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Redcat Racing S-TRYK-R 1/10 Scale RC Trike

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

Redcat Racing S-Tryk-R

When the prototype S-TRYK-R was initially revealed at the IHobby tradeshow in Ohio, the feedback was astonishing. An On-Road RC Automobile with belt drive and just 3 wheels, this is actually something unique some stated. Ever since there has actually been some babble on RC online forums about when the S-TRYK-R would strike the marketplace, just how much it would cost and will it come true.

The S-TRYK-R prepares to reveal the world some brand-new advancement and something various for the RC lover. This brand-new car from Redcat Racing is readily available in either brushed or brushless variations. Both choice consist of a belt driven setup, full-time 3-wheel drive, aluminum shocks, 2.4 GHz radio system and huge fat aggressive back tire to assist grip the roadway.

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Account Dracula

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

Account Dracula Tax Man Comic

"I Vant To Suck Your Funds!"


Well, its tax time again.  Everyone’s least favorite time.

They say death and taxes are the only guarantees in life so we might as well accept them.  But the reason why people fear them is because in both cases we don’t know what we are getting.  Now maybe death is one of those things you find out about when you die and maybe it isn’t.  Short of conducting a Flatliners experiment there isn’t much we can do about death, but taxes are another story.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we received a tax bill that showed us what were paying for?  A Tax bill that itemized each dollar amount and showed us clearly where each dollar went?  The way the government operates now is like it’s a giant restaurant where the bill comes first, then after paying, we open up the menu to see out what’s for dinner, but instead find the words “YOU!” listed under “Today’s Specials”


Captain Kirk Never Forgets

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

Khan! Captain Never Forgets Comic Strip


Thought of the Week:  “If the justice system is actually about bringing things back into balance and creating justice, then after a criminal serves their time all would be forgiven.   By keeping criminal records and allowing people to check them, we are basically admitting that the justice system doesn’t work.  After all, if it did, there would be no need to remember.

Therefore, the justice system is not about justice, forgiveness, and rehabilitation, its about punishment and revenge, and thus as long as we continue to support a system that doesn’t work to create justice, the only conclusion is that we must actually want injustice, even if only to justify a need to shame and punish others for an injustice in our past that we never healed from.”

The Most Fundamental Particle Of Quantum Reality Has Been Discovered!

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

Higgs Bonzon Cartoon Comic


The above comic is a reference to the fact that we sometimes find what we are looking for simply because we see what we want to see.

It also mixed in with a pun about quantum reality  (in the quantum universe the act of looking at something changes what you are looking at so you can never really see what you are trying to see.  Known as: “The observer effect” )

When you think about it, “Clown Particle” Just makes a lot more sense and provides more answers than Higgs Bozon’s other moniker.  Perhaps this will all make sense once we circumvent Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and take a look for ourselves.


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How to Rebuild the Clutch of RC Nitro Engine

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks

This is a RedCat Racing tutorial that explains tips and techniques on how to rebuild the clutch of your remote control car nitro engine. This is just one of the many RedCat Racing tutorials that helps hobbyists make repairs and maintenance on their nitro racing car.

Prepare all your materials for repairing the clutch. You need a complete set of screwdrivers, a long screwdriver, nose pliers and if possible, have your 4-way wrench handy too.

How to rebuild an RC clutch tools

Use a 2-piece clutch shoes that can be ordered online in the Redcat Parts section of our store to rebuild your damaged clutch.

Take out the clutch gear by using a four way wrench to take the large nut off. Once the nut is loose, it will continuously start turning the engine shaft. There is a small fly wheel with a hole in it, slide a screwdriver in and then lock the shaft so you can remove the nut easily from the engine.

Redcat Racing Tips – How to Adjust the Front Wheel Alignment of Your Remote Control Car

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

This is a RedCat Racing tutorial on how to repair, maintain and adjust the front wheel alignment of your car. It is very important to keep your front wheels aligned so your car can ride on a straight line maximizing its drag speed

Just by plain observation, you can easily see if your car’s front wheels are aligned. And as a helpful tip, most hobbyist place their front wheels pointing a bit outwards so the car can make quick turns. Making the front wheels aligned is done through making manual adjustments with the link of the car to the body. You increase steering links length allowing you to easily control your car on turns. Decreasing the steering links found directly on the front tires will allow you to make very quick turns.

increasing and steering length on RC car

With the use of the 4-way wrench, remove the front wheel tires and use pliers to take the alignment assembly out. Turn the alignment bar left or right depending on the specific adjustment you want to make. You can lengthen, decrease and increase the front alignment bars to your specifications then replace the tire back.

increasing and steering length on RC car II

Observe if the front wheels are already aligned. Make adjustments once again and remember to observe your car carefully before you decide to power the engine and play. Any changes on the front wheel alignment will easily affect the way your car moves on the track. It may efficiently make turns or make very quick turns depending on the adjustment you have made. Take extra care not to damage this portion of the car.

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