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Redcat Racing Tutorial – Tuning Your Redcat Engine and Understanding the Carburetor

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

This Redcat Racing tutorial covers tuning your RedCat  engine and understanding your engine’s carburetor. This is a part of a series of tutorials that instructs first time users on the function of a carburetor and tuning the engine afterwards.

It is important to remember that tuning a 2-stroke engine may require skill and patience. You will have to learn skills and a few tricks in tuning a race car engine easily and efficiently. The amount of fuel and air that goes into an engine for burning affects the overall engine performance and all of these are controlled by the carburetor. You need to set the carburetor properly to give the engine the right mixture of air and fuel to burn. This is the tuning process.

There are several terms that you will hear and use as you tune your engine:

  • Rich means that there is more fuel, less air mixture. This process can keep your engine run cooler with more lubrication but will also decrease the engine’s performance in the long run.
  • Lean on the other hand means that there is more air and less fuel in the mixture. You will get more power in your engine and more performance but an engine running lean won’t last longer.

Understanding the parts of your carburetor will help you get to know more about its functions. This carburetor slide open sideways, there are several types of carburetors and each one may be different from each other.

The idle speed screw controls the air and the fuel mixture when the engine is set on idle speed.

carb idle screw

The HSN or High Speed Needle controls the air and fuel mixture when the carburetor is opening from partial to a full throttle speed.

carb hsn

The LSN or Low Speed Needle controls air and fuel as the carburetor is set from idle to partial throttle speed.

carb lsn

By turning the screws on the needle controls of the carburetor clockwise, you close the High Speed Needle which means leaning the High End. When you turn the screw counterclockwise, you are opening the High Speed Needle which means to richen the engine. Make appropriate changes by making small turns usually ¼ turns even when you are opening or closing the High Speed Needle.

Set the idle speed screw so you can get rid of engine revving and when you want to fix a vehicle taking off right after the car’s engine starts and engine shutting when it is set to brake. Turn the radio on and power the car on. Take your air filter off and set the throttle trim to close the carburetor. Power off the car.

Always set the high speed needle first, you should see visible smoke from the exhaust. Perform tests setting the High Speed Needle and listening for the engine sound. Take note of the difference between a rich and a lean engine. A Pinch Test would help you determine the richness and leanness of your engine.

redcat carb pinch test

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Redcat Racing Nitro Engine – Standard Engine Breaking In Procedure

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine – Standard Engine Breaking In Procedure

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

How to break in your RedCat Racing remote control engine.

This is an essential step that will help you get to know your RedCat Racing engine and how to break in the engine especially when it is your first time to use it. Place your remote control car on a base (or Redcat work stand) to prevent the wheels from touching the ground. Fill the fuel compartment with RC fuel using your plastic fuel bottle.

Redcat Nitro Fuel in Engine

Always turn the radio controller on first before you power the receiver on the remote control car. With your fingers, block the exhaust system and with your other hand, pull the started to start priming the engine.

Redcat Nitro Exhaust Pipe Blocked During Engine Break In

With short pulls, you should see the fuel in the fuel tube from the fuel compartment go to the carburetor. After a few short pulls, use the glow plug igniter, insert it to the glow plug located in the piston and pull the pull starter again. The engine should start immediately.

Insert glow plug igniter and pull starter

Set your remote to idle speed so that your wheels are not moving. If the wheels are moving, check the throttle trim from the radio controller and set it on idle. You may also use an idle speed screw to do this manually.

Idle speed screw on redcat racing nitro RC truck

Set the needle valve located at the entry to the carburetor from a high end to a rich setting and check the temperature of your engine, the ideal break in temp is between 200 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Idle speed screw on redcat racing nitro RC truck set to rich setting

If your exhaust is spitting fuel other than smoke then you are doing well and the engine is running rich.

leaking fuel from exhaust

It is recommended that you allow the engine to sing for a full tank. Give the car a full 15 minutes break and then fill the tank again for the second process.

After you have finished a full tank, it is time to drive your car. The first thing to do is to make 8 circles on ¼ throttle. Make circles of 8 several times. Once the second tank of fuel is finished, let the engine cook down for 10 minutes.

Fill the tank with fuel and do what you have done on tank 2. Allow your engine to rest for 10 minutes before you start on tank 4. This time, drive your car doing 8 circles on half throttle. After the 4th tank is finished, let the car rest for another 10 minutes to cool the engine down.

When you are on tank 5, drive your car on a straight line going from partial to full throttle this time. Keep doing this until you have finished tank 5. Let the engine cool down for 10 minutes.

Now you can do whatever you want!

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Starting Your Redcat Racing Nitro RC Vehicle

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

This tutorial will teach you how to do the basic controls for your redcat racing nitro vehicle and further familiarizing yourself with the RedCat racing 2-channel remote control. Place the on a stand to check for its parts. Take the top cover off to expose the insides of the car. Check for the car’s glow plugs. Take the glow plug out from the piston.


Redcat Racing


Take your glow plug igniter and place the tip of the glow plug on the igniter tip (the tip with the coil must be seen). When you press the tip of the plug to the igniter, the coil must glow red. If it doesn’t, then the glow plug is bad.

Redcat Racing Glow Plug Igniter In Action

Install the fuel filter before starting the engine.


Fuel Filter for Nitro Line

The fuel filter will be set in place at the fuel hose that runs from the fuel tank to the engine.

Cutting Fuel Line on Redcat Racing

With a cutter, cut the hose to make room for the filter; slide the one end on the hose and the other end to the hose that runs to the engine.

Fuel Filter in Nitro Line

A fuel filter will protect your engine from dirt damage from contaminated fuel.

Fill up the fuel tank with RC fuel with the nitro bottle that came with your Redcat Racing Ultra Nitro Starter Pack or Nitro Tool Kit. Open the fuel compartment located on the remote controlled car. Fill the tank but not to spill over.

Filling Up a Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Pull the starter very gently, in short bursts. Always secure your car with one hand as you make short starter pulls. Do not pull the cord way out like a lawn mower. If this is the first time that you are starting the engine, its best to prime it first. You may place a few drops of nitro fuel in the carburetor and a few drops of oil directly on the glow plug which is located inside the piston. Then pull the starter loosely to make sure the fuel goes in.

nitro drop in piston and carburetor of Redcat Nitro Engine

Do not over tighten the glow plug which can only damage it.

Glow Plug ingniter in piston for start up


The pull start may be very hard to pull in a brand new engine. Do not force the pull start and always have a firm hold on the car when you are pulling the pull start.  As the car powers on and the engine starts, let the car “sing” for at least one fuel tank. The engine may quit for a few times, just set the car on idle speed by trimming the throttle with the use of the remote. Do not rev the engine.

Standard Break In Procedure calls for 5 Tanks on Idle. There should be smoke coming out from the exhaust if there is no smoke, then you are running the engine too lean. You have to make adjustments otherwise you will risk damaging your engine.

Check the engine temperature during the first run by touching the top of the blue piston It is normal to see fuel spitting from the exhaust when you are priming your car for the first time.

It is normal to see fuel spitting from the exhaust when you are priming your car for the first time.

leaking fuel from exhaust


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Setting Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Vehicle Part II

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

This Redcat Racing tutorial is part 2 of a series of videos that will teach you how to assemble and become familiar with one of RedCat racing’s most efficient nitro vehicles. If you have a newer Redcat Vehicle with a 2.4 ghz radio you may want to read How To Use The RedCat DSM –2C 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control and Receiver

Remove the radio control from the box and check its parts. It has a steering wheel, a sensitive throttle or accelerator trigger, a steering trim, a frequency crystal and a throttle trim. There is an on and off switch at the other end.

redcat 2ch am radio


Remove the cover of the battery compartment of the car. Examine the parts inside. It has a battery holder and a 2-channel receiver (channel 1 for throttle and channel 2 for steering). Check the connections, any loose connections will lead to problems in controlling your car.

Redcat Racing Battery Compartment

The receiver also houses the frequency crystal that helps to lock on to a specific frequency from the radio controller. If you want to change from one frequency from another, you can simply pull out the frequency crystal from the receiver and change.

Slide open the battery compartment of the radio controlled and insert 8 AA batteries on the compartment. Place 2 AA batteries on the battery compartment of the car and place tape or a rubber band over the compartment to prevent the batteries from falling out of the compartment due to engine vibrations.

Redcat Nitro Battery Compartment 2


Always Power the radio on first and then turn on the power on the car. Then check the controls accordingly. If controls are reversed, you may adjust them by using the reversing switches located inside the advanced panel on your radio receiver.

Install the antenna cable on the car. The antenna for the car is located inside the plastic of the instructions manual. The battery compartment of the car has the wire for the antenna connection; unwind the wire and remove the top part of the antenna. Slide the wire into the tube and once every inch of the wire is in, place the tube on the hole provided located on the battery compartment. Replace the rubber part of the antenna.

Redcat Antenna Cable install


Examine the air filter. It has two pieces of foam, remove it and place a small amount of air filter oil. A tip is to apply the oil on a clean surface and just gently allow the oil to penetrate the foams. The Proper amount will leave oil on your finger tip after you stroke the filter.  If you squeeze the oil filter and it drips, you know you have used too much.

Replace the foam back. Placing oil on the air filter can reduce dirt from going into the filter and ruining your race car engine. You can wash these foams and dry them should they become very dirty.

Air Filter Oil

Apply Loctite glue on all surfaces that are prone to vibration damage when the car is moving. The most important part of the car that needs Loctite is the 4 engine mounting screws at the bottom of the vehicle base plate. You must also apply Loctite on the 4 screws of the central differential gear box located at the middle of the plate.

Loctite Screws Redcat Nitro

Take one screw at a time and apply Loctite on the screw and then replace it back

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Setting Up Your Nitro Vehicle Part 1 – The Basics

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone



This RedCat Racing tutorial delves into how to set up your nitro vehicle. This is the first part of a series of tutorials that deals with familiarizing and setting up a nitro-powered vehicle as well as the basic parts and safety instructions to follow while setting up your vehicle.

The RedCat tool kit comes complete with all the important tools and parts that you need to assemble your nitro vehicle. Get the package out and examine all the package contents. Make sure that your package is complete. The primary tool kit includes cross wrenches, screwdrivers, nitro bottles and more.

glow plug igniter for redcat racing nitro

Your glow plug igniter will help run your vehicle. It’s important that the glow igniter has enough charge to power your vehicle. Charge your glow plug igniter with a charger that comes with the tool kit. It is usually located at the back of the kit.

glow plug charger for Redcat Nitro
Connect the charger unit to an electrical socket, and then connect the other end to your glow plug igniter by pulling the plug in, placing the charger end inside and releasing the igniter.

The light on the charger should turn on which means you are charging it correctly. If you are using your glow plug igniter for the first time, charge it for a full 5 hours.

Redcat Racing glow plug igniter charging with light

Ready all the other tools that you may need to assemble your nitro vehicle. You may need a set of pliers, scissors, tape, extra batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), a complete set of screwdrivers, extra glow plugs, Loctite brand glue, oil and nitro fuel containers.

Ready your RedCat assembly manual in case you need extra instructions on assembling your vehicle. This contains your antenna and a RedCat keychain.

A quick run through of your Redcat Racing Nitro Vehicle will look similar to this

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Exhaust Manifold and Engine Exhaust

Redcat Racing Exhaust manifold and engine exhaust

Steering Servo

Redcat Racing Steering Servo

Throttle Servo

Redcat Racing Throttle Servo

Central Differential Gear Box

Redcat Racing Central Differential Gear Box

Receiver and Battery Compartment

Redcat Racing Receiver and battery compartment

Redcat Racing Air Filter

Redcat Racing Receiver Air Filter


Redcat Racing Carburetor

The parts of your race car that heats up are your nitro engine which is near your exhaust manifold. The throttle circuit is located near the exhaust area and this controls your car’s breaking system. The disc brake system is attached to the central gear box facing the throttle. The battery compartment is a large box located near the throttle system where there is a large on and off switch to power the car. Removing the air filter (a circular attachment at the center of the engine) will allow you to examine the carburetor.

There are several valves in a race car carburetor and understanding how each valves work will help you get to know your car’s engine performance better.

Redcat Carburetor


Make sure you see the Daft Gadgets Article: “Setting Up Your Redcat Nitro Vehicle Part 2”

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How To Use The RedCat DSM –2C 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control and Receiver

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

This tutorial gives you an overview of a RedCat DSM – 2.4Ghz radio remote control and receiver, How to set the fail safe and How to bind the Receiver to the Radio

First make yourself familiar with the DSM – 2.4Ghz, its parts and its receivers in detail. It is the initial part of learning all about working with a RedCat DSM – 2C remote control.


RedCat DSM –2C 2.4 Ghz

The Redcat Racing radio remote is a simple radio that has the basic parts of any remote control system: it has a throttle, a steering wheel and a 2.4G antenna that protrudes from the unit. Take care not to drop the radio remote since it will significantly damage its antenna.
The DSM – radio remote controls are composed of a large on and off switch, three trim switches, and a red power LED light and a green battery indicator LED light. The controls also has a black Bind button in the middle, a normal and reverse steering switch and a normal and reverse throttle switch.

The two receivers were identical except for a very small hole found on the upper left hand corner of the panels. The receiver with a punctured hole showing the green PCB is a receiver that has no fail safe, while the other one with a button in the hole has a fail safe.

Redcat Racing Fail Safe

First, a receiver is hooked to the remote control car; all the wiring is accessible from the underside of the car. The receiver has four channel inputs: the first channel is for steering controls the second channel input is for the throttle controls, the VCC or forth input is for the Power.

Redcat Receiver binding

The third port is in between the Red and Black inputs and is used for the binding cable.

Redcat Receiver Binding Cable

As soon as all the cables are connected to the receiver and the binding cable is collected to the third channel input power the unit on. A red LED light will continuously flash which means that it is ready to bind to a radio receiver.

Blinking Light on Binding Receiver

With the receiver blinking on one hand and the radio control on the other, press and hold the Bind button in the middle as you power on the receiver.

When the receiver red LED light stops blinking, it means that it is now bound to the radio control. You will then see a blinking Green Light on the receiver. Power the radio off and turn off the power on the race car. Take the binding cable out.

Next power the radio on first, then turn the power on. Then move the wheels to test the steering, the grip controls for the throttle and other buttons especially the three rim switches.

Learning the basics of installing your DSM -2C remote receiver is the most important part of any hobbyist’s concern. Any errors in connecting the wires and cables at the receiver’s end as well as following the binding technique will cost you your race and could totally affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

Testing the controls on the radio control to check for the steering and how to use the normal and reverse steering button located at the upper left hand corner of the control panel. Moving the button to either normal or reverse steering will easily correct the steering controls so that left is left and right is right as opposed to backwards.

Redcat Racing Steering Reverse Switch


Testing the throttle controls is next and using the normal and reverse throttle buttons will fine tune the throttle especially when you need to make drastic corrections on your breaking mechanism. When the wheels of the car are not driving in a straight pattern, you can easily correct it with the steering trim. You can make the slightest modifications to straighten the wheels’ path in an instant. Using the throttle trim increases or decreases the idle and the breaks of the car, but this method is not recommended. Your car’s idle speed should be set using car tuning methods. the final trim button is used to calibrate bow much steering you will need to maneuver the car. It could be adjusted from as less as 0 to as high as 400.

Trim Adjustment for Redcat Racing

Setting the failsafe on the RedCat DSM -2C 2.4G radio. Setting the fail safe stops the car from going full throttle as the power is turned off from the radio control. First Power on the radio control, set the throttle trim so that the car is on breaks.  Then press the failsafe button on the receiver for a few seconds. The steady red light will blink, stop pressing the failsafe and the red light will stop blinking.

Redcat Racing Fail Safe button

Turn the radio controller off and you will see that the throttle remains where it is. Even when you power on the radio controller and place the car in full throttle, it will return to breaks when you power it off.


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Office Stuff – Gadgets For The Office That Are Sure To Make Employees Less Suicidal

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft, Gadgets


Everyone hates the office. Even those who like the office, love to hate it. Be it because of the demanding tps reports from an annoying micro-manager like Bill Lumbergh, or just because they don’t like being told what to do. Either Way, there is an ever growing market for things that make the workplace “suck less” (yes this is a reference to the vacuous void created when your brain shuts down creativity and focuses on menial tasks)

The Following Office Gadgets are sure to make any office employees less suicidal

Office Stuff – Like, Dislike, Win and Epic Fail Stamps

Office Stuff - Like Dislike Stamps

Nothing says you like someone like a stamp on their forehead. Unfortunately, inking the heads of coworkers or employees with a like or dislike button could get you into trouble with the law. Depending which part of the employee’s body you stamp, you could also find yourself in the middle of a sexual harrasment suit.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t let others no how you feel. Next time you read a proposal get out one of these office stamps and get your point across.

The epic win/fail stamps

Office Stuff Epic Win epic fail stamps

Not just for cool teachers, epic stamps are only to be used when something is really great, or so terrible that you wish you ripped your eyes out to save yourself from the experience.

Now if you are looking for something a little less dramatic, you can use the like/dislike stamps. Although these can be used sadistically to hurt peoples feelings, they can also be used to grade work, on empty food wrappers, Movie stubs, and even new bills that pass through congress.

Use your imagination and you’ll soon realize that there is an entire world out there just aching to hear your opinion on stuff.

Office Stuff – USB Flash drive Voice Recorder

office stuff - usb flashdrive voice recorder

Have you ever had a million dollar idea, only to forget about it and later see it brought to market by some would be thought thief? If so, don’t be victimized by thought theft again!

According to the 100th monkey effect, if you experience events that inspire an idea, then its likely someone else will too. After 100 people (a.k.a monkeys) experience similar events that lead to the same inspiration, your idea becomes worthless because it now belongs to the entire populace and those who have more money and resources than you will create it.

Don’t let these ideas get away. When brilliance strikes, record it with a usb voice recording flash drive, and be one of the first 99 monkeys to earn some credit.

Office Stuff – iPhone 4 Desktop Phone

office stuff - desktop iPhone accessory

Okay, its cool to have an iPhone, but not so cool in the office because you look like you are talking to your friends. This is where the desktop iPhone comes into play.

Its great as a desk docking station for your iPhone that lets you access your schedule, make notes or input new data, but it also allows you to make video call too!

The phone also works hands free with a built in speaker system (a speaker system that also plays music) so you can put your hands behind your head and lean back like any over paid business professional.

The best part is, when you talk over the desk top phone, everyone will think your working instead of gabbing on your iPhone! (Okay, maybe the best part is not losing your intelligence from exposure to cellphone radiation)

Office Stuff – The Desktop Mini Shopping Cart

office stuff - mini shopping cart stationary holder

Let’s face it. We are all happier when we are buying a new toy or gadget. Placing the mini shopping cart on your desk doesn’t just keep your pens and other stationery all organized, it also reminds you that working throughout the day will eventually bring you money that you can use to buy things, which is a pretty good motivator for improving office productivity.

So go ahead and pick up a mini shopping trolly and don’t be afraid to charge it to the company as a business expense.

Office Stuff – The USB Microscope

usb microscope

Imagine what a hero you would be if you suddenly discovered and outbreak of Ebola or that zombie making T-virus we keep hearing about. Or what if you discovered penicillin 2 (and upgrade from the previous version) while studying a new type of mold that can only found on lunches left in the office fridge for more than 30 days? The point is that you can’t make scientific discovers that will better your company and all of humanity if you are stuck in a cubical looking at spreadsheets.

The USB Microscope isn’t about goofing off during office hours. Its about activating the creative scientific genius inside your brain that can only improve your overall productivity.

Sure, maybe you’ll end up wasting time studying the bacteria on your tongue or the hair follicles on that favorite employee you’ve been stalking. Either way, the usb microscope is an office gadget for any true geek.

Office Stuff – The Magic Rotating Globe

Magnetic rotating office globe

Every cool office needs a globe. A globe tells those who visit that you are an international player and that you were not afraid to cheat to get ahead in geography class.

Now you could choose a “non geek” globe, that is hundreds of dollars and made out of nicely stained wood or, you can choose a globe that says “I’m technologically advanced and most likely more evolved than other non geeks in the business community so do business with our superior organization”

The Magic Rotating Globe gently spins its accurate mapping as if it was truly floating in space. A real attention getter, the 14 inch globe can sit right on top of your desk without taking up too much space.

The best part is that it will leave everyone who see it wanting one of their own.

Office gadgets make a bad thing good and a good thing great. Whether you hate or love your job, some cool office stuff just makes the time pass quicker (note: This principle does not apply to our backwards moving clocks).

Check out our complete line up of office gadgets in the Office Stuff section of our Gadget Shop

Bar Stuff – Bar Accessories Are The Heart of Every Man Cave

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Throughout history there have been men in bars. This may be because men feel that woman are easier to impress when they are drunk, or it may be that defeating other males in trivial bar games gives them back the feelings of superiority they once had before they were married, or they may just go there because they don’t have any friends who go anywhere else like hunting, fishing, golfing, or other common escapes used by men.

Although most wives are probably glad to be rid of their husbands for a while, there are times when both men and women can use a home style bar to entertain guests.  But what type of cool bar gadgets will have your guests asking “Hey these guys are cool, why isn’t there a tip jar at this home bar?” or “Why won’t this fish tank flush?” The answer can be found in the Bar Stuff section of the Daft Gadgets gift shop.

Bar Stuff – Floating Coasters

The floaster floating coasters make your wine glasses appear to be levitating off the ground!

floating coasters

Now we know what you are thinking. “We saw how David Blaine pull off this stunt with a pair of cheap running shoes”  However, believe it or not, levitating still impresses people. Why, because humans are slightly warped. Just the idea that something might fall and shatter to the ground gets us excited, that’s why there are always crowds around suicide jumpers. Even though the floating coasters wont let your drinks fall down in a pool of red wine, they wont disappoint your guests.

We like to pretend we are holding them up with the Force. But to each his or her own.

Bar Stuff – Light up Party Favors

A flashing pub mug may be to your liking, even if it just functions as a homing beacon for when you wander to far away from your glass.

flashing beer mug

If beer is not your thing, there is also light up shot glasses, and light up led ice cubes.

lite up ice cubes

Of course the coolest of all the light up bar stuff is probably the LED sound sensitive ice bucket.
Just throw in a bottle of your favorite crystal and a bunch of ice and the baby will produce a light show that practically dances to the music you’re playing.

Bar Stuff – Cocktail Makers

Do you like your Martinis Shaken or Stirred? Or do you secretly hate martinis and only order them so you can feel like James Bond?

Daft Gadgets carries a light up cocktail mixer if you really want to shake things up. It flashes yellow, red, and blue lights mesmerizing your guests (its a documented proven scientific assumption that drunks are attracted to blinking flashing lights)

Of course if you order your martinis stirred, simply so that others know you aren’t ordering it to look like James Bond, you may prefer the tornado cocktail mixer. The tornado mixer is more of a serious metal geek contraption and less of a piece of plastic. Its doesn’t light up in nice beautiful colors, but it gets the job done right and lets your gets know that you are a professional bar tender, superior to Tom Cruise in cocktail and worthy of the title “Bar Chef”

Bar Stuff – Wine Accessories

If wine is your thing, look no further.

If you’ve seen our floating coasters, you may see our magic wine bottle holder and say wtf? How does this work?

The trick is “Science.” Yes, believe it or not, magic has been taking credit for science for a very long time now, however unlike magic, science is most likely not the work of the devil.

The magic wine bottle holder uses its own weight to hold itself up, which at first appears to contradict science. The best part is that the magic wine holder is another great way to confuse drunks.


Of course, what would any wine drinker be without a wine kit for opening the precious juice of the gods?

wine bottle kit

If you find yourself fumbling with the tinfoil like an over anxious teenager with a condom wrapper, look no further. The wine bottle kit comes with a foil cutter, bottle pourer, collar, stopper and a lever style corkscrew.

If a manual corkscrew is not your thing, you can try an electric one. Not just a great way to remove brains while mummifying dead bodies, an electric corkscrew lets you open your bottle almost instantly, so that no valuable drinking time is wasted.

However if you are not a big drinker, or if your cheap and don’t like to leave your wine at a guests house after opening it, you can preserve it with the automatic wine preserver. It has a vacuum pump that removes the air from your wine bottle so the wine doesn’t keep aging to its death. It can also keep your bubbly…bubbly if you are in the mood for celebrating.

The biggest downside of the electronic gadget is that it removes the excuse to drink the entire bottle due to waste.

Bar Stuff – Drinking Games

What home bar would be complete without a beer pong table?

beer pong

As every beer pong champion knows, the game of beer pong is all about the slam dunk shot. Basically the game of beer pong works like this. If you get the ping pong ball to land in the beer in front of your opponent, they have to drink it and you win. If they get the ping pong ball into one of your glasses of beer, you have to drink the beer and you win.

Either way, its a win win game.

If you have a home bar or are looking to start your one, you need to check out the Bar Stuff Section in our Gadgets Shop. Not because getting drunk isn’t fun without gadgets, but because its better!

Science Gadgets and Toys

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Everyone knows that what makes the sci fi universe fun is their cool gadgets. After all, where would the Star Wars Saga be without the Light Sabre? Probably somewhere between buck rogers and Battlestar Galactica.

Its a universal truth that gadgets make everything more fun, and that’s why science gadgets exist. Because some people find learning “Boring,” Not because learning isn’t fun, but because effort just isn’t as entertaining as it used to be before television was invented. Hence the need for Science Gadgets.

Science toys and gadgets stimulate learning and exploration. Have you ever wondered what the mold on that lunch that was left in the fridge looks like up close? Do you think you can turn it into penicillin? Well, a USB microscope may be your best bet. Do you think telling Girls about the stars in the sky may increase you chances of getting happy time with them? Then learn the fun way with a home planetarium.

Here are just some of the cool science gadgets available at Daft Gadgets.

Newtons Cradle

Newtons Cradle

Newton believed that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if you punch someone in the face, they will punch you back (unless you are bigger than they are, then they will hold the punch inside deep within their emotions where it will manifest itself as a psychological illness) .  The good news is that if you or someone you know has one of these illnesses, you may be able to get a psychologist to hypnotize you out of it.

Anyone who has watched the Mentalist knows that hypnotizing people is both cool and fun. But what if you could hypnotize yourself? Newtons cradle may help you do just that.

Just think how much better your life would be if you were able to choose to believe whatever you wanted?

Remember shallow Hal? You could could make everyone you date super hot and as a bonus, you may actually get to know their personality?

Ever wanted to take up smoking but were afraid of becoming addicted? All you have to do is hypnotize yourself into believing you are addicted already, then go out and smoke. When you are done, you just remove the hypnotic suggestion that you planted earlier and you’ll be unaddicted to smoking again. Then you can piss off all the other nicotine addicts with stories of how easy it was for you to quit due to your superior will power. (note: this is satire and not a proven method to quit smoking.)

Do you find your boss, coworkers, or partner boring to listen to? If so, you could use Newtons Cradle to master putting yourself into a trance when confronted by boring people. This way you could stare directly into their eyes and still not hear a word of their boring diatribe. Then when its your turn to say something, you just need to quote one of the lines from our bouncing magic 8 ball like: “All signs point to yes”


Space Magna Putty

Magnetic Putty

Remember the episode of Star Trek where Tasha Yar got killed by that black putty, its kind of like that except you control its form with Magnets!

Sci Fi lovers have always had a thing for ooze. There is just something sinister about it. The Armus alien that killed Tasha was just one example. There was a black ooze that killed the rafting pervert and his friends in Creepshow 2, and of course the entire movie “The Blob” was about black ooze (much to the disappointment of comic fans). We think its safe to say that you can add black ooze to pretty much any sci fi story and get away with it.

We don’t know exactly what you should use this magnetic ooze for, but that’s the point. You have to use your imagination.

Note: We are not responsible if the ooze is eaten, becomes radio active, sentient, or turns into Brainiac. 


USB Microscope

usb microscope

Is your employer wasting your life and talents by putting you in a cubicle? If so, there is a solution.

The USB Microscope will let you use the supreme genius intelligence of your brain in ways you never thought possible. After all, what would have happened if nobody realized that a moldy sammich could be turned into penicillin to help save lives?

You have a duty in this life to explore, and since you cant get into outer space yet, the next best thing is to explore the microcosm. Just think of all the things you will find with this USB microscope (we highly recommend “not” using it with an ultraviolet protein detecting light)

Of course you don’t have to use it in the office, you can take it home and inspect your dog, your kids, or your spouse, who knows what types of organisms they have brought home from the outside world?

“note: we are not responsible for any germ paranoia that results from the use of the USB microscope”


Fuel Cell Car

Fuel Cell Car

If you are not on the sinister evil genius side of learning with science gadgets you may like something that has a nice warm fuzzy type feeling to it. We’re thinking renewable energy is a great place to start!

The futuristic fuel cell car runs of salt water, and the best part is, you build it yourself! It requires no batteries, electricity, gas, or even sunlight to run.

Now we know what you’re thinking, “An engine that runs of salt water? Why aren’t we using this instead of gasoline? In fact, why aren’t we using these engines of boats?. Probably because humans become stupid when they get grouped together in packs.

Prove the theory wrong and start supporting this new technology where ever it pops up.

Science Gadgets and Toys are here to stay. So head over to our Gadget Shop and pick one out. We have science toys for kids that encourage learning, like magnetic puzzles and build your own style projects like the miniature Davinci Catapult Kit. As well there are science gadgets for adults that encourage goofing off (and learning to a lesser extent) Its the best of both worlds.

Light Gadgets – Looking for Some New Ambiance? Try Light Gadgets

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

According to smart brained scientists, lighting effects your mood. They did a study where they exposed monkeys to sunlight and darkness and water and alcohol. The monkeys who got sunlight were all socially happy, while the monkeys who were deprived sunlight became alcoholics. Of course, there are some even smarter brained scientists who say that the true reasons monkeys become alcoholics is because they had a bad childhood. See NIH article: What you can learn from drunk monkeys

Now you may feel that testing the effects of alcohol on monkeys is cruel, but we feel it is still a step up from the previous studies like: “Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys

Anywho, back to light. Light effects your mood in many ways, which is why mood dictators and thought police probably invented mood lighting in the first place. The good news is that you when you get home, you no longer have to accept the government mood lighting of street lamps or the suicidal fluorescent lighting found in the office. You just need to grab one of the light gadgets found below to find a happier mood in no time.

Light Gadgets – The Moonlight Cushion

Glowing Moonlite cushion

The moonlight cushion adds a rainbow of color to any place you can put your feet up. Its quite possible that somewhere some evil corporation is enslaving leprechauns, forcing them to add a rainbow to each cushion, but more likely its a low power soft LED light that gives the moonlight cushion its power.

Watch as the colors hypnotize you into a deep trance. Once there, you can have someone make positive suggestions that can help you do anything from exercising more, to overcoming your deep rooted fear of clowns!

Note: if you are afraid of clowns don’t read article: Crazy Ass Pyscho Clowns You Don’t Want Under Your Bed.

Light Gadgets – LED Bulb

mood lighting light bulb

Tired of wasting electricity on some inferior light bulb that only lasts about 1000 hours and only projecting one color from the light spectrum? Sure, you could paint your light bulbs and risk electrocuting yourself or others when you change them during parties, or you can buy and LED Mood Bulb and blow the minds of your guests with superior powered party mood lighting!

The LED Mood Bulb lasts over 50,000 hours, which is a lifetime if you live in Swaziland or you are a knight from the 1300s. This light gadget allows you to adjust the brightness intensity, choose between 16 different colors (4 auto changing colors). The LED Mood light also lets you choose from 4 lighting effects including: Strobe, Flash, Fade, and Smoooooth.


Light Gadgets – DIY Laser Light Show

When you arrive at a party does the hostess ask questions like “Is that a laser show in your pocket or are you just happy to me?” If so feel free to flash the entire party a view of the pocket laser light show.

This DIY laser show lets you jack up the speed dial for when the best get pumping fast, or take it down a notch if you want the party to get a bit smoother. Also it comes with its own tripod so you can just set it up and let it do its thing (the laser light show is sound reactive.)

Light Gadgets – Laspro Spirograph Laser Projector

Laser Pro Light Detector

If you are looking for a more “retro” oriented laser projector you can check out the Laspro Spirograph sound reactive laser projector. Most of us who weren’t neglected by our parents got to play with a Spirograph when we were kids. Sure, maybe you got an etch-a-sketch or a lite-bright instead, but somewhere, either at a friends house, at school, or during the secret evaluation the government does on children to see if they are worthy of society or better off as organ donors, we all came into contact with a Spirograph. It was a way to draw while staying inside the lines while still opening our imagination to new and interesting shapes. Kind of like cheap drugs for kids.

Anyway, now you can bring back those memories and realize once again that there is more to the universe that just a square, circle and triangle.


Light Gadgets – The Astro Eye Planetarium

By far one of the most popular light gadgets around, the Astro Eye Planetarium brings the night sky into your home. No, it doesn’t bring in the smog and pollution to poison your children the way that nature has since she took up smoking. This light gadget projects the stars of the universe on your walls and ceilings.

The good news is that it can project a night sky with or without constellations. Both can be very relaxing. Unless of course you are an Astrologer and you see that the constellations are predicting your death, then this light gadget may not be for you, but for everyone else, the astro eye is a great experience

Light Gadgets – The LED Car Emoticon

LED Emoticon Car Sign

Sometimes horn honking, finger gestures and getting out of your car with a lead pipe in your hand just isn’t a practical way to communicate with other drivers.

We can all probably agree that our moods are contagious. When a driver does something stupid, and we’re sure it wasn’t us this time, we know they are an idiot and need to be told. The problem is that they are protected behind a windshield and can’t hear what we have to say. Sure, some of us know some sign language, but in the end a lot of people take out their frustrations on McDonalds employees who forgot to ask us if we wanted to super-size our orders, leaving us with with a kids meal portion and no toy to make us happy.

We say, instead of passing on only our bad opinions creating negative energy in the universe and leading us to overeat fast food, why not spread “positive emotions” and spread smiles and happiness, and thoughts of puppies and such.

The Drivemocion LED car sign does just that. Not only does it have a smiley face and wink, it also has a thank you sign and a “sorry” sign “a.k.a I’m an idiot sign”. See, it Mcdonalds that had it right all along, when they offered smiles on their menu for free. Next time you’re at McDonalds, ask them for a few smiles to go and pass on some fun.  If they don’t smile a few times into a “to go” bag, call the manager and threaten to sue for false advertising.


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