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Hard to Kill – The Top 5 Most Unkillable People in History

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft, Funny But True

Many of you may have heard the story of how a saloon owner named John Schrank was instructed by Ghosts (specifically the ghost of William Mckinley) to assassinate Teddy Roosevelt. He attempted to do this by shooting Roosevelt in the chest before his famous speech in 1912. Those of you who know the story, know that Teddy decided to deliver the 90 minute speech anyway, even though there was a bullet lodged in his chest.

This gives him a very honorable mention in the Daft Gadgets list of Nearly “unkillable” people. However some people took more than one measly bullet (Leon Trotsky got an Ice Axe plunged into the back or his skull before getting pissed off and spitting in his would be assassin’s face!).  And others, who exited in a blood bath left there bodies, not because they were dead.  But because, they didn’t want to hang around in their now mutilated bodies.

What can we say, we at Daft Gadgets really favor the stories of those who are bad ass enough to face certain death just to see how long they stand up against impossible odds.

Kind of like the final moments of this guy:

Which brings us to our first example…………………

1. Pablo Escobar

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

Head of the Medellin Drug Cartel back in the days of Miami Vice, Escobar quickly became public enemy number 1 in the United States, so much in fact that a special task force made up from U.S. Delta Force operatives, SEAL Team 6 and Centra Spike was commissioned to take him out with the help of the Colombian police task force known as “Search Bloc”.

Upon tracking him down, Escobar (who we can only assume had seen the 1983 movie “Scarface”), stayed true to his words: “I prefer to be in the grave in Colombia than in a jail cell in the United States” and began his final stand in Tony Montana like fashion.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Escobar took a hailstorm of bullet wounds to his legs and body, only to finally be taken out by a kill shot through his ear. Like the unsinkable Bismark under British Bombardment, it was unclear whether the fatal wound on the unkillable drug lord was self inflicted, or if it came from one of the members of the Search Bloc.

It took over 50 years to find the scientific evidence that the Germans sank their own unsinkable ship, and without cryogenic freezing or inception like technology, it is unlikely that we will every know for sure regarding Escobar.

2. Fidel Castro:

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

“Fight Against Impossible Odds and Win” – Poster Translation

The movie titled 638 ways to Kill Castro got its name for a reason. According to Fabian Escanlante (Castro’s official life protector), 638 is the number of times the CIA and other Castro haters have attempted to assassinate Castro. The documentary goes into detail about plots using exploding cigars, poison pills, La Femme de Nikita type hit women, fungal infected scuba suits, Mafia style shootings, a poison syringe in a fountain pen, and even a radio station rigged with noxious gas!

Yes Fidel Castro is probably the most notorious assassination escape artist in history, known from the world of politics to pop culture. Of course some assassination plans are better than others.

COTTON: Fine, you sissy girls, I’ll row to Cuba myself! Hell, I’ll swim to Cuba with this wrench between my teeth! Then I’ll pose as a beautiful female plumber, and when the toilet clogs at the Presidential palace, I’ll… I’ll… oh. I just wanted to kill Castro!
HANK: I know, Dad. I know.

– King of the Hill.

3. Rasputin.

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

He Doesn’t look so tough in the picture?

As the German disco group Boney M sang, Rasputin was a hard person to kill. With enemies all around from his drinking and lusting for power, Rasputin had more than one attempt on his life, on more than one occasion.

His Doctrine was to attain divine grace through sin, which basically means he started a religion that called for you to get drunk, have lots of sex, and take bribes. Generally the church would be able to do away with such a compelling competitive religion, but unfortunately for them, Rasputin was protected by the Russian Queen, who believed he mad mystic healing powers to treat her son.

This protection however, only went so far.

photo thanks wikipedia

photo thanks wikipedia

At a certain point, it was decided that Rasputin needed to go.

On June 29th, 1914. After receiving a telegram (no not a singing telegram like in the movie clue) A former prostitute turned religious disciple (named Khionia Guseva) attempted to redeem herself with god by slicing open Rasputin’s abdomen, leaving his exposed entrails hanging out. Upon doing so she was heard to scream “I have killed the antichrist!”

Of course minor wounds like having your entrails pulled out was not enough to stop someone like Rasputin.

He would recover from this injury only to later be poisoned at a at Moika Palace with cyanide laced wine and cakes. After devouring them all and having the audacity to still live, Prince Yusupov shot him in the back with a revolver and left him for dead. Yusupov later returned for his coat only to see Rasputin spring back to life and begin strangling him. Luckily other murderers were around and were able to shoot him dead again with 3 gun shot wounds.

As they eerily stepped towards his fallen body, they noticed that he was still trying to get back up. It was at this point that they began clubbing him to death. Not taking any chances they wrapped and bound his body in a carpet and threw him in the freezing Neva River where he managed to break free from his bonds, but drowned before he got out.

Is it any wonder they called him the Mad Monk? Going through an ordeal like that would send the Dali Lama to Anger Management

Photo Wikipedia

Photo Wikipedia

“I’m only happy because I still have my entrails inside me”


4. Jim Bowie

photo wikipedia

photo wikipedia

Some of you may be familiar with the Bowie Knife. Its called that because Jim Bowie became one badass son of a bitch every time he had one in his hand. The most famous time occurring during a friendly “Duel” that would later become known as “The Sandbar Fight”

On September 19, 1827 Bowie attended a duel on a sandbar outside Natchez Mississippi. When neither duelist managed to hit one another with their gun shots, spectators Cuny and Crain (who were also at odds with each other) decided that it would be a good time to settle their score as well. After all, it would be a shame to get all dress up for a duel and not see any blood.

With that Crain fired a shot at Cuny, but accidentally hit Bowie in the hip, sending him to the ground. Bowie then arose to his feet, drew his knife, and charged at Crain. Unfortunately, Crain managed to smash his gun over Bowies face as it broke into pieces and sent Bowie to the Ground. It was then that Wright (one of Crain’s supporters) shot at Bowie while he was on the ground, and then plunged his sword into Bowie’s chest.

Of course this just pissed Bowie off…

As Wright was fumbling with ways to pull his sword from Bowie’s sternum, Bowie grabbed hold of him and pulled him down into his Bowie knife (as it would become later known). Wright died instantly, but Bowie still had the problem of an annoying sword in his chest to deal with, which unfortunately made him an easier target and as such was shot and stabbed again by another member of Crain’s group.

Clambering to his feet, two brothers (Alfred and Carey Blanchard) fired pistols at him, hitting him once in the arm. Bowie was then able to draw the sword out of his chest and cut off part of Alfred’s forearm while dodging another bullet from Carey.

The Brothers then fled like the cowards they were

5. Michael Malloy, a Fire Fighter and Drunkard.

photo wiki

photo wiki

Photo not the real Malloy

Michael Malloy aka “Mike the Durable” and “Iron Mike”, was a homeless drunken Irishman who lived in New York City. As a former fireman who was down on his luck, Malloy became acquainted with five men who pretended to be his friends.

Just when things seemed to be at their worst, Malloy received the friendship of these five men and an unlimited drinking tab at their pub, which probably seemed like a godsend at the time. Little did he know, the five men (who would later become known as “The Murder Trust”) had secretly taken out insurance policies on his life. The idea was that because Malloy was so addicted to alcohol, he would accidentally kill himself with alcohol poisoning. (Little did they know that Malloy most likely had a liver sized for a blue whale.)

With the plan backfiring and Malloy not cooperating with the plan by not dying, action had to be taken. The five then came up with the idea to put anitfreeze in the liquor, but Malloy just kept coming back for more. When anitfreeze didn’t work they used turpentine, followed by horse liniment. When Malloy still came back for more, they used Rat poison in desperation.

image wikipedia

image wikipedia

Of course, by this time, Malloy had most likely built up a tolerance to poison and ingested the Rat poison with little problems other than a “bad hangover” which just required more booze to cure.

Realizing that if they didn’t collect on the insurance policy soon that Malloy was going to drink them out of their profits, The Murder Trust tried using raw oysters soaked in methanol and a sandwich of spoiled sardines mixed with poison and carpet tacks. All of which Malloy swallowed into his iron stomach.

Realizing that Malloy could probably ingest pretty much anything and still live, it was decided that the best way to kill him was to freeze him to death. This time, they waited until Malloy passed out from too much booze, carried him into a park in -26 degree weather, dumped him in snow and poured five gallons of water on his bare chest.

Of course, he showed up the next day for his free drinks. Pissed off, they drove over him with a taxi moving 45 mph, which finally at least sent him to the hospital . After being gone for 3 weeks, The Murder Trust assumed they had finally killed him. When he showed up for drinks again, they threw caution to the wind and put a hose in his mouth that was connected to a gas jet. He was finally pronounced dead of lobar pneumonia.

In contrast, 4 or the 5 men involved died in the electric chair known as “Old Sparky”. And it only took one try.

photo thank wikipedia of Old Sparky from Sing Sing.

photo thank wikipedia of Old Sparky from Sing Sing.

Our 3 Favorite Prison Break Stories of All Time

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft, Funny But True

Anyone who knows the story of the count of Monte Cristo, Papillon, or the Shawshank Redemption, knows that the story of someone escaping to freedom can help lift us out of depression and provide us the strength to face another 5 days of imprisonment in an office cubical. There are many thrilling stories of escape that range from royalty dressing up as the opposite sex (Like with Mary Queen of Scots and King Charles II), to war stories escapes like the Allied Prisoners of War at Stalag Luft III and Colditz or the East Berliners from 1961-1989 (which included a getaway in a hot air balloon) to of course “Prison Breaks”

Below are our 3 of our favorite well known stories of Prison Break Escapes that we feel qualify the “escapees” as “Artists”

The First Being……

1. Kalashnikov Pat – Pascal Payet

Photo Thanks wikipedia

Photo Thanks wikipedia

Pat is one of the most notorious criminals in France

After being convicted of robing an armored truck and shooting  a guard 14 times, Pascal Payet was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.  At least, so the authorities thought.

On October 12 2001 a buddy flew into the compound with a rope ladder and pat escaped with a friend. (why didn’t I think of that?)

The guards got smart and put a net over top of the compound. But in may 2003 he decided to come back with another helicopter and cut a hole in the steel net to bust some friends out (3) He flew the helicopter to a nearby sports stadium and escaped in a car

He was recaptured in 2005.

He then again in June 2007. This time armed men hijack a helicopter, overpowered guards and went straight to his cell to

The chopper landed at a nearby helicopter and everyone escaped. Pat was found 2 months later and thrown back in prison. Of course the authorities aren’t saying which one.

2. Casanova

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

Photo Thanks Wikipedia

Famous for his philandering, Giacomo Casanova pissed off one too many husbands. In fact his powers of seduction were so impressive he was imprisoned for allegedly practicing witchcraft in 1755 when he was sent to Leads prison in Venice, notorious for its inescapability.

However Casanova found a piece of iron in the prison yard and kept it for tunnel digging purposes. He dug a tunnel in the floor beneath his cell, but got moved before its completion. Thats when he convinced “Balbi” (the prisoner in the end cell next to his) to dig two tunnels. One connecting the two cells, and the other leading to the outside the prison.

Both Prisoners escaped with the iron bar, which they used one last time to break through a set of gates on their way to freedom.

3. Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers

Photo wikipedia

Photo wikipedia

For those who saw the movie “The Rock” (which had nothing to do with the wrestler and everything to do with Sean Connery being a super cool ex MI6 agent) you may remember how hard it was to break in to the Prison Island of Alcatraz. Apparently, Alcatraz was even harder to break out of….unless you are a diabolical genius like Frank Morris.

In its time, Alcatraz was the most secure prison in the United States. It was fully equipped with hidden microphones, gun towers, and trigger happy guards who would like nothing better to do than to snipe some poor bastard who got too close to the electric fence. On top of that, even if a prisoner did manage to escape, they would have to find a way to cross the dangerous waters that completely surrounded the island.

In 1962, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, Clarence and John, decided that Alcatraz was a boring un-fun place to be and began planning their escape. Little by little with a set of nail clippers, some spoons and a drill made from a fan, they began to chip away at the concrete around a ventilation shaft. Each night, as the hole got bigger, they would fill it in with a jail made paper mache of newspapers and paste. Once the hole was big enough, they used their paper mache skills to create fake heads with barbershop hair to act as decoys for their escape.

photo wikipedia

photo wikipedia

With the help of 50 prison raincoats, they constructed an inflatable raft (that they blew up with an accordion) and took to the water.

They were never heard from again.

If you would like to conduct your own prison or wartime escape from home, all you need is an imagination, some army men, and one of the cool RC helicopters from

7 Geek Fragrances So Crazy, They Might Actually Work.

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

We all want to smell like something other than armpits, sweat, and food remnants that get released through our pores. More importantly however, we want to smell like something the opposite sex is likely to want (which unlike us, is desirable).

Knowing this, fragrance designers around the world have spent millions of dollars they didn’t have through questionable research applications trying to find the perfect scent.  Why?  So that they may put it in a bottle and use it to disinfect humanity from its own stench.

From Political fragrances that smell like democrats, republicans, or independent voters, to colognes that make the wearer feel like a soon to be dead red shirt wearing extra in a low budget Star Trek episode, there is most likely now a cologne for literally any occasion.

Below are just a few of the geekiest colognes we could find while surfing the internet pretending to be working…..

The First is….

Play Doh Cologne


If you think that Play Doh cologne is meant for old men who expose themselves to children at Disneyland, you’d be wrong.

Play doh cologne is meant for `highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.” according to the Play Doh cologne manufacturer.

As everyone knows, life always gets worse, which in turn makes our past and childhood seem happier than it really was. This is why we are always looking back on the “good old days” and why it is never the “good old days” right now. Companies know this and attempt to cash in on this imaginary happiness via means of nostalgia.

The hope here is that people will associate the Fragrance with bright colored crayons, finger painting, sculpting, (and all the other creative things we learned that that we can’t make a dime off in today’s modern world) and believe once again that someone like our boss will come down and say. “That’s an exceptionally artistic pie chart you made. Good Job.“

Bacon Cologne

Photo Thanks:

Photo Thanks:

For those of you who love the smell of bacon, there is now a way to attract love interests of the same nature. Although we believe that bacon would be a better scent to attract men to women (in perfume), bacon cologne could land you an obese wife or possibly a really good licking poodle.

On a darker side, if you’ve seen the movie deliverance, you may want to avoid wearing it on hunting trips.

Flame –Burger King Cologne


The legendary Burger King Cologne that lets you smell like what every woman wants. A juicy piece of meat!

Yes, its possible that if you don this cologne, you may offend a few vegetarian women, but look on the bright side….Just think of how well groomed you will be after licking yourself all day.

Star Trek Pon Far Perfume


What is a Pon Farr you ask?

If you’re not a Geek and are somehow reading this anyway, you may not know that “The Pon Farr” refers to the deep rooted repressed emotions that a Star Trek Vulcan experiences once every 7 years.  Because Vulcans repress all their emotions, all their rage, fear, love, lust and suffering gets buried deep inside them only to be let out orgastically when they are in “heat” during the mating time of “Pon Farr”

Pon Farr perfume could help you land anything from a Nelix to a Captain Kirk.

Kirk and Nelix.  Photos from wikipedia

Kirk and Nelix. Photos from wikipedia

Warning!  Kirks at Comic Con may be geekier than they appear.

Other Sci Fi Geek Fragrances include: Slave Lei Perfume:

leia perfume box

Which guy hasn’t fantasized about princess lea in a golden bikini? The Slave Lea perfume is so seducing, it even blocks out the hideous image of Jabba the Hut being in the room with you.

Of course, if your guy is a known gambler and scoundrel, there is the Eau d’ Lando cologne for men.

eau Lando

Money Cologne



Well, they say chicks digg money. But Liquid money comes in both perfume and cologne, so perhaps great minds think alike in this case.

Not exactly for geeks, The idea of the “Money” Cologne is that you can create your own personal scent of success.  Since, Geeks are slowing taking over the world, we think this cologne would be better off smelling like the fear of high school bullies now being chased by geek built killer robots, but money does bring back some nostalgic forms of success from the 1980s we haven’t felt since we began ranting about the blatant societal discrimination towards Generation X.

To get you in the mood for money, we’ve included Gordon Gekko’s famous speech on Greed below.

Wall Street Poster Wikipedia

Wall Street Poster Wikipedia

“Greed is good.”

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures, the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge of mankind and greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A “

Quote: Gordon Gekko, Wallstreet.

You can find great Geek Gifts for Him and Her in the unusual gift ideas section of our Gadget Shop

Redcat Racing – How to Tune Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Engine Part 2

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

redcat racing nitro engine

Before you read this article you may want to see how to tune up your redcat vehicle part 1

Let’s take a look at the effects of tuning on the high speed needle and low speed needle on the redcat racing volcano which is using an SH .18 3.0cc 2 stroke nitro engine with rotary carburetor. Before seeing the rotary carburetor, the air filter must first be removed. The rotary carburetor opens and closes by rotating the drum inside make sure that the carburetor opening get is 1mm or so. Use an idle speed screw in doing so.

This is to ensure that your Redcat Racing Vehicle will not run away on you!

1mm gap carburetor

A properly tuned Redcat Racing engine should be able to handle full rpm on at full throttle.

If you purposely enrich (max fuel to air) the High Speed needle,  you will see that it cannot take on full throttle. (The high speed needle or HSN controls air and fuel mixture for partial and full throttle.) The mixture would be consisting of more fuel and less air. If your HSN setting is too lean (too much air to not enough fuel), the engine might bulk or quit when you try to go to full throttle. If it doesn’t quit, it might bulk on full throttle, which is a very dangerous thing for your engine because when an engine overheats it gets damaged.

Now, let’s look at the effects of the Low Speed Needle (LSN) settings on the Redcat Racing engine. Certain precautions must be noted and practiced so as to avoid damage to your Redcat vehicle.

When the LSN is leaned out, you will see that the idle will change. When the LSN is closed (clockwise), you can hear the engine starving for fuel and begging for it. If it speeds up, your truck or buggy might take off by itself even if the carburetor opening gap is set to 1mm! This will give your Redcat Vehicle the tendency to overheat, which is clearly not good for the engine of your race car.

If you enrich the LSN by opening the needle (counter clockwise) You will see that the engine won’t start or the engine would quit as soon as we take the ignitor out. This means the LSN setting on your Redcat Racing Vehicle is too rich.

The Pinch test is the best way to check if you have the LSN properly set on your Redcat Vehicle or not.

Pinching the fuel line

This is done by pinching the fuel line and the engine should raise its rpm or speed for around 3-5 seconds and then it quits. This means that the LSN is properly set. If it quits too quickly, the LSN is too lean or when it quits too slowly, the LSN setting is too rich. If your LSN is too rich 0 to partial throttle, the engine will stutter to go from 0 to partial throttle or when it’s too lean,0 to partial throttle will fail to take place and the engine would quit, resulting to it speeding up immediately.

For Redcat Racing Parts and Hop Ups see our online store at

For more information on Redcat Racing Nitro Vehicle Set Up See Articles:

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Redcat Racing Nitro Basics

How To Use a Redcat DSM Radio

How To Tune Up Your Redcat Nitro Engine

How To Tune Up Your Redcat Nitro Engine Part II

Made Up Words – 6 People Who Just Made Words Up To Sound Cooler.

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

Many of us have been in a situation where we have heard someone use a word the we have never come across. In these situations, most of us just nod and agree with what the speaker is saying rather than admit we dropped out of high school to become a professional pool player after seeing the movie “The Color of Money” back in the 80s and we don’t know the meaning of most college level words.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

The truth however, is that people make up and misuse new words all the time, and more often than not, you are better off asking the speaker what the word means or what they mean when they use the word. This will improve communication between both of you and help create a deeper understanding.

(Even if that understanding is that you understand that they are a pedantic jackass.)

We at Daft Gadgets have a fun way of dealing with people who use words like that we don’t understand. When we hear a word we don’t know, we use their sentence back on them in disagreement with new made up word that we give meaning to once we know how to prove them wrong.

For example. If we ask a politician if we should raise taxes and he says that it would be “Specious” to do so, we would argue that no doing so could be “castroclarifying”, and then gradually work out what he meant by “specious” during his rebuttal.

Below are a list of 6 People who are known for pulling common words and phrases from places so mysterious, they were previously known only to proctologists.

1. Factoid – Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer.  Photo: Wikipedia

Norman Mailer. Photo: Wikipedia

Speaking of “Made up Words”, while writing Marilyn Monroe‘s biography Mailer, attempted to find a word for the innuendo and deceptive phrase allusions used by celebrity magazines to create gossip and sell subscriptions. Essentially he need a word for the “Made up Facts” that people believe because they read them in news print. The word he chose was “Factoid”, meaning “sounds like a fact”

This definition continued until CNN started using “factoid” to mean “Its a little known fact” which was closer to something Cliff Claven would say, giving the term slightly more credibility.

Cliff Clavin. photo: Wikpedia.

Cliff Clavin. photo: Wikpedia.

“Its a little known fact that…….that cows were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals for the forbidden city” Quote: Cliff Clavin

2. Agnostic – Thomas Huxley

When he wasn’t describing a futuristic hell like society that believed happiness could be found in the perfect pharmaceutical pill, Thomas Huxley was being criticized for not believing in any of the one true gods everyone else believed in. The term for this was Atheist.

Disliking the stigma of being an atheist or the stigmata of a true believer, Huxley created a word for people who don’t know things for sure. He named it, “Agnostic” the a prefix meaning “without” and “Gnostic” (derived from the Greek Gnostos) meaning “knowable”

The term nowadays is generally used for non religious spiritual people who believe in “something” but don’t know what it is, so to speak. The term was coined in the 1960s, but it is uncertain whether or not Huxley was stoned when he created the word.

We say probably “yes.”

3. Grok – Robert a Heinlein

The Word Grok was coined by Robert A Heinlein in his novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” The word describes having the ultimate knowledge of something’s true being (like in Star Trek when a Shape shifter becomes something, or a Trill is merged symbiotically with host.)

Although not a popular word, it is sometimes used by modern speakers to express a deep understanding of a concept, opinion, or philosophy. Originally however, the word “Grok” was meant to represent everything in science, religion, and philosophy, but that we stupid humans are unable to understand since it is like explaining colors to a blind man.

At least that’s what we think it means, assuming we grokked it correctly.

4. Gobbledygook – Maury Maverick

To U.S Congressman Maury Maverick, (Grandson of the Famous “Sam” Maverick, were the term “Maverick” meaning independently minded comes from) The world of politics was filled with a bunch of gobbling bombastic turkey’s, all strutting around and posturing while taking no action or speaking any meaning.

Photo Wikipdia

Photo Wikipdia

Above Photo” Maverick’s interpretation of a politician.

The term Gobbledygook was the name he gave to people (particularly politicians) who were purposely vague and esoteric in their speeches.

5. “Yes Man” – Tad Dorgan

The American cartoonist Tad Dorgan created a comic book about an editor and his apple polishing sycophants. The comics name was “Giving the First Edition the Once Over” and written above the name of each assistant to the editor the words “Yes Man” appeared. Since then, the word yes man has been elaborated to refer to any subordinate in business, sports, or politics who agrees with the boss no matter how wrong he or she may be.

Dorgan is actually credited with a few other phrases you may have heard of as well, including:

  • “The Cat’s Meow,”
  • “Dumbell,”
  • “For Crying Out Loud,”
  • “Hard-boiled,” and oddly enough
  • “Yes, we have no bananas”….?

6. “Fardels” William Shakespeare

Shakespeare.  Photo: Wikipedia

Shakespeare. Photo: Wikipedia

A great man once asked: What do fardels bear? And most of us who read that line went straight to the dictionary only to be left with the assumption that the writer just made the word up out of thin air.

The line comes from Hamlet’s soliloquy “To be, or not to be.” And although he may not have invented to word “Fardels” Shakespeare is credited for quite a few phrases still heard today.

In fact, Shakespeare is credited with at least 1,500 different words and phrases that don’t appear anywhere else before him. Assuming of course that Shakespeare wasn’t an impostor like the urban legends say

Anonymous film poster.  Photo: Wikipedia

Anonymous film poster. Photo: Wikipedia

Below you will find a list of his more memorable made up words.

Puking – From “All the Worlds a Stage”

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. As, first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. “

To be fair there are more words for puking than almost any other verb, but it puking is probably one of the top 3 synonyms for vomiting. We’d like to point out that even after all these years, some Shakespeare is still considered as “slang”

Note: We at Daft Gadgets claim the rights to word: “SpewJecting” as a new word for projectile vomiting.

Eyeballs – From A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“make his eyeballs roll with wonted sight.”

Basically, Shakespeare is saying make him experience the loss of sight rather than the state of blindness. He’s clever like that.

Note: We at Daft Gadgets claim the rights to word: “NoseHoles” as obvious and redundant ways to say nostrils

Obscene – From Love’s Labours Lost,

“Then for the place where; where, I mean, I did encounter
that obscene and preposterous event,”

Shakespear was a master of Scenes and probably thought “There should be a word for “bad Scene” and chose “OB” to negate the word scene since “inscene” was too close to “insane”. (He may have also had a penchant for Obstetrics)

Note: We at Daft Gadgets claim the rights to word: Obplay which refers to an entire play or lifetime of bad behavior, as opposed to just a “bad scene”

The Game is A foot – Henry IV

This is kind of like when your 80s Chrysler says “A Door is Ajar.” We know a door is a door and a foot is a foot, but like “A-Jar” a door must be closed and like a foot, the game is now moving.

Yes we know this comparison is cheesy.

Epileptic – King Lear.

“A plague upon your epileptic visage!

Like “Apoplectic” (showing signs of stroke during times extreme rage or heart attack) Epileptic has taken on a meaning of extreme gesticulations to the point of a medical condition.

Thanks to Shakespeare we now know that Julius Caesar was not cursed by the gods and merely suffered from “Epilepsy”

Note: We at Daft Gadgets claim the rights to word: “Taxokleptic” which denotes a government’s taxing and misuse of tax money that is so gelasticly dark and excessive, that it constitutes both theft and a disease. (Like a fanatical kleptomaniac)

Other wonderful words that the internet credits to Shakespeare can be seen below.

It could be successfully argued that society adapted these words into their language to subconsciously bring more drama into our lives, or that people started using them because they wanted to appear more educated than the people who had never heard them before Shakespeare made them up.

Or you could argue that we didn’t check our sources well enough and that Shakespeare wasn’t a real person anyway even if we did.

Either which way, the jury is still out on these:

outbreak panders
skim milk

Redcat Racing – How to Tune Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

Here’s a simple and quick guide on what you need to know about your Redcat Racing nitro engine and how you can tune it. Before we dig in and talk about tuning the engine, let us first know some basic information about Redcat nitro engine.

There are actually a lot of available sizes for your RC engines like the SH18, SH21 and so on. For this tuning guide, we will use two different types of engine that is most commonly used by RC users. There are 2 different kinds of carburetor a slide carburetor and rotary.

This is a Redcat Racing .18 3.0 cc 2 Stroke Nitro Engine with Rotary Carb.

sh .18 3

This is a Redcat Racing SH .21 3.5cc 2 Stroke Nitro Engine with Slide Carburetor.

slide carb 1

For a rotary carburetor, you will find a bronze part of the carburetor and this is known as the HSN or the high speed needle which is responsible for controlling the fuel mixture and the air during partial or full throttle, another part of a rotary carburetor is the LSN or the low speed needle. You can find this part in the middle section of the carburetor. It functions as a controller in the air and fuel mixture during idle or partial throttle. The Idle Speed Screw makes the carburetor opening gap to close or open. It is recommended to set your opening gap at a 1 mm size to let your racing car start on idle. It controls the amount of air that gets mixed with the fuel affecting the idle speed to either an increase or a decrease.

Rotary Carb2

For a slide carburetor, the same with rotary carburetor, it also has a HSN that controls air and fuel during partial and full throttle. The LSN in a slide carburetor that controls fuel and air mixture during an idle or to partial throttle is located at the center of the throttle arm. An Idle Speed Screw controls the air that mix with the fuel in the idle speed.

Slide Carb 2

For a slide carburetor, the same with rotary carburetor, it also has a HSN that controls air and fuel during partial and full throttle. The LSN in a slide carburetor that controls fuel and air mixture during an idle or to partial throttle is located at the center of the throttle arm. An Idle Speed Screw controls the air that mix with the fuel in the idle speed.

Make sure to check out part 2 of How to Tune Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

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The Top Geek Toys and Gadgets of 2011

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If you like Geek toys and Gadgets…..

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When you like us we become cool like y0u, and we think you can afford to give away a little coolness.  It is the holiday season after all….

Is there a special geek in your life this holiday season? Just want to say thanks or maybe just wanting a little something extra in your life? There are some truly fantastic geek toys and gadgets out there for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be an uber geek to appreciate some of the truly neat and bizarre trinkets that are available.

We have handpicked eight different geek toys and gadgets that should amuse any techie or sci fi enthusiast on your list.

First on our list of geek toys and gadgets is “The Floaster”


This peculiar spin on a coaster is great for a small gathering at your place or to create a little mystery at work. Not only are they very stylish coasters but they actually appear to make your drink float in the air! It’s a neat little illusion that will have people asking how. It works because there is a small stand underneath the floaster that is naked to the eye when looking from above. Of course you don’t have to tell them how it works. You can laugh like an evil madman as your coworkers or guests marvel at this little feat of design. The low cost + high fun factor equals out to be a fantastic bargain on a neat gadget. This means it’s an ideal gift for any situation, and you will have enough left to buy one for yourself.

Use this neat geek gadget to open up some good times “Wine Bottle Kit”

Wine Bottle Kit2

Here is a design trick so great it might make that “Houdini” kit disappear. It is a full wine kit inside of what looks like a wine bottle. You could call it wineception if you were so inclined. This set comes with a lever style corkscrew, a bottle collar, a bottle stopper, a bottle pourer, and a foil cutter. It can sit inconspicuously with your wine bottles until the time is right. Due to their compact convenience and aesthetically pleasing design, this kit fits in with your wine collection or as a professional piece in a restaurant. The wine bottle kit proves that you don’t need to break the bank just to break open a bottle of wine.

Shine light on your geek toys and gadgets with “Water Lanterns”

water lanterns

Bring the Far East a little bit closer with these traditional floating paper lanterns. Undeniably cool, yet warm, these lanterns “light” up any backyard for a gathering. Put them in your pond or pool or even on along walkway. These lights will shed some old fashioned light on any celebration, party, or relaxing evening. Setup takes just seconds and the tea lights required are already included. These water lanterns are a classic atmospheric piece; that have been used for centuries because their warmness resonates with anyone who sits in their light. There is no wiring in them so the flame retardant paper lanterns are 100% biodegradable to boot.

Water lanterns are a shining example of a timelessly enjoyable classic.

For some reason we were very drawn to the “Space Magna Putty”

Space Magna Putty

Whether you are a child or an adult, getting absorbed in putty is more fun than it sounds. This isn’t your grandparents’ “silly” putty. Space Magna putty is magnetic, making it much more fun to mold with. You can stretch, mold, and bounce it, but the fun really begins when you introduce a magnet into the mix. It attacks and absorbs the magnet in an entertaining display of science on a small scale. The Space Magna Putty comes in a convenient little package and both stimulates the mind and helps relieve stress.

You’re never too old to enjoy something so simple and fun.

Even pets can be part of our geek toys and gadgets list with the “Space Fish Tank”

Space Fish Tank-pic

Hey look, you finally found Nemo! If you have wanted a fish, but lacked the space in your small apartment or office, this neat space saving bowl is perfect for you. It has a contemporary design that pops out in any setting. This is an appropriate bowl for small fish like the beta or goldfish. The Space Fish Tank has three different background designs that slip behind it allowing you to choose from, the statue of liberty, space, or an alien planet.
Your new friend with gills in the Space Fish Tank means You will never be lonely, and he is sure to attract others guests to your place with his stylish and uniquely geeky home.

This is item is for the geek scout in all of us “Emergency Phone Charger”


It’s time for a trip to the incredibly practical side. Everyone has had the problem of their phone dying on them at one time or another. Sometimes it’s at an incredibly inopportune time. This is the geek gadget to always have on hand in case that situation arises. It can give up to two hours of more talk time or music time should you hook it up to your I-pod. All it requires is one AA battery to power the device and you are off and charging. It’s small and incredibly convenient with a price tag that encourages the gift of giving.

Move over hipsters it’s the “Retro Phone Cell Phone Handset”

Retro Phone Cell Phone Handset red

(Available in Red for the Bat Cave Extension)

Love the convenience of the cell phone but feel nostalgic of that old timey handset? If so then this is a must buy for you or that certain retro someone. All you have to do is plug the handset into the audio jack on your phone and you’re off. You will be looking 20th century in no time with this fashionable statement of the times. Also, as an added bonus it will reduce the amount of radiation pouring into your head because you don’t have to keep the cell phone there!

Smart, funny, and just plain cool, this is a great accessory for those at home in a slightly “simpler” time.

Live long and geeky with the “Astro Eye Planetarium DIY Star Projector”

Last but certainly no least on this list of sweet geek toys and gadgets is this home planetarium. Love the stars but, find yourself surrounded by the lights of man? This is a great way to escape within your own domicile. This 2 disc projector shows the night sky on your walls and ceiling. It gives you both the northern and southern hemisphere perspectives of the stars. It includes five speeds and a 30 or 60 minute sleep function and even a shooting star feature. Great as a learning tool or relaxing way to fall asleep, this is a perfect item for all ages. It runs on batteries so no having to worry about tripping on cords in the night either. This item has a place in any home because astronomy is a part of all of us whether we show our inner geek or not.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the right gadget for the geek in your life. Thankfully you can find all these items and many more in our Daft Gadget Store found at There you will find a humorous selection of geek toys and gadgets for every personality and budget.

The Top Movie Death Scenes To Awaken You from Zombieism

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See Below for Link

See Below for Link

Well Halloween’s over and we’re moving into Christmas, a time that is generally filled with happy thoughts and good will towards others. Some of us however find the shock of moving from the Macabre of Halloween to the cheery and chirpy sounds of Christmas carols more disturbing than performing in a circus with an audience full of clowns. (Yes, we have something against clowns.   See this Article: Crazy Ass Pyscho Clowns You Don’t Want Under Your Bed)

In case you need to reawaken those human emotions inside, we’ve compiled a list of movie deaths that will not only cure any zombie, but reawaken their human emotions as well.

Trust us, after these scenes, you’ll love to experience those Happy Brady Bunch Christmas Carols they play in the malls.

The first Movie Death Scene  on our list to awaken you from zombieism is:

6. Bambi’s Mom – Bambi

For kids in the 50s it was the happy golden lab, Old Yeller For kids in the 90s it was the the Death of Simba’s father in the Lion King. Either way, you can leave it to Disney to traumatize kids just enough so they have lots of repressed sorrow and depression available to draw upon during their teenage years.

Of course, the most popular Disney Death scene is probably Bambi’s mom. In fact, it is widely known that if you want to make someone cry, all you have to do is make them feel safe, and play the Bambi death scene.

So many of us from all ages were barely aware we were alive until we watched the famous Disney scene below.

The Message: “Don’t look Back”


Moving up the list we get to:

5. Spock – The Wrath of Khan

Sure he’s an unfeeling vulcan and probably wouldn’t shed a tear over the movie Bambi, but there’s something like sacrifice that just make’s a heroic death that much more memorable.

The message here: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

"Don't Grieve Admiral, It is Logical"

"Don't Grieve Admiral, It is Logical"

4. Darth Vader – Return of the Jedi

Moving into a sci fi trend we have a story about redemption, love, and sacrifice.

Darth Vader’s death deserves a special mention because his love for his son essentially awoke the good in him that he thought had died inside him long ago with Natalie Portman.

One of the most memorable scenes of all 6 Star Wars films, it closed the trilogy with a wave of emotions leaving the audience emotionally balanced and alive with new forgiveness for one of the most legendary of all villains.

The Message: Between Overconfidence and Faith, Only One is a Weakness.

"You're Feeble Powers are no Match for the Dark Side"

"Your Feeble Powers are no Match for the Dark Side"

3. BraveHeart.

Being moved to tears is not the theme of this list, but there definitely is a connection between crying and being human. Moved to laughter is certainly a great feeling, but moved to tears usually leaves you feeling like you’ve released some great stress that has been buried deep inside.

The next on our list is one of the most moving moments in movie history, showing just how messed up people were back in the middle ages.

This could easily pass as the #1 choice.

The Message: Oppression Creates Revolution

"The Prisoner Wishes to Say a Word..."

"The Prisoner Wishes to Say a Word..."

2. Elias – Platoon.

This next scene shows the desperate run of a man left behind enemy lines as his friends look down upon him from the getaway helicopter.  In the background you can hear the hope in the soldier callings at the pilot, telling him that one of them is being left behind.

It also carries the added desire by the audience for the character to “make it” as he is the only witness to who it was who betrayed him and left him for dead.

Although the list could be ordered differently, we thought that the greatest heroic exits are the ones where the hero gives a serious ass kicking before finally succumbing to the touch of the grim reaper.

The Message: Even The Greatest of Warriors and Armies cannot succeed if they are at war with themselves.

"The've got Elias!!!!"

"The've got Elias!!!!"

The #1 Movie Death Scene to Awaken from Zombieism.

The Final Scene on our list will come as no surprise to most and is sure to move even and unfeeling robot to tears. For those of you who are familiar with the songs and stories of Roland (see article 5 Greatest Right Hand Men of All Time) you may see some similarities in this fictional character of a similar nature.

The death not only brings about the same feelings of loyalty, honor, courage, and heroic exhilaration like with Elias from above. The scene also brings about strong feelings of redemption.

The message probably being that Redemption can be found by the Hero Within.

Boromirs Death

If these scenes have made you a little emotionally drained, you can charge up some happy wackiness with some of our Geek Toys and Gadgets.  Available now from Daft

How To Read a Person Like a Book Part 3 – Liars Poses

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People may believe they can fool you and everyone else with their words, but their body language usually gives them away.

Here are some classic examples of body language that you can learn to help spot the con artists and deceivers out there.

The Stare

"The Stare"

"The Stare"

Ahhh staring. Its more than just a mind game to play with people on public transit. You know the game, the one where you pick a random stranger to stare at until they look away. Then when they do look away, you break your stare and never look back at them again in case they decide to start staring back. What fun.

Anyway, Staring is often thought to show interest and attention, while looking away or avoiding eye contact can be seen as both insecure and deceptive. Good Liars know this, and will attempt to over compensate by staring too long.

A good liar will be able to look at you and stare directly into your eyes when lying. If the eye contact seems unnatural, it probably is.

The Look Away.

The Look Away

Okay, so we touch on this one above. Its called the look away, and it applies to any attempt to avoid someone’s eye contact.

If the head is down in the non threatening submissive position and the eye contact is short, followed by a look away, followed by immediate eye contact again, the person is most likely flirting.

If however, there is an introduction of a new idea into a conversation, and eye contact is avoided, you can bet that the subject makes the person feel uncomfortable. If you deem that the new subject matter shouldn’t be uncomfortable and eye contact is broken by either the talker or the listener, you can bet they are hiding something.

The Requiem

The Requiem

Named after the movie “Requiem for a Dream,” The Requiem refers to the dilation of a person’s pupils.

Pupil dilation can mean many things. People who view someone from the opposite sex that they deem to be attractive will often experience a dilation of their pupils. Possibly to experience more of their beauty or possibly because the sexual feelings cause an adrenaline pump from back in the old days where men would actually hunt down their woman. Either way, desire and pupil dilation go hand and hand.

However, another time this occurs is during a blatant lie. A lot of the time when people lie, their pupils will dilate giving them away. Which is just one more reason to stare deeply into the eyes of the opposite sex.

The Barrier.

The Barrier.

Sometimes when people lie they will create a barrier between you and them or possibly cross their arms. This is probably some deep freudian type stuff that has something to do with them feeling more protected or less exposed. Either way, its a good indicator of deceit.

Mr Freeze.

The Shrug

Standing rigid and frozen is almost like the person is to worried about moving nervously or subconsciously that they are attempting to stay perfectly still.

When someone is completely rigid, they may be lying.

The Shrug

The Shrug-2

Saying “Come at me Bro, Come on” thinking “Dear god please don’t come at me”

Grimacing and Saying “How was I supposed to know” thinking “I hope they don’t know that I know what I did was wrong”

The Blinker

The Blinker

Excessive blinking it often accompanied by a fake expression of either non guilt or aggravation. Both are designed to deflect any accusation put toward the blinker.

The Eye Rub.

The Eye Rub

A sign of insecurity, the eye rub is also a diversion tactic used by liars. It serves to divert eye contact in a way the feigns disinterest rather than nervous interest. Its sometimes used when there is no accusation present, just and idea that could possibly lead to an accusation or confrontation.

“Has anyone seen where all my hand lotion went?” “No mom, I have no idea, I’m tired. Leave me alone”

The Mouth Grin.

Evil genius boy

There is nothing faker than a mouth grin. The mouth grin comes when the mouth smiles and the face doesn’t. This is not an I’m happy smile and can mean many things, but it is almost always put on as a deception. It may be that the person is an emotionless data like android or Dexter like psychopath or the person just dislikes you an is trying to be polite. Either way the mouth grin is one of the most important facial expressions to be aware of, since you could very well be looking into the face of a predator.

In all of the above facial expressions and body poses, it will be the eyes that show you the face behind the mask. If you can match the eyes with, the face, with the body, with the tone, you could probably eliminate words all together, and read each person you meet, like an open book.

If you really want to study body language you can check out our section on spy gadgets in the Daft Gadgets Geek Toys and Gadgets store.

How to Read a Person Like a Book. Part 2. – Insecure/Submissive Poses and Postures

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If you’ve read the previous article from Daft Gadgets that dealt with how to read a person’s Confidence (or take advantage of their over confidence like Luke Skywalker and The Emperor) Then you may be thinking to yourself  “If I pose in these confident positions, how do I know if the person is buying into my dominance over them?”

The answer is simple. By learning how to spot submissive and non confrontational poses and postures in others.

The body language pictured below depict insecurity and submission.  If you spot someone in one of these poses it may be due to your overwhelming charisma or their overall lack of alcohol. It will be up to you to decide which is which.

1. The Nose Rub.

The Nose Rub

Yes, the nose rub. It was Citizen Kane’s last words (or something like that) and is one of the most common armature poker tells out there. Although this can be done intentionally to signal anything from corroboration of a conspiracy or whether or not to steal 3rd base, the nose rub says a lot more than just “I feel like Pinocchio” and if you can label it correctly, you may just find yourself one step above Geppetto on the puppet master scale.

The Nose Rub is most famous for deceit, but it also has roots within the realm of insecurity and submissiveness, sometimes showing feelings of doubt or rejection of what someone is saying. For example,

if one is entertaining a Jehovah’s witness at the door to be polite, they may find themselves rubbing their nose if they feel insecure about their beliefs or if they feel offended that the JW is trying to proselytize them.

Sometimes however, the insecurity comes not from dominance, but fear of authority, as if the nose rubber is asking themselves “Did I just get away with that?”

2. The Hair Pull/Twirl.

The hair pull

Although playing with hair is a well known sign of sexual anxiety in mixed gender confrontations, this form of body language has a tendency to show up under other forms of stress as well.

Generally, this shows lack of self confidence and sometimes nervousness.

3. The Rain Cloud.

the rain cloud

This pose spells out dejection in an obvious way. Its as if a rain cloud is pouring over the person. People who frequently stand or walk in the rain cloud position make for good converts to a new religion or cult.

4. The Eye Rub

The Eye Rub

The Eye Rub is a sign of disbelief. Not in the “I can’t believe its not butter” excited way, but more in the “I doubt myself and can’t believe I’m screwed again” type way.

As well, the person may rub their eyes do to insecurity, since people’s eye water more when they are uncomfortable. The eye rub is a way to hide behind their hands, and may also be used to deceptively feign tiredness (see article on liars in part 3)

5. The Arm Cross

The Arm Cross

The Arm Cross is a very defensive position. It signals that the person doing it doesn’t want to accept the ideas presented to them.

Its kind of like a pouty child who doesn’t want to go to bed.

In some cases (especially in women) the arm cross can be done to feel more secure or possibly even warmer if its chilly, but during an idea exchange, the arm cross generally means no, even if she’s already naked.

6. The Nail Bite

The Nail Bite

Pretty much everyone picks up on this one. The Nail Biter shows nervousness. However there is some medical evidence that nail biting can be linked to a mineral deficiency.

Nail biting can also be a sign that someone did something wrong and doesn’t want to get caught, or anything where there is anxiety over not knowing the coming events.

7. The Angry Mom.

The Angry Mom

Yes, even men do the angry mom pose from time to time.

This posture of standing straight with the hands on hips shows readiness and aggression. When you view this pose, it helps to picture the person saying: “young lady/man”. Its is generally a response to the challenging of ones authority, either over themselves or over others, which is why its best known in parents during the rebellious teenage years.

The Angry Mom may seem scary, but its really a sign of insecurity. When you see this pose, it pays to look for the hypocrisy (just don’t point it out.)

8. The Ear Pull

The Ear Pull

The Ear pull is a sign of indecision. If the ear puller is listening to you, they may be trying to decide if you are telling the truth or not. In a lot of cases, the ear puller doesn’t like the choices presented and is merely trying to avoid an ultimatum.

This one is another great amateur poker tell that shows weakness. Be careful though, they may have the cards and just feeling indecision to call due to the size of the bet.

Now that you have the ability to spot both confidence and insecurity in body language, the last thing to learn is how to spot deception.  Log in next week for Part 3 of the Daft Gadgets Article: How to read a person like a book – Deception.

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