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Khan! Captain Never Forgets Comic Strip


Thought of the Week:  “If the justice system is actually about bringing things back into balance and creating justice, then after a criminal serves their time all would be forgiven.   By keeping criminal records and allowing people to check them, we are basically admitting that the justice system doesn’t work.  After all, if it did, there would be no need to remember.

Therefore, the justice system is not about justice, forgiveness, and rehabilitation, its about punishment and revenge, and thus as long as we continue to support a system that doesn’t work to create justice, the only conclusion is that we must actually want injustice, even if only to justify a need to shame and punish others for an injustice in our past that we never healed from.”

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Jason Scott

"They will Rue the Day They Gave Me Free Reign Over this Blog" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! (insert evil into laughter)
  • susan telford


    you make good sense


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