting a wrestling program. One night he may be giving a “Beat Down” on Hulk Hogan at Madison Square Garden on a Saturday, only to be back there coaching Monday Night Football two days later.  As well, with the Animal teaching class, excuses like “The teacher ate my homework mom” might actually fly.

Now sure, MMA and martial arts are pretty badass, but you step outside with someone and tell them that you were trained by George the Animal Steel and you bet their face will turn a little scared.

Just that alone would make having George as one of our substitute teachers would be a dream come true.

Sheryl Crow

It may have been Van Halen who wrote “hot for teacher” but having this rock star in class would definitely have students paying attention.

Sherly Crow was a music teacher at Kellison Elementary teacher for two years before becoming a back up singer for Michael Jackson. So it is possible that she could return to the profession as a substitute in your class.

Here’s to hoping.

Gene Simmons

"I did it for six months, and I wanted to kill every single kid," - Gene Simmons

Although only teaching for 6 months, we think this long tongued, leather and chains, sex craved musician turned businessman turned reality tv star would make one hell of a substitute teacher.

Assuming he left us alive.

Stephen King

Working his way up, Stephen King began his career in a laundromat, to them become a janitor, and then finally an English teacher at Harned Publish School.

The way we see it, students would always be a little on edge if they had King as a teacher, and as such, paying better attention in class.

It could be argued that being a teacher launched his career since “Carrie” (based upon an ostracized girl in high school) was Kings first success, and as such he could be talked into making a cameo appearance as a substitute teacher, which would be a much better choice than the late “Running Man” author Richard Bachman, who was, as King said: “A Nasty Man… I’m glad he’s dead”

Richard Bachman

Richard Bachman

Other possible substitute teachers include:
Sir William Golding
JK Rowling
Barack Obama
Art Garfunkel
Billy Crystal
Greg Graffin (bad Religon)
Andy Griffith (Matlock)

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