Adjusting Redcat Racing R/C Car Ride Height

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Redcat Racing spacers for lift

Have you seen those plastics C-clip spacers in the accessory bag that many RC automobiles include? Those are spring pre-load spacers. Adding these spacers will not alter the tightness of the springs, however they will raise the ride height. If a stiffer ride is what you’re after, you’ll have to set up a stiffer spring, however if you’re after a raised vehicle, these spacers are exactly what you’re looking for. Clip the spacers above the upper plastic spring retainer band. Adding more spacers extends the suspension even more. Basically what we are doing is using the spacers to slide the spring down on the shock body acting as a lift kit.

spacers on RC vehicles


Aluminum threaded shocks normally sport a threaded collar for re-adjusting trip height. The theory is the same, but instead of spacers, you screw down the collar. Whether you want a low rider or a jacked up beast, adjusting spring preload can help.


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