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5 Ideas That Haven’t Been Invented Yet Because They Suck

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

“What will they think of next” is a saying we don’t hear much anymore.

Probably due to the fact that technology had been saturated with so many new inventions sci fi movies like Star Trek and Star Wars are finding it hard to stay ahead of the present. Technology is a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean everything we can invent we should invent. Some things are better or left in the collective insane minds of internet bloggers.

These are a few of the ideas that we gave birth to that should probably be pushed back in.

#1.The Problem: Fluffy is dead and the Evil Pet cemetery is too far away.

Now maybe you can’t live with the loss of fluffy or maybe you think the youngest member of the household is too young to experience the loss of a pet, or maybe your child killed it and is showing the makings of becoming the next serial killer when they grow up. Either way, the loss of a pet can be very traumatic.

The Solution: RC Taxidermy.

taxidermy cat

rc remote

Yes, we can rebuild them, we have the technology. Unlike regular taxidermy where the Pet is forever locked in the same pose, RC Taxidermy allows multiple poses and is fully interactive with you and your family. The little ones would love watching their favorite kitten or puppy jump into bed with them for a good nights sleep, and because its innards have been removed and its body mummified, there is no rotting corpse smell attributed from “please mom, just one more night with Fluffy’s corpse, I promise I will bury him tomorrow.

Why it sucks: Its only one step away from an RC dead Mom or Dad, and that’s weird even for us.

Tired of using your hands for mundane tasks like, eating dessert, sex, and entering your pin code at the super market. Well, this idea solves 1 out of 3

#2 The Problem: People are lazy, in fact too lazy to enter a pin number

The Solution: Dragon Speak Pin Code recognition Software

Why It could Happen: The sound of your voice is entirely unique to you. It’s like your finger prints. This is due partly to the actual shape and size of your vocal cords but also the size and shape of your body. Now one might think that this is a very secure way to give out a password. But think again.

Why its sucks: Although a voice print is supposed to be as accurate as a finger print, there nothing stopping some Wesley Crusher Trekkie wannabe from making a voice recording and taking over the ship, er uh we mean bank account. As well, the manner in which a person’s speech sounds are habitually formed and articulated can be mimicked by a skilled performer, so a recording may not even be necessary.

#3 The Problem: Cheap bastards are forgetting their wallet all the time.

TightARSE Wallet

Solution: Finger Print chip credit card system

"Just when you thought money couldn't get any dirtier"

"Just when you thought money couldn't get any dirtier"

Why it could happen. Terrorism, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Tax Collection, and more. You name it and there is a way you can hide money in it or make money from it. A fingerprint ID could be a way to keep your money on hand so to speak.

Why it Sucks: “Hey man, give me your finger”. On the bright side, we can only be robbed ten times. Not to mention “roofie colada anyone?” Now we know they just went home with us to get our money. At least it wasn’t cuz they were drunk enough to think we were attractive.

#4 Problem: My Cellphone keeps going out of style and I have to buy new ones.

Yes, Cell phones go out of style faster than today’s celebrity leaked naked photos.  Our Advice? Stop trying to keep up with forward moving technology and move backwards.

Solution: Show off your individuality with a Rotary Cell phone. It will never go out of date because it already is.

It's still smaller than those first 80s cell phones.

It's still smaller than those first 80s cell phones.

Why it could happen: Basically, if there is a market for it, there will be a product.

Why it sucks – Yes nostalgia is cool, but some things are better off dead, and the rotary cell phone is one of them. Nobody answers the telephone with Edison’s “ahoy ahoy” catch phrase anymore. Most importantly, a cell phone is a great tool for emergencies and if you have to call 911 you don’t want to be waiting for that stupid dial to get from 9 back to 1. Also text messaging is probably out.

#5 The Problem: Bodies are Breakable

The Solution: Transplant a human Brain into a robot!

Why it May Happen: Brain–machine interface or A brain–computer interface (BCI), is a direct communication pathway between a brain and an external device (like a robot). The concept of brainwave technology has been under research since the early 1970s at UCLA with funding from the National Science Foundation and DARPA

When Earth Turns into the Planet of the Apes You Humans will be My Experimental Guinea Pigs

When Earth Turns into the Planet of the Apes You Humans will be My Experimental Guinea Pigs"

We now have brainwave technology in toys. For example the “Force Trainer” uses such technology to allow you to move and object with your mind. (actually your brain controls a fan that blows a ball up a tube, but same idea)


Why it Sucks: Now this may seem like a good idea, but the next step would be transplanting a brain into a computer, and everyone who has seen the matrix knows how that works out.

Perhaps it will be the Amish who inherit the earth, laughing at the brains in the Jars that make up the matrix.


The FBI is trying to develop a system that could make your voice as unique and recognizable as your fingerprint. Although not yet at its peak potential.

Mobile computing principles: designing and developing mobile applications … By Reza B’Far

Automatic speech recognition “she’ll speak her pin code” Computer telephony encyclopedia By Richard Grigonis pg 38

Automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS)

By Peter Komarinski

Fingerprints Replacing Credit Cards at Retail Stores,2933,206424,00.html

Quite Possibly the Coolest Toy Ever!

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

So your young child is pestering you for the 100th time about having a pet guinea pig or rabbit?
And you just know that the novelty will wear off after a few weeks and you’ll end up cleaning up all its mess.

Gupi is the perfect solution!

gupi v3

You don’t need to take it for walks or feed it treats (other than waving the carrot at it) nor does it need special treatment.  However, it is just as cute and cuddly as a real guinea pig.

Just What the Heck is Gupi?

Gupi is a robotic guinea pig that looks and feels like a real one. Gupi is very independent.  He likes to walk around in the house like he owns the place, avoiding things in his path with his sensor enhanced eyes.

Gupi is also highly intelligent as he has been know to find his way out of every maze we have put him in!

Gupi is also very interactive, if you don’t play with him he becomes lonely and scared and he will go hiding in a dark place. But if you caress him he will feel loved, and be happy.

Gupi also has highly tuned hearing and will react to your voice and other sounds, depending on what  mood he is in.

He will come running when you call him if he is happy, but when he’s scared from not getting enough attention, he avoids noise and will run away and hide.

When Gupi is happy he likes to go for walks, and will follow the path you lay out fro him with a light beam. When he gets hungry you can feed him (recharge his batteries) through a little carrot, and he’s ready for a lot more fun together with his friends.

Gupi creates the Tamagochi® binding-effect and has a unique identification codes in the chipsets.  So, when other Gupi’s are in the vicinity, they will express excited behavior and they will learn gradually how to accept each other, how to share food (battery re-loader), and how to play with each other.

When one Gupi sees another they will sing and dance with each-other in a cute manner

So How Does this Gupi Thing Work Really?


Infrared sensors in its eyes and on its nose enable it to move around while the light sensors in its eyes tell him when it’s in the dark.  A separate sensor in the body detects when the Guinea Pig is sideways (i.e. free to move around) and when it’s vertical (i.e. being held nose-up and cuddled). A pressure sensor on Gupi’s back lets it respond to being patted. A similar sensor between the eyes also acts as a master control to send Gupi to sleep or wake it up again.

The Carrot

The Carrot has three features.

First: It will feed/charge the Gupi.

Second: When the carrot is inserted in the mouth of the Gupi, Gupi will become very excited and make cute little sounds and will cuddles towards the user.

Third: When the carrot is pressed it sends out an infrared beam that GUPI picks up and homes in on, causing him to dance and move towards the carrot.


Gupi’s patented wheels/feet create extremely realistic movements. It is fun to watch Gupi aimlessly move around his surroundings, avoiding obstacles and finding his way out of complicated surroundings. Gupi can move around as it wants to, in any direction, forwards and backwards.

Sound effects

There are a over 20 different sound effects – ranging from from cute ‘ahh’ noises to grumpy ‘uh-oh’ sounds when it’s fed up or hungry. When you feed the carrot, Gupi makes a “gump gump” sound . When Gupi bumps into something he makes an “ouch” sound. Very cute sounds.

Learning Modes

GUPI can be 4 different states. In practice, you don’t need to worry about this too much, 99% of the time your Gupi will either be behaving normally or asleep. You just need to know that it needs lots of stroking after your first turn it on and a little patting on the back for the first few minutes of its life.

4 states:

  • Baby state (cries and shakes head – doesn’t walk)
  • Learning state (walks around but needs training to avoid obstacles)
  • Happy state (walks around, giggles, follows carrot…)
  • Sleeping state (falls asleep in the dark or after period of non-play)

Battery life

In practice, you can get about two hour’s run-time out of each charge. This doesn’t seem like long, but after a minute or two of exploring with no human interaction at all (i.e. you or your child has gone off and forgotten about it) it puts itself to sleep. In an average day in the family household, you’ll just need to put Gupi on charge at night.

The Gupi V3 is now available at

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Drivemocion Car Messaging Sign LED Gadget

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Let the Other Drivers Know How You Feel!

Now you can be part of a universal message of Karma. If someone lets you merge into their lane send them a smiling face or press the “thanks” button. Of course, there are times when someone could be riding your tail. Don’t worry, the led emoticon has a “Back Off” feature programmed in.  On very very rare almost unheard of situations, you may find that you made a driving error or accidentally cut another driver off.   Luckily there is a “sorry” feature for just such a freak occurrence.


The Driving LED Emoticon is a battery powered, and comes with a wireless remote control that you can use to activate the controlled message sign. The sign is attached to the rear window of your car easily and securely via suction cup.  With just the touch of a button you can display any one of 5 Different Messages – “smiling face”, “winking face”, “Thanks”, “Back Off” and “Sorry”.


The top 10 ads the media used to brainwash me in my youth

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

Were you brainwashed in your youth by the media without knowing it? Are there commercials in your brain with more staying power than both the pledge of allegiance and the star spangled banner combined? If so, you are not alone.

When a person finds something interesting they automatically open up their mind to it much more so than if the idea is perceived as boring or uninteresting.

Because school is designed with “what to teach” as opposed to “how to teach it” the media will always have VIP access to the child’s mind, leaving the education system waiting in a line blocked by bouncers like Big Bird and the Power Rangers.

When I was younger some of the advertisements made a permanent impression on my mind. So much in fact that I couldn’t forget them if I tried.

Here is my list of media imprinting from my childhood and youth. I may not have the Ad exactly right, but im not going to use the internet for confirmation, that would cheat the point.  These ads are str8 out of my brain.


“It walks down stair alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound. A Spring a Spring a marvelous thing, everyone knows its slinky. It’s slinky, its slinky something something something something “a toy” its fun for a girl or a boy.”

Yes, the first impression of a slinky was a lasting one. I remember the exclusivity of having a metal slinky when other children only had a plastic one. They pretended theirs was better because is was blue, but I knew they would trade it in a second for my shinny metal slinky. The shininess added to its allure.

Wends logo

“Where’s the Beef?”

Yes the wheres the beef lady. You remember her right? Actually I don’t remember her at all. When I try and memorize her face I come up with that old woman from the movie “throw momma from the train” Who knows, maybe that was her (probably not) What I do remember is the catch phrase. Where’s the beef is stuck in there for now.

oh henry

“Its the big chunk of fudge!”

Okay so three men are sitting on a beam balanced at the other end by an o Henry. They are discussing what make o henry weigh so much whether its all that caramel, or all those peanuts while the largest of the three strong men keeps saying “its the big chunk of fudge” Not really a famous commercial I don’t think, but after my friends and I mimicked it, we indoctrinated ourselves. Proving even before the existence of the internet medium the customer is the best salesman.


“How do they get the soft flowing caramel inside the caramilk bar?”

I don’t know for sure. But my Grandma told me that she knew the secret because they showed it on television once when they weren’t supposed to. According to her they pump it in. Maybe they do, or maybe its frozen or maybe if I look it up on the internet I’ll believe that answer. Either way the ad that sticks in my mind is the one where the devil it making a contract with 2 business men who say they will pay anything for the secret of how they get the soft flowing caramel into the caramilk bar.


“Don’t you feel good about HA HA HA 7 -up?”

The only thing I remember about this ad was some guy in the Bahamas (maybe in a white suit) who was happy drinking 7 up. When I think back the only other 7 up advertising I can remember is fido dido which I thought was cool for a while, but fido dido didn’t have theme song so the ha ha ha guy wins.


“Juicy fruit is gonna move ya, its something soft it fits right through ya, juicy fruit the taste the taste the taste is gonna move ya.”

That’s how the song gets extracted from my brain. The lyrics are wrong but it doesn’t matter. I actually made sure I bought a package of juicy fruit when I went skiing for the first time. Who knows, maybe it gave me a bit of courage to attack the downhill slope.  I can’t remember the double mint song at all. I vaguely remember a family guy spoof that may have had something to do with gay conjoined twins chewing doublemint gum but for some reason the only song I can come up with goes “double your pleasure and double your fun with extra sugar free gum.”  That can’t be right.


“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t. “

I’m not a big fan of coconut and i’m not sure if I’ve ever tried mounds, but I do remember the song and the commercial where a cowboy is riding backwards on a horse. Back then in the pre “net” days.  People had not yet had their fill of strange videos, so this was definitely a selling feature.  Of course, I remember adults and friends singing the commercial to each other when the other did something nutty.

chia buffalo

“Chuh chuh chuh chia”

Chia pet, Ginsu knives, the clapper and more. What is it about these ridiculous ads. Is it low cost and higher frequency? Are we drawn to crap or do crappy ads just stand out more from their big budget cousins?

Annoying someone is a way into their brain, but I have seen the crappy stands out concept done well.

I will always remember the superbowl ad where the etrade monkey is dancing on a table between two old men, with the ad phrase “we just spent a million bucks on this ad. What are you doing with your money?” Lol, classic.

There was also a commercial by I believe Sprite where they put out a really crappy commercial for a pop called “Jooky” where jooky make you manly man, its a party in a can. I was drawn by the crappyness of it and that made it funny, and impressionable.

Selling regular kitchen knives and branding them “Ginsu” Japanese laser yadda yaddas with videos of people kicking barefoot though watermelons may be memorable soley because ninjas and karate (American Ninja, the show “The Master” and of course the movie the Karate Kid) were big back in the 80s, and so were Watermelons to anyone who had witnessed one of Gallagher’s shows.

Either way, if you want to protect your brain from crappy advertisements you’ll have to change the “chuh chuh chuh channel.”

life cereal

“Mikey likes it.”

I can’t remember why Mikey liked what he liked. Was it because he would eat anything?  Is the ad saying life cereal isn’t poison because we tested it on Mikey first? I don’t know, I dont get the ad. Life cereal got soggy in milk faster than Shreddies and that was all it took for me to stop asking mom for it.

If they didn’t put blueberries on the box I wouldn’t have thought it looked good in the first place. For whatever reason Mikey Likes it got into my brain like the song who let the dogs out. I’ll probably always remember it, but I’ll never think it was anything great.


Anyway, all this talk of food is making me hungry. I think I’ll go down to McDonalds and grab a Big mac, McDLT, a quarter pounder with cheese, fillet fish, a hamburger a cheese burger mc chicken and mc nuggets tasty golden french fries regular or large in size, a salad chef or garden or a chicken salad oriental and for breakfast hot hot cakes and sausage maybe omelet and for desert hot apple pie and sundaes three varieties, three soft serve cones three kinds of shakes and chocolaty chip cookies and a drink of coca cola diet coke sprite orange…… actually that sounds kinda expensive.  Maybe I’ll just get a few smiles to go, assuming they’re still free.

Hopefully they wont charge me for the paper bag.

The Top Ten Most Influential Video Games of All Time.

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

After reading totally top 10s list of most influential video games and not seeing certain games I thought were a shoe in, I decided to start my own top 10 list.

There are some games I could have included (like pong, and Mist)  but I chose to segregate the list into genres as a means of showing how they pioneered some of the most popular games of today.   Here’s the list:

1. Fighting Games

When we think fighting games, we think competition, mano a mano. Games like Renegade and Double Dragon were all the rage back in the day.

I remember the most exciting part of Double Dragon culminating after the heroes defeated the evil yellow machine gun guy.   Spectators would look on in awe as the two gamers would duke it out for Marian’s affection. A sign of respect for the victor.

Years later there would enter a fighting game that would embrace the one on one style competition and teamwork of Double Dragon, while introducing a skill set of maneuvers far beyond the archaic controls of “Karate Champ”.

The game was Street Fighter II, and for those of you who were on the moon when it came out, Street Fighter II was it.

It would go on to make six buttons an industry standard, while offering unique command based special moves that would pave the way for games like Killer instinct, Clay fighter, and to a lesser extent Soul Caliber which also incorporated moves from the Mortal Combat, Virtua Fighter side of things.

Adding to the popularity of the game was a set of mistakes discovered by the gamers. Guile had a hand cuff freeze and an air throw, Dhalsim could turn invisible, and more.

Capcom was unable to recognize that the success of the game was partly due to hidden programming, intentional or not, and fixed what they believed to be a mistake with the introduction of Street Fighter II championship edition.

Although it had a better hierarchy of moves, and more characters, the lack of hidden secrets and discovery eventually dwindled the games popularity.

The Street Fighter name lives on in many forms and remains a dominant force in the gaming industry today.

street fighterII

2. Racing Games

True racing games are about getting to the finish line, not finishing off your opponent.  One of the first racing games I remember was Pole Position. “Prepare to qualify” was the slogan from memory.  Outrun, and Top Gear were favorites of mine as well, but many of my friends found great fun and competition in games like Sega Rally, Need for Speed, and of course Gran Turismo (not to be confused with the Clint Eastwood film of a slightly similar name).

The Most influential racing game so far however is probably Mario Cart. The ability to race and fight simultaneously in Mario Cart creates a competition that adds to its experience and popularity.

For a new change in the industry I would be looking for a racing game where Top Gear and Need for Speed meet Twisted Metal. A game where you can upgrade your car with tires, engines, turbos, weapons, characters, avatars and more. Of course, being able to race and fight other players in your class online would be a must.

Twisted metal online rally edition coming soon (hopefully)

Mario cart

3. Puzzle Games

When we think about mind puzzles and brain games, we think about Erno Rubik’s “Magic Cube”.  Puzzles can fascinate us, distract us, or just occupy our minds during slow hours.

Most people have played games like Online Solitaire, Mine Sweep, or Bejeweled, but one puzzle game captured the minds of the nation in the 1980s and still has not let go.

Although the enumeration of pentominoes is dated to antiquity, Alexey Jajitnov’s game of “tetrominoes” ( 4 segment pieces) is available on almost every video gaming console in existence today.

Tetris was rated as “The Greatest Game of All Time” by Electronic Gaming Monthly’s 100th issue and remains one of the most popular puzzle games of all time.

Tetris was rated the number one game of all time

Tetris was rated the number one game of all time

4. RPG

Many RPG games have gained enormous popularity over the years. The Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Knights of the Old Republic, and Baldur’s Gate to name a few.   But there is one series that revolutionized rpg gaming itself.

Staring bankruptcy in the face, It would be their last chance to produce a Fantasy RPG game that the gaming populace would embrace.   Appropriately, the game would be named “Final Fantasy”

Created for Square Enix by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the Final Fantasy name has spawned both game sequels as well as movies, as the games are known for their epic stories of good vs evil.

Since its inception it has been modifying the RPG genre by adopting an “Active Time Battle System” and later the “Active Dimension Battle System” By adding a sense of urgency, final fantasy was able to draw in the “non rpg” gamers attention and start a trend of fantasy games that continues to this day.


5. Strategy

Although many games can fit into the “strategy” category, Sim City deserves mention here in a non rpg type strategy class.

I remember how angry a friend of mine was was when I had a superior city to his after 3 days of playing.  By typing in the word “fund” you would receive money to build with, but if you typed it in too many times, you would create earth quakes. I typed “fund’ in about 1000 times and left my computer on until the earthquakes stopped (I think about a day later). I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who cheated this way.  Sim City gave inspiration to popular games like Civilization, Age of Empires and Black and White.


6. Accessory Dependent Video Games.

It is much harder for a game to break through in this area due to the burden of the extra cost placed on the gamer. From Duck Hunt, to Gyromite, accessory based video games only experienced moderate success if any at all.

Nowadays, games like Dance Dance Revolution are finding enough enthusiasm to bring life to a genre that was otherwise reserved for dancing on R.O.B’s head.

One accessory based video game was able to break the extra cost barrier. Featuring fast finger hammer ons and pull offs with whammy bar pitch control, Guitar Hero has made the accessory gaming industry enjoyable for the entire family. It is unknown how this industry will grow and change now that it has experienced success.

Who knows, maybe with the return of an advanced version of “R.O.B.” I know when I was a kid I had visions of Nintedo’s R.O.B. serving me drinks and cleaning my room.

Needless to say its limitations were much lower than I expected.


7. Maze Games

Maze games can include anything from Colecovision’s “Mouse Trap”, to Play Station 3’s “The Last Guy.” Of course a maze is generally just one aspect of a video game today, but this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the iconic video game “Pacman”

Pacman also led to Ms Pacman which according to Marge Simpson “struck a blow for women’s rights.” On May 22 2010 Google celebrated Pacman’s 30th anniversary by placing a version of the game on their homepage, and has since launched a Free Google Pac-Man WordPress Plugin.

To this day I still think of Pac-Man when I hear wakka wakka wakka. Although to be fair the phrase probably belongs to Fozzie Bear.


8. 1st Person Shooters.

One of the barriers of entry for this genre of game was nausea. In testing, gamers complained that tackling a maze on screen in the first person gave them motion sickness.  I remember this because I was one of the lucky people who got to try out one of the proposed games.

The game I was lucky enough to beta test was named Wolfenstien and its introduction would lead to some of the most popular games the industry has ever seen.  Games like: Unreal Tournament 2004, Battlefield Vietnam, Half-Life, Far Cry, Doom , Halo, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and one of my personal favorites “Golden Eye”

Wolfenstein without a doubt revolutionized video gaming as we know it.


9. 3rd Person Shooter’s:

This genre includes everything from “Hitman”, “Turok”, “Tomb Raider”, “Gears of War”, and to a certain extent “Grand Theft Auto”.

It’s hard to say which games were more influential than others, but to take a stand on one I have to say Max Payne.

BAFTA was able to combine the character’s internal and external battle in medias res, with the introduction of a new gaming feature the industry had never seen before, “Bullet Time.”

The ability to play in slow motion brought the blockbuster movie the Matrix into the palm of the gamer’s hand.

Max Payne came with perfect timing.

Max Payne

10. A Category of Their Own

Every so often a video game becomes known for creating a category of its own.  To break through some of the graphic barriers of their time, former Disney animator Don Bluth along with Rick Dyer tapped into the large storage potential of the “laserdisc” The result would become the most influential game of 1983.

“Dragon’s Lair” brought life back into the sagging arcade industry and charged a whopping 50 cents, double the industry standard. It would later go on to spawn another laser game success “Time Traveler” the worlds first holographic video game. The game featured real people acting out scenes in front of a curved mirror that gave the perception of a hologram. Although successful financially, the technology has failed to move forward since.

Dragon’s lair however is still present and has recently been adapted for play on the i-Phone

dragons lair pic

11. Reserved.

The 11th spot is reserved for the next ground breaking change in the industry.  My guess is that the game will bring 3D viewing, and Motion Sensing Technology together. Of course it could be an amalgamation of all of the above genres in one.

We’ll have to wait and see.

RC Games Egg Drop

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in RC Zone


Egg drop has been around for years in many variations.   Try the rules below and if you find the game to be lots of fun consider adding your own variation to the game and sharing it.

Required Gear:

  • Rubber Bands

  • Dixie Cups

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Lime, Chalk, or a targeting mechanism

  • Pie Plate or other Target

Place the Popsicle stick through the dixie cup and mount it to the plane with the rubber band, keeping in mind the planes CG (Center of Gravity)

Objective: Score Points by dropping and egg or golf ball via Roll from the plane in mid air. Generally a line is drawn with lime or chalk of some sort, in the shape of 3 big circles on the field. You receive 10 points for landing the egg or golf ball in the outer circle, 20 points for next in, 30 points for smallest circle, and 50 points if you can hit the pie plate in the center.

You can use any target you like including the person who scored the lowest amount of points in the previous game. Try having the loser where a tinfoil pie plate as a hat while the other fliers drop their bombs from above.

Another Variation is to play partners and have them try to run and catch the eggs with a pan or pie plate. (Don’t wear your Sunday clothes though)


  • 3 Runs per person

  • If the egg falls out while on take off it doesn’t count, everyone gets 3 good flybys

  • Try to set a height limit and be fair. If someone flies too low they should be sent to the target for bombing

Looking for RC Planes? Check out the for planes from Parkflyers and Redcat!

RC Games: Dead Stick Loops

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in RC Zone


The last loop is the one that separates the deft from the daft.  Be careful with this one.  The idea is to have fun flying the planes, not sitting around repairing them.

Required Gear:

Objective: To make as many loops as possible before landing


  • Climb for 35 Seconds from take off.
  • Kill engine at the amplitude of the ascent and advance throttle after 5 seconds to prove dead engine.
  • Fall offs count as ½ of a loop

Need an RC Plane? Check out the Aerobat in the radio control section of Daft Gadgets Shopping!

RC Game: Last Limbo Flying (RC Planes)

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in RC Zone

RC Game: Last Limbo Flying (RC Planes)

Required Gear:

•    2 poles or sticks
•    Toilet paper or crepe paper

Objective: To fly under the paper without breaking the paper or hitting the poles


•    Paper is lowered after each plane has attempted the height
•    Planes fly sudden death winner takes all.
•    Consider a point system for any maneuvers (flying inverted etc) flown under the ribbon

Need an RC Plane?  Check out the Aerobat in the radio control section of Daft Gadgets Shopping!

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