The #9 Movie of all time that never existed – Kyle in Wonderland

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft


mad hatter

9. Kyle in Wonderland.

Plot Summary

Kyle Ferguson has a special gift for pattern recognition, making him one of the worlds most sought after computer programmers.

When Kyle begins to see patterns and repetitions in daily life however, those around him become worried, as they watch his gift slowly  pull him  into another reality.

Kyles family convince him so see a psychiatrist who asks him various health related questions as well as one that seems to stick out predominantly from the rest.   He asks Kyle  “When is a raven like a writing desk?” Kyle doesn’t pay much attention to the question at first and takes the medication prescribed by his new doctor.

As he begins his cycle of medication he starts to feel better, but realizes that his pattern recognition skills are no longer present and as such he begins to lose his identity as one of the worlds leading computer programmers.

Kyle goes off his medication and gains his mental powers back, but his attention toward patterns in everyday life starts up again. He starts noticing similarities between all mainstream art, music, television, politics, and more and begins to see external fictional realities in his daily life, particularly, Alice in Wonderland.

As each person in his life begins to resemble a fictional character of some sort, Kyle gives in and begins taking his medication on a dose by dose basis, allowing him to control when he takes refuge in a reality that is slowly slipping away.

Kyle becomes aware that his doctor may have the answers he seeks, but every question kyle asks also makes him appear more insane and dangerous to society. and that each step towards help increases his chances of being permanently committed t an insane asylum.

Kyle accepts that eventually be faced with living on medication or residing in both the reality of society and the wonderland of his mind simultaneously.

He concludes that a writing desk is like a raven when you are insane.  Insane from trying to find meaning in something that was never meant to have any.

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The Top 10 Movies That Never Existed

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

Top 10 Movies that never existed

So you think you’ve read every top 10 movie list of all time huh?

Since the movies on this list don’t exist it is very unlikely that you’ve come across all of them.   Unless of course you surf the net more often than comic book guy.

Starting off our list at number ten:

10. Grayson.

Grayson wins the number 10 spot here.  Grayson is the untold story of Robin or “Dick Grayson” unable to accept the death of “Batman” his former mentor and partner. A trailer was made in the hopes of garnering enough support from fans to convince Hollywood that the screenplay had merit. A true fan favorite. You watch the Grayson trailer here.

9. Kyle in Wonderland.

Kyle in Wonderland is a modern retelling of wonderland that takes place in 21st century America. Unlike Alice, Kyle doesn’t venture down the rabbit hole, he slowly begins to see wonderland overlapping his reality, and uses anti psychotic medications to prevent him from perceiving wonderland. All the characters make an appearance with the Mad hatter playing kyles psychiatrist.

In order to prevent himself from being committed to an insane asylum kyle must answer the riddle of the mad hatter the catch being that every question he asks his doctor about the riddle make him look more mentally imbalanced and brings him one step closer to being committed.  Kyle in Wonderland

8. The Cult

Is a science fiction thriller in district 9 fashion “The Cult” tells a story of pure vs poor in a small town in China. The town (and possibly all of China) have been secretly taken over by a highly advanced alien race. The aliens have created a religion (similar to Scientology) where the “chosen ones” will be spared and taken to a new planet when the evil race of aliens show up to destroy humanity. The Chosen ones job is to force the poor to work for them creating pure organic food, technology for space travel, and technology to be sold on the human market for money that can later be exchanged for the space technology that the Chinese aren’t able to create yet. Everything is going according to plan until one of the managers has a crisis of consciousness.  You can read a more in depth version of the “the Cult” screenplay here.

7. Snakes on a Train

Snakes on a train is a story about one mans struggle (Abdul Shamir Hassan) to fulfill his dream of creating a Hollywood movie. While taking a train from A -B Abdul overhears what he thinks are legitimate Hollywood movie producers, talking about a new movie called “Snakes on a Train” the sequel to another Hollywood flop “Snakes on a Plane”. Abdul ends up purchasing the imaginary rights to the movie and is then led from one Hollywood scoundrel to another until he and his family are bled dry of both funds, and credit.  A more detailed account of “Snakes on a Train

6. Madness.

Madness focuses on the darker side of the Roman Emperor Nero, his descent into Madness, and the birth of the first documented case of a serial killer. A slightly more detailed account of madness can be read here: Madness

5. The Critic

The Critic is a black Comedy about an acidulous secret shopper/writer that becomes drunk with power when he realizes that the public is listening to his witty criticisms of daily life. A more detailed account of the screenplay can be read here: The Critic

4. The Fall of Sparta

The Fall of Sparta recounts how one of the strongest military systems in history was defeated by Athens in the Pelopennesian War. A more detailed account of “The Fall of Sparta” can be read here: The Fall of Sparta

3. The Franchiser

The Franchiser is a screenplay based on a John Grisham type Novel that was never written. Chronicling the up sprout of a the new 21st century business “Franchise Brokering” a more detailed review can be read here: “The Franchiser”

2. Carthage

Following one of the greatest military masterminds in history, Carthage focuses on the second punic war and is filled with action, deception, and military strategy.  Carthage

1. Citizen Abel

Law abiding citizen meets Citizen Kane. When Geneticist William Abel (pronounced “uh-bell”) successfully maps the human genome he has a startling discovery. Not only can he identify the specific genes that cause disease, he also discovers that over 90% of convicted murderers carry the same type gene, the “Cain” Gene.  Citizen Abel

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