Mobile Phone Chargers – Docking Stations and Gadgets for Charging Your Cell Phone or Media Player

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So, you’ve got the latest and greatest cellular smart phone super handheld turbo techno marvel huh? Sweet. I bet that thing burns through some batteries though. All you need now is a place to set it up so it can charge. You need a cradle for your new baby. A bed to tuck it away so it can rest up and get its juice back. Something to give your wonderful new toy a boost so you can get back to your important work (or Angry Birds or Words With Friends).

Unfortunately we don’t have any products that could help you out. Not a one. Sorry, but we don’t carry any iPod, iPhone, or MP3 chargers at all, in the least, ever, under any circumstances. You are on your own friend. One day soon the battery on your poor media device will run down and then you’ll be out of business. No more phone calls or texting or pictures of funny cats for you. That will be a sad day.

It sure would be nice if we had a great selection of cradles and chargers to meet every taste and need. Maybe some for the office, a few for the traveler on the go, perhaps even one or two for the outdoorsy types. But alas we at simply do not carry any chargers whatsoever, at all. Nope.

1) Mobile Phone Chargers – Universal Desktop Charger

Mobile Phone Chargers - Universal Desktop Charger


Now if we had chargers, and we’re not saying we do, because we don’t, then the Universal Desktop Charger would be a the top of the list. This sleek, stylish cradle is perfect for any office setting. You depend on your phone. You’re contacts, emails, pictures, addenda, and who knows what else is on this small candy bar sized device.

Don’t just throw your phone on the desk when you walk into the office. Don’t let it float aimlessly around your workspace like some sort of techno vagabond. Get your device a home of it’s very own with the Universal Desktop Charger.

Now you won’t have to pick up or hunch over your phone every time you want to access an app because it’s sitting up facing you. With the Universal Desktop Charger your device is always ready for work. When you’re not using it you can use it as a candy bar holder too. And did we mention that its ‘universal’? That means it can charge anything in the universe (probably).

2) Mobile Phone Chargers – iPower Station For iPod and iPhone

Mobile Phone Chargers - iPower Station

Your boss is calling and he needs figure for the client right now, immediately, at this very instant, no he can’t wait. Unfortunately it’s eight at night and you’re out catching a bite to eat with a very hot date. But it’s all good. You can get everything he needs right from your smart phone.

Ah the wonders of technology. You tend conduct a large portion of your business over and through your phone anyway so this is no big deal to you. In fact, you’ve been on the phone all day long…which is why you’re battery is about to die. Now you’re toast. It took an hour to get this table and your boss isn’t going to accept ‘I forgot to charge my phone’ as an excuse…and where is that waiter with your appetizer? But then you suddenly remember that you have the iPower Station for the iPod and iPhone. Slap it in and voila, you’ve just bought yourself several hours of phone (or music) time.

The iPower Station is a back up battery that plugs straight into your docking station port and being the smart tycoon that you are you never go anywhere without it. Now you’re boss is happy, your date is impressed, and a stern glance from you got those appetizers to the table lickity split.

Don’t let a dead phone ruin your day. With the iPower Station you’re always prepared.

3) Mobile Phone Chargers – Emergency Phone Charger

Mobile Phone Chargers - Emergency Phone Chargers

Lets say you don’t own an iPod or an iPhone. In fact, you don’t have any Apple products at all. Not that you don’t have nice stuff. You probably have tons of great devices. MP3 players, phones, cameras, concealed video equipment, listening devices, electric tooth brushes, the works. Well if you’re job depends on this equipment then you need One back up battery to rule them all, the Emergency Phone Charger!

This device is powered by a common, run of the mill AA battery. Plug it in and it’ll give you a few extra hours on your devices. No fuss no hassle no charging it up. As long as you’ve got access to batteries you’ll be set. It’s great for situations where you can’t get to a power source for a while. And the Emergency Phone Charger comes with seven different adapters to fit just about any modern cellular device.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Sonny, Nokia, Samsung, and a Blackberry (why do you have so many phones?) it will power them all equally. The Emergancy Phone Charger is even compatible with iPods…even though we already said you don’t have any Apple products. Maybe you’ll get one for Christmas or something. Who knows?

4) Mobile Phone Chargers – Solar Power Charger Case

Mobile Phone Chargers - Solar Power Charging Case

Camping, hiking, and biking are great ways to get away from the stress and toil of the modern word. Getting back outdoors is so invigorating, so liberating. You’ve needed this change of pace for a while now. A chance to just unwind and reboot your system without having to worry about the hustle and bustle of normal life. And yet you still brought your cell phone along any way…just in case. But that’s all right because with the Solar Powered Charger Case you’ll always be able to use your gadgets (even when you’re supposed to be relaxing).

This little pack comes with a solar panel to soak up the suns rays and converts them into electrons for your phone. The Solar Power Charger Case comes with adapters for just about every phone type and it’s also a case where you can store you’re device when it’s not in use (which should be never, because you’re on vacation, remember).

So just chill out, soak up as much nature as you can, and try not to check your Facebook account every few hours. Yes, you’re addicted to your gadgets and the Solar Power Charger Case is a great way to enable your habit, even when your ‘roughing it’.

5) Mobile Phone Chargers – Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger

Mobile Phone Chargers - Windup Mobile phone charger

The world has come to an abrupt end. It’s Mad Max, post apocalyptic, end of civilization time. You’re one of the soul survivors of this barren wasteland. Maybe you’ve got like a dog or something as a companion.Though really, you’ll probably just end up eating him sooner or later.

But thankfully you’ve got your iPod. Humanity might be an endangered species that wrought hell on earth through their greed and pride, but at least you’ve got some tunes to listen to. But oh wait. You forgot your charger back at that nuclear crater you used to call home. Not that there’s any power running anywhere anyways. The infrastructure that delivered all our modern conveniences has pretty much been obliterated at this point. And solar energy is a bust because the skies have been stained black with ash and sin.
Fortunately you had the foresight to bring alone your Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger!

That’s right, when all else fails you can still cram electrons back inside your magic music box with this hand crank charger. Sure, it’ll take a while but you’re sitting in the middle of a barren wasteland. You’ve got time.

And the Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger also has a built in flashlight, so bonus! The rest of humanity might have been blasted back into the stone ages, but as long as you’ve got your Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger you can still listen to the greatest hits of Lady Gaga!


You Can See our Complete Line Up of Mobile Phone Chargers in Our Gadget Shop

MP3 Speakers – The Quest for the Ultimate External MP3 Speaker

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It’s an endless cascade of vibrating particles parading through space. It’s the roar and rumble of acoustic swells tossing on a vast, invisible ocean. It’s the modulation of harmonious airwaves resonating inside your head. It’s called ‘sound’ and you’re MP3 player is completely useless without it.

Without sound you can’t hear stuff and then you would never be able to enjoy your favorite Madonna album ever again. What you need are a good set of external speakers to let your songs roam free. Sure, you could use headphones, but then how are your family and friends supposed to rock out with you? How will acquaintances and total strangers in the checkout line at the grocery store know that you have wonderful taste in music? Fear not friends for we at have got y64 c6vered.

If you have music stored on an electronic device that you’d like to listen to then look no further than our mp3 speakers section where we have every kind of sound delivery system you could possibly imagine and a few that defy all reason.

Keychain Minispeaker

iPod iPhone external speaker keychain

For shear portability the Keychain Minispeaker has no equal. First of all it’s a cube. Why is that good? Because boxy is beautiful.

No matter how you set it down it will sit there calmly and with quite dignity. The square is the most stable of all shapes. And then you can stack stuff on top of it if you need too. Get a bunch of them and build a little fortress of speakers. It can also act as an impromptu six sided dice if you find yourself in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. And it’s a keychain so you’ll never lose it or leave it behind. This small blocky resonator is also great if you need to hide a small unobtrusive speaker somewhere. Get a sound bite of a pissed off rattle snake then hide the Keychain Minispeaker on your partner’s side of the bed.

It’s strong enough to play your tunes and small enough to get you into a world of trouble.

Boom Box Speaker Cushion

cool boom box speaker cushion for ipod iphone or mp3 media player

Ever wish the novelty throw pillows on your couch could double as speakers? Do you have so much trouble waking up in the morning that you need the alarm right in your ear? Do you miss the eighties? Well then you need the Boom Box speaker Cushion!

Yes now you can jam in comfort with this plushy sound amplification device. And the electroluminescence equalizer panel on the front keeps time with the music. It even accepts cassettes! (No it doesn’t.) Blowing out your ear drums has never been so easy.

Just plug in your MP3 player, rest your head on the pillow and cue up your favorite heavy metal band. Or fall asleep at night listening to Beethoven and Mozart. Or beat your partner over the head to Michael Jackson’s song “Beat It”.  Pillow fights have never rocked so hard.


The Vibration Speaker
External Vibration Speaker for iPhone iPod or mp3 media player

You can make music emanate from common debris with the Vibration Speaker!

The Vibration Speaker hooks up to anything and turns it into an amplifier for your favorite songs. Plug it into an empty milk jug, pizza box, tin can or anything else you want to be your speaker. Each strange, disparate thing you attach it to will create a completely new and unique sound.

It’s perfect for exploring the musical spectrum. It’s also great if you want to convince your children that the box of Rice Crispies is haunted by malevolent spirits. The Vibration Speaker is portable, you can use it to turn the garbage can into a sub woofer and the whole thing comes in one of those old card board milk containers you used to get in the lunch room. You can’t go wrong with the Vibration Speaker/Pint of Milk.

Boombox Mini MP3 Speaker
boom box mini speakers for ipod and iPhone

Pimp out your MP3 player with the Boombox Mini MP3 Speakers.

Are you unreasonably proud of your collection of kangol hats? Do you still use words like boogie? Do you and your friends often engage in random break dance fights against roving bands of neighborhood thugs? Well unless you want to get served, you’ll need some serious speakerage.

Styled to look like tiny ghetto blasters from the 80’s, these speakers proudly announce to the world that your crew is the hardest around (sequined Michael Jackson glove sold separately). They run off of your devices power supply so there’s no charger or batteries. Just plug them in and go.

The boombox isn’t dead, it’s just smaller. And it’s small enough to dip it in gold to wear around your neck! Now that would be def.

Dancing Cat Speaker

If there’s anything the Internet has taught us it’s that we love cats. We simply cannot get enough of their furry antics. Well the Dancing Cat Speaker manages to capture all of the wuvable cutesiness of those frisky felines and put it to music.

This animatronic cat speaker dances and shimmies to your favorite tunes and it won’t scratch up the furniture. It’s perfect for cat lovers, kids of all ages and anyone who love creepy dancing anthropomorphic animals. Or maybe you just need a companion for your lonely pit bull.

Why have a speaker that just plays music when you can have all your jams accompanied by the hedonistic gyrations of a robotic stuffed animal?

Spring Speaker

External spring speaker for iphone or ipod

You’ve never seen a speaker like this before. If we hadn’t told you it was a speaker you probably wouldn’t have had any idea what it was. But that’s because it’s a Spring Speaker.

Put a spring in your beat with the revolutionary Spring Speakers! The accordion like construction of these unique speakers gives you a level of customization over your music that other mini sound systems simply cannot match. The ‘bellows’ design allows you to enhance the sound or amplify the base response simply by changing it’s shape. With other speakers you’re stuck with whatever they give you. If it sounds flat too bad so sad. But with the Spring Speaker too much treble is no longer any trouble at all (yes we know we’re reaching with that pun).

Don’t settle for mediocre sound quality. Now you can slinky your way to the perfect music setting with the Spring Speaker.


You can see the entire line up of External Speakers in the MP3 Accessories Section of our Gadget Shop.

Office Stuff – Gadgets For The Office That Are Sure To Make Employees Less Suicidal

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Everyone hates the office. Even those who like the office, love to hate it. Be it because of the demanding tps reports from an annoying micro-manager like Bill Lumbergh, or just because they don’t like being told what to do. Either Way, there is an ever growing market for things that make the workplace “suck less” (yes this is a reference to the vacuous void created when your brain shuts down creativity and focuses on menial tasks)

The Following Office Gadgets are sure to make any office employees less suicidal

Office Stuff – Like, Dislike, Win and Epic Fail Stamps

Office Stuff - Like Dislike Stamps

Nothing says you like someone like a stamp on their forehead. Unfortunately, inking the heads of coworkers or employees with a like or dislike button could get you into trouble with the law. Depending which part of the employee’s body you stamp, you could also find yourself in the middle of a sexual harrasment suit.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t let others no how you feel. Next time you read a proposal get out one of these office stamps and get your point across.

The epic win/fail stamps

Office Stuff Epic Win epic fail stamps

Not just for cool teachers, epic stamps are only to be used when something is really great, or so terrible that you wish you ripped your eyes out to save yourself from the experience.

Now if you are looking for something a little less dramatic, you can use the like/dislike stamps. Although these can be used sadistically to hurt peoples feelings, they can also be used to grade work, on empty food wrappers, Movie stubs, and even new bills that pass through congress.

Use your imagination and you’ll soon realize that there is an entire world out there just aching to hear your opinion on stuff.

Office Stuff – USB Flash drive Voice Recorder

office stuff - usb flashdrive voice recorder

Have you ever had a million dollar idea, only to forget about it and later see it brought to market by some would be thought thief? If so, don’t be victimized by thought theft again!

According to the 100th monkey effect, if you experience events that inspire an idea, then its likely someone else will too. After 100 people (a.k.a monkeys) experience similar events that lead to the same inspiration, your idea becomes worthless because it now belongs to the entire populace and those who have more money and resources than you will create it.

Don’t let these ideas get away. When brilliance strikes, record it with a usb voice recording flash drive, and be one of the first 99 monkeys to earn some credit.

Office Stuff – iPhone 4 Desktop Phone

office stuff - desktop iPhone accessory

Okay, its cool to have an iPhone, but not so cool in the office because you look like you are talking to your friends. This is where the desktop iPhone comes into play.

Its great as a desk docking station for your iPhone that lets you access your schedule, make notes or input new data, but it also allows you to make video call too!

The phone also works hands free with a built in speaker system (a speaker system that also plays music) so you can put your hands behind your head and lean back like any over paid business professional.

The best part is, when you talk over the desk top phone, everyone will think your working instead of gabbing on your iPhone! (Okay, maybe the best part is not losing your intelligence from exposure to cellphone radiation)

Office Stuff – The Desktop Mini Shopping Cart

office stuff - mini shopping cart stationary holder

Let’s face it. We are all happier when we are buying a new toy or gadget. Placing the mini shopping cart on your desk doesn’t just keep your pens and other stationery all organized, it also reminds you that working throughout the day will eventually bring you money that you can use to buy things, which is a pretty good motivator for improving office productivity.

So go ahead and pick up a mini shopping trolly and don’t be afraid to charge it to the company as a business expense.

Office Stuff – The USB Microscope

usb microscope

Imagine what a hero you would be if you suddenly discovered and outbreak of Ebola or that zombie making T-virus we keep hearing about. Or what if you discovered penicillin 2 (and upgrade from the previous version) while studying a new type of mold that can only found on lunches left in the office fridge for more than 30 days? The point is that you can’t make scientific discovers that will better your company and all of humanity if you are stuck in a cubical looking at spreadsheets.

The USB Microscope isn’t about goofing off during office hours. Its about activating the creative scientific genius inside your brain that can only improve your overall productivity.

Sure, maybe you’ll end up wasting time studying the bacteria on your tongue or the hair follicles on that favorite employee you’ve been stalking. Either way, the usb microscope is an office gadget for any true geek.

Office Stuff – The Magic Rotating Globe

Magnetic rotating office globe

Every cool office needs a globe. A globe tells those who visit that you are an international player and that you were not afraid to cheat to get ahead in geography class.

Now you could choose a “non geek” globe, that is hundreds of dollars and made out of nicely stained wood or, you can choose a globe that says “I’m technologically advanced and most likely more evolved than other non geeks in the business community so do business with our superior organization”

The Magic Rotating Globe gently spins its accurate mapping as if it was truly floating in space. A real attention getter, the 14 inch globe can sit right on top of your desk without taking up too much space.

The best part is that it will leave everyone who see it wanting one of their own.

Office gadgets make a bad thing good and a good thing great. Whether you hate or love your job, some cool office stuff just makes the time pass quicker (note: This principle does not apply to our backwards moving clocks).

Check out our complete line up of office gadgets in the Office Stuff section of our Gadget Shop

Bar Stuff – Bar Accessories Are The Heart of Every Man Cave

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Throughout history there have been men in bars. This may be because men feel that woman are easier to impress when they are drunk, or it may be that defeating other males in trivial bar games gives them back the feelings of superiority they once had before they were married, or they may just go there because they don’t have any friends who go anywhere else like hunting, fishing, golfing, or other common escapes used by men.

Although most wives are probably glad to be rid of their husbands for a while, there are times when both men and women can use a home style bar to entertain guests.  But what type of cool bar gadgets will have your guests asking “Hey these guys are cool, why isn’t there a tip jar at this home bar?” or “Why won’t this fish tank flush?” The answer can be found in the Bar Stuff section of the Daft Gadgets gift shop.

Bar Stuff – Floating Coasters

The floaster floating coasters make your wine glasses appear to be levitating off the ground!

floating coasters

Now we know what you are thinking. “We saw how David Blaine pull off this stunt with a pair of cheap running shoes”  However, believe it or not, levitating still impresses people. Why, because humans are slightly warped. Just the idea that something might fall and shatter to the ground gets us excited, that’s why there are always crowds around suicide jumpers. Even though the floating coasters wont let your drinks fall down in a pool of red wine, they wont disappoint your guests.

We like to pretend we are holding them up with the Force. But to each his or her own.

Bar Stuff – Light up Party Favors

A flashing pub mug may be to your liking, even if it just functions as a homing beacon for when you wander to far away from your glass.

flashing beer mug

If beer is not your thing, there is also light up shot glasses, and light up led ice cubes.

lite up ice cubes

Of course the coolest of all the light up bar stuff is probably the LED sound sensitive ice bucket.
Just throw in a bottle of your favorite crystal and a bunch of ice and the baby will produce a light show that practically dances to the music you’re playing.

Bar Stuff – Cocktail Makers

Do you like your Martinis Shaken or Stirred? Or do you secretly hate martinis and only order them so you can feel like James Bond?

Daft Gadgets carries a light up cocktail mixer if you really want to shake things up. It flashes yellow, red, and blue lights mesmerizing your guests (its a documented proven scientific assumption that drunks are attracted to blinking flashing lights)

Of course if you order your martinis stirred, simply so that others know you aren’t ordering it to look like James Bond, you may prefer the tornado cocktail mixer. The tornado mixer is more of a serious metal geek contraption and less of a piece of plastic. Its doesn’t light up in nice beautiful colors, but it gets the job done right and lets your gets know that you are a professional bar tender, superior to Tom Cruise in cocktail and worthy of the title “Bar Chef”

Bar Stuff – Wine Accessories

If wine is your thing, look no further.

If you’ve seen our floating coasters, you may see our magic wine bottle holder and say wtf? How does this work?

The trick is “Science.” Yes, believe it or not, magic has been taking credit for science for a very long time now, however unlike magic, science is most likely not the work of the devil.

The magic wine bottle holder uses its own weight to hold itself up, which at first appears to contradict science. The best part is that the magic wine holder is another great way to confuse drunks.


Of course, what would any wine drinker be without a wine kit for opening the precious juice of the gods?

wine bottle kit

If you find yourself fumbling with the tinfoil like an over anxious teenager with a condom wrapper, look no further. The wine bottle kit comes with a foil cutter, bottle pourer, collar, stopper and a lever style corkscrew.

If a manual corkscrew is not your thing, you can try an electric one. Not just a great way to remove brains while mummifying dead bodies, an electric corkscrew lets you open your bottle almost instantly, so that no valuable drinking time is wasted.

However if you are not a big drinker, or if your cheap and don’t like to leave your wine at a guests house after opening it, you can preserve it with the automatic wine preserver. It has a vacuum pump that removes the air from your wine bottle so the wine doesn’t keep aging to its death. It can also keep your bubbly…bubbly if you are in the mood for celebrating.

The biggest downside of the electronic gadget is that it removes the excuse to drink the entire bottle due to waste.

Bar Stuff – Drinking Games

What home bar would be complete without a beer pong table?

beer pong

As every beer pong champion knows, the game of beer pong is all about the slam dunk shot. Basically the game of beer pong works like this. If you get the ping pong ball to land in the beer in front of your opponent, they have to drink it and you win. If they get the ping pong ball into one of your glasses of beer, you have to drink the beer and you win.

Either way, its a win win game.

If you have a home bar or are looking to start your one, you need to check out the Bar Stuff Section in our Gadgets Shop. Not because getting drunk isn’t fun without gadgets, but because its better!

Science Gadgets and Toys

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Everyone knows that what makes the sci fi universe fun is their cool gadgets. After all, where would the Star Wars Saga be without the Light Sabre? Probably somewhere between buck rogers and Battlestar Galactica.

Its a universal truth that gadgets make everything more fun, and that’s why science gadgets exist. Because some people find learning “Boring,” Not because learning isn’t fun, but because effort just isn’t as entertaining as it used to be before television was invented. Hence the need for Science Gadgets.

Science toys and gadgets stimulate learning and exploration. Have you ever wondered what the mold on that lunch that was left in the fridge looks like up close? Do you think you can turn it into penicillin? Well, a USB microscope may be your best bet. Do you think telling Girls about the stars in the sky may increase you chances of getting happy time with them? Then learn the fun way with a home planetarium.

Here are just some of the cool science gadgets available at Daft Gadgets.

Newtons Cradle

Newtons Cradle

Newton believed that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if you punch someone in the face, they will punch you back (unless you are bigger than they are, then they will hold the punch inside deep within their emotions where it will manifest itself as a psychological illness) .  The good news is that if you or someone you know has one of these illnesses, you may be able to get a psychologist to hypnotize you out of it.

Anyone who has watched the Mentalist knows that hypnotizing people is both cool and fun. But what if you could hypnotize yourself? Newtons cradle may help you do just that.

Just think how much better your life would be if you were able to choose to believe whatever you wanted?

Remember shallow Hal? You could could make everyone you date super hot and as a bonus, you may actually get to know their personality?

Ever wanted to take up smoking but were afraid of becoming addicted? All you have to do is hypnotize yourself into believing you are addicted already, then go out and smoke. When you are done, you just remove the hypnotic suggestion that you planted earlier and you’ll be unaddicted to smoking again. Then you can piss off all the other nicotine addicts with stories of how easy it was for you to quit due to your superior will power. (note: this is satire and not a proven method to quit smoking.)

Do you find your boss, coworkers, or partner boring to listen to? If so, you could use Newtons Cradle to master putting yourself into a trance when confronted by boring people. This way you could stare directly into their eyes and still not hear a word of their boring diatribe. Then when its your turn to say something, you just need to quote one of the lines from our bouncing magic 8 ball like: “All signs point to yes”


Space Magna Putty

Magnetic Putty

Remember the episode of Star Trek where Tasha Yar got killed by that black putty, its kind of like that except you control its form with Magnets!

Sci Fi lovers have always had a thing for ooze. There is just something sinister about it. The Armus alien that killed Tasha was just one example. There was a black ooze that killed the rafting pervert and his friends in Creepshow 2, and of course the entire movie “The Blob” was about black ooze (much to the disappointment of comic fans). We think its safe to say that you can add black ooze to pretty much any sci fi story and get away with it.

We don’t know exactly what you should use this magnetic ooze for, but that’s the point. You have to use your imagination.

Note: We are not responsible if the ooze is eaten, becomes radio active, sentient, or turns into Brainiac. 


USB Microscope

usb microscope

Is your employer wasting your life and talents by putting you in a cubicle? If so, there is a solution.

The USB Microscope will let you use the supreme genius intelligence of your brain in ways you never thought possible. After all, what would have happened if nobody realized that a moldy sammich could be turned into penicillin to help save lives?

You have a duty in this life to explore, and since you cant get into outer space yet, the next best thing is to explore the microcosm. Just think of all the things you will find with this USB microscope (we highly recommend “not” using it with an ultraviolet protein detecting light)

Of course you don’t have to use it in the office, you can take it home and inspect your dog, your kids, or your spouse, who knows what types of organisms they have brought home from the outside world?

“note: we are not responsible for any germ paranoia that results from the use of the USB microscope”


Fuel Cell Car

Fuel Cell Car

If you are not on the sinister evil genius side of learning with science gadgets you may like something that has a nice warm fuzzy type feeling to it. We’re thinking renewable energy is a great place to start!

The futuristic fuel cell car runs of salt water, and the best part is, you build it yourself! It requires no batteries, electricity, gas, or even sunlight to run.

Now we know what you’re thinking, “An engine that runs of salt water? Why aren’t we using this instead of gasoline? In fact, why aren’t we using these engines of boats?. Probably because humans become stupid when they get grouped together in packs.

Prove the theory wrong and start supporting this new technology where ever it pops up.

Science Gadgets and Toys are here to stay. So head over to our Gadget Shop and pick one out. We have science toys for kids that encourage learning, like magnetic puzzles and build your own style projects like the miniature Davinci Catapult Kit. As well there are science gadgets for adults that encourage goofing off (and learning to a lesser extent) Its the best of both worlds.

Mobile Phone Cases – Smart Phone Cases Are The Paragon of MP3 Protection

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Media Players, smart phones, MP3 devices and the like all have one thing in common. They scratch really friggin easily.

Apparently they make these things out of butterfly wings, moonbeams and the gently mocking laughter of wealthy business executives. Your sweet new tech is sure to get scuffed within the first few hours. After a week it’ll look ragged as hell. A months worth of moderate handling will render the fragile thing all but unreadable. Your shiny beautiful baby is going to get wrecked and then what will you do? Buy a new one of course! And that’s exactly what ‘they’ want. It’s all part of the plan. You are slowly Angry Birding your phone to death because technology companies need you to buy the newest model. Face it Joe Public, you are being scammed. Fortunately we, the benevolent philanthropists of Daft Gadgets have a solution. There is a revolutionary new metamaterial that has been specially designed to safeguard your beloved devices. They call it ‘plastic’.

Behold the greatest assortment of Media Player protection devices and mobile phone cases known to man.

1 – Waterproof Gadget Case

Waterproof Gadget Case

You probably won’t see it at first but to the right of that distractingly attractive young lady is a waterproof case for your gadgets. Why do you need to go swimming with a 400 dollar phone? Because someone may call or text or you might get like an email or something. I think the real question is why does communication have to end at the edge of the pool or the bathtub or water slide? Why can’t you check Facebook regardless of the amount of dihydrogen monoxide around or above you? And the best part about this particular model is that it looks big enough to hold a sammich. Now you can text in the hot tub, and no more soggy snacks!

2 – Desktop Phone Handset Accessory

Another attractive female for another attractive phone case (check it out, her nails are robins egg blue). The Desktop Phone docking station lets you convert your sleek, modern communications device into a clunky desktop office phone. Are you clumsy? Do you often drop your phone while talking on it? Perhaps you work at a lard factory or something. Or maybe you’re blond. Well klutz, if you can’t be trusted to handle an expensive multimedia device then the Desktop Phone is for you. Or use it to surf the web while still talking to your mom.

3 – iSwim water proof iphone and mp3 case

iSwim water proof ipod case

Why is there an MP3 player in a zip lock back blocking my view of the hottie? Because it’s the iSwim!

Now you can listen to music beneath the waves. Weather you’re a recreational swimmer who likes listening to relaxing music or you’re a shark hunter who rocks out while battling the toothy hounds of Poseidon the iSwim will protect your jams.

Great for the beach, pool, tsunamis, working in Waste Water Treatment Plants, you name it! Plug it in, strap it on and you’re ready to boogie. If you absolutely cannot survive without music in a damp environment then get the iSwim bag! And it’s designed for swimming so it won’t get tangled up while your doing the breast stroke or plummeting down that 100 mph water slide.

4 – Retro Cassette Cover for iPhone

Retro Cassette Case for iPhone

Where’s the girl? Why isn’t there a female in this picture? How do they expect to sell any kind of electronic accessory without a comely lass modeling next to it? That’s just poor marketing. Or maybe there was a chick but she didn’t like your mixtape (Wilson Phillips? Really?). But wait, that’s not a cassette. It’s the Retro Cassette Cover for iPhone. That’s right, now you can disguise your technological communications miracle as a continuous playing 90 minute role of magnetic tape!

Perfect for time traveling back to the 80’s or confounding your children.

“What’s a cassette?”
“It’s the 80’s version of a CD.”
“What’s a CD?”

5 – Chococase Chocolate iPhone 4 Case

Chococase for iPhone

Chocolate. You know you love it. Chocolate is probably the most beloved confectionery treat in all of history. So why don’t you coat you phone in it? Because that would be stupid. It would melt, everything would get all sticky and it would just be an absolute mess. But the Chococase Chocolate iPhone 4 Case is the next best thing.

This tough silicon case looks exactly like chocolate. Nobody will know the difference. Why is everyone looking at you funny? Probably because you’re talking into a candy bar. Who are you trying to text, Willy Wonka? And the best part is that when your done you can always eat the case! (No, it’s not real, please don’t eat it.)

What kind of person encases their phone in the Chococase? The kind who loves their device so much they’d eat it if they could (or the kind who likes to torment diabetics).


6 – Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 4

bottle opener iPhone case

What happens if you’re talking on the phone and you need to be drunk…immediately. We’ve all been in that situation. Maybe your ex is calling to say they gave your cat away. Maybe you’re boss is chewing you out for drinking on the job…again. Or maybe you just won the Noble Peace prize and you need to get your celebration on. Thats when you need Bottle Opener Phone case.

The Perfect gift for badass drunks, this is a device that says ‘Yes, I am successful and techno savvy, but I’m also ready to break open a brew and get sloppy at a moments notice.’ If you’re at a party it’s a great way to crack open a drink for the ladies. ‘Hey darlin, I’ll get that for you…and while I’ve got my phone out why don’t you give me your number.

Some might argue that putting a primitive pry bar on an expensive communications device is awesome. And we’d like to second that opinion.



Don’t forget to check out our complete line up of Mobile Phone Cases and MP3 Accessories available at Daft Gadgets

Light Gadgets – Looking for Some New Ambiance? Try Light Gadgets

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

According to smart brained scientists, lighting effects your mood. They did a study where they exposed monkeys to sunlight and darkness and water and alcohol. The monkeys who got sunlight were all socially happy, while the monkeys who were deprived sunlight became alcoholics. Of course, there are some even smarter brained scientists who say that the true reasons monkeys become alcoholics is because they had a bad childhood. See NIH article: What you can learn from drunk monkeys

Now you may feel that testing the effects of alcohol on monkeys is cruel, but we feel it is still a step up from the previous studies like: “Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys

Anywho, back to light. Light effects your mood in many ways, which is why mood dictators and thought police probably invented mood lighting in the first place. The good news is that you when you get home, you no longer have to accept the government mood lighting of street lamps or the suicidal fluorescent lighting found in the office. You just need to grab one of the light gadgets found below to find a happier mood in no time.

Light Gadgets – The Moonlight Cushion

Glowing Moonlite cushion

The moonlight cushion adds a rainbow of color to any place you can put your feet up. Its quite possible that somewhere some evil corporation is enslaving leprechauns, forcing them to add a rainbow to each cushion, but more likely its a low power soft LED light that gives the moonlight cushion its power.

Watch as the colors hypnotize you into a deep trance. Once there, you can have someone make positive suggestions that can help you do anything from exercising more, to overcoming your deep rooted fear of clowns!

Note: if you are afraid of clowns don’t read article: Crazy Ass Pyscho Clowns You Don’t Want Under Your Bed.

Light Gadgets – LED Bulb

mood lighting light bulb

Tired of wasting electricity on some inferior light bulb that only lasts about 1000 hours and only projecting one color from the light spectrum? Sure, you could paint your light bulbs and risk electrocuting yourself or others when you change them during parties, or you can buy and LED Mood Bulb and blow the minds of your guests with superior powered party mood lighting!

The LED Mood Bulb lasts over 50,000 hours, which is a lifetime if you live in Swaziland or you are a knight from the 1300s. This light gadget allows you to adjust the brightness intensity, choose between 16 different colors (4 auto changing colors). The LED Mood light also lets you choose from 4 lighting effects including: Strobe, Flash, Fade, and Smoooooth.


Light Gadgets – DIY Laser Light Show

When you arrive at a party does the hostess ask questions like “Is that a laser show in your pocket or are you just happy to me?” If so feel free to flash the entire party a view of the pocket laser light show.

This DIY laser show lets you jack up the speed dial for when the best get pumping fast, or take it down a notch if you want the party to get a bit smoother. Also it comes with its own tripod so you can just set it up and let it do its thing (the laser light show is sound reactive.)

Light Gadgets – Laspro Spirograph Laser Projector

Laser Pro Light Detector

If you are looking for a more “retro” oriented laser projector you can check out the Laspro Spirograph sound reactive laser projector. Most of us who weren’t neglected by our parents got to play with a Spirograph when we were kids. Sure, maybe you got an etch-a-sketch or a lite-bright instead, but somewhere, either at a friends house, at school, or during the secret evaluation the government does on children to see if they are worthy of society or better off as organ donors, we all came into contact with a Spirograph. It was a way to draw while staying inside the lines while still opening our imagination to new and interesting shapes. Kind of like cheap drugs for kids.

Anyway, now you can bring back those memories and realize once again that there is more to the universe that just a square, circle and triangle.


Light Gadgets – The Astro Eye Planetarium

By far one of the most popular light gadgets around, the Astro Eye Planetarium brings the night sky into your home. No, it doesn’t bring in the smog and pollution to poison your children the way that nature has since she took up smoking. This light gadget projects the stars of the universe on your walls and ceilings.

The good news is that it can project a night sky with or without constellations. Both can be very relaxing. Unless of course you are an Astrologer and you see that the constellations are predicting your death, then this light gadget may not be for you, but for everyone else, the astro eye is a great experience

Light Gadgets – The LED Car Emoticon

LED Emoticon Car Sign

Sometimes horn honking, finger gestures and getting out of your car with a lead pipe in your hand just isn’t a practical way to communicate with other drivers.

We can all probably agree that our moods are contagious. When a driver does something stupid, and we’re sure it wasn’t us this time, we know they are an idiot and need to be told. The problem is that they are protected behind a windshield and can’t hear what we have to say. Sure, some of us know some sign language, but in the end a lot of people take out their frustrations on McDonalds employees who forgot to ask us if we wanted to super-size our orders, leaving us with with a kids meal portion and no toy to make us happy.

We say, instead of passing on only our bad opinions creating negative energy in the universe and leading us to overeat fast food, why not spread “positive emotions” and spread smiles and happiness, and thoughts of puppies and such.

The Drivemocion LED car sign does just that. Not only does it have a smiley face and wink, it also has a thank you sign and a “sorry” sign “a.k.a I’m an idiot sign”. See, it Mcdonalds that had it right all along, when they offered smiles on their menu for free. Next time you’re at McDonalds, ask them for a few smiles to go and pass on some fun.  If they don’t smile a few times into a “to go” bag, call the manager and threaten to sue for false advertising.


You Can Check Out Our Complete Selection of LED and Light Gadgets in the Geek Toys and Gadgets Section of our Gadget Shop

Geeky Toys – Wake Up The Kid Living Inside with Some New Geeky Toys

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

“I am learning to forgive my inner geek, and even value him as a free man.“  – Kenny Loggins (Top Gun Theme Song Singer)

Have you ever felt like your inner geek needed a bit more freedom?

Does the idea of not looking at pieces of your lunch through a usb microscope seem like your talents are being wasted?

Do you wish you could pass time by reinventing davinci’s catapult in miniature form so that you can fire random objects at people in other cubicles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may very well need a geek fix.

Although there are more and more Geek Toys and Gadgets coming in each day, we feel that a few of these geeky toys need a moment in the spotlight.


Geeky Toys #1 – Bicycle Turning Signals

Bicycle Turning Signals

Have you ever thought about making a turn signal with your hand while riding a bike, but didn’t because you then thought “if I do this, I’ll look like a geek?” If this was you, and you haven’t yet been run over by a bus, now is the best time to embrace your inner geek.

A pair of geeky bike turning signals doesn’t just help you stay safe from crazy drivers and road rage maniacs looking for an excuse to run you over, they also say, “Yes I’m a Geek, and I have the Technology to Prove it”

Wireless and simple, you just strap the LED to your back and press the remote to indicate left or right turns.  Of course, If you feeling real geeky, you can also wear them while walking around the town.


Geeky Toys #2 – The Magnetic Cube Puzzle

Everyone knows Geeks like puzzles. Maybe its because geeks get bored with stuff and need to keep their brains occupied, or maybe it helps them feel mentally superior to others. Either way, the magnetic cube puzzle is a Geek toy that will keep anyone’s brain amused.

As long as you have enough brain capacity to not eat the magnets in some ridiculous scheme to create magnetic poop, you will be able to have fun with the billions of possible solutions the magnetic cube puzzle can make.


Geeky Toys #3 – The Air Guitar

Geek Toys Air Guitar

If you are old enough to remember Bill and Ted, you will also remember they had musical super powers. One of these powers was air guitar that would magically produce sound after then spoke the words “Excellent”

With the air guitar, you can play up to 10 different songs or go freestyle, its up to you. The guitar has an invisible laser string that produces crazy tunes when you strum it. Forget that “non” invisible technology known as guitar hero, and pick up one of the coolest geek toys yet.

Note: You don’t have to be a geek to play the air guitar….. it just helps.


Geeky Toys #4 – The Padintosh

Geeky Toys Padintosh

Yes, its retro, its Mac, can we say more?

The Old School Mac 128k design shows your friends that new things can come in old packages. It looks like an old clunker with a 3.5 floppy drive in the front, but really its a protective case for your precious iPad!

This may be one of the very coolest and geekiest iPad cases out there. It shows just how far Apple has come, and what passed for ground breaking technology back in the 80s.


Geeky Toys # 5 – Gold Finding Metal Detector

Geeky Toys Gold Finding Metal Detector

Have you ever gone out to the beach and watched 80 year old grand parents looking for gold with DIY metal detectors and thought to yourself “That could be me!”

If so, you are most likely a Geek. That being said, being a rich geek is better than being a poor geek, and this metal detector may help you strike gold!

What makes the metal detector special is that it is able to tell the difference between things like “Gold” and “Rusty metal cans” that could have you on the way to the doctor for a tetanus shot.

Gone are the days of disappointment after disappointment of bending over to pick up non valuable metal that someone didn’t have the decency to recycle. With this geeky gadget, your back will be saved, and no one will point laugh when you bend down to pick something up, (although they may try and rob you, so pick up your treasure discreetly.)


Geeky Toys #6 – Emoticon Balls

Geeky Toys Emoticon Balls
“There is no Emoticon for what I’m feeling….” – Comic Book Guy, The Simpsons

Somewhere back in the 90s, comic book guy uttered these immortal words. As practical as email emoticons are,  we think the best way to let another geek know how you feel is by sending an emoticon streaming directly at their head.

When Blue colored Olly makes impact he says “Uh Oh” which is perfect for when someone drops something, breaks something, or when your boss is yelling out meaningless threats to their employees.

Yellow Happy Harry giggles with glee, which is perfect for those times when you do something evil and get away with it.

And Finally, Red Clumsy Claude goes “boing”. Which we find suitable for anything to do with office flirtatious innuendo, or just if you happen to be the office clown.


Geeky Toys #7 – 8 bit Pixel Cube


The 8 Bit cube brings back the days of the original Nintendo and its utterly useless robot named “ROB”
Sure, some people may have had a good time playing Gyromite with ROB, but others had visions of him serving us drinks with umbrella straws when we spent our saved up allowance on him, and as such, were thoroughly disappointed.

Anyway, The 8 Bit Cube lets you recreate games like space invaders on your fridge each day as a way of saying to others: “Experiencing games like PacMan and Galaxian is like our parents experiencing the Beetles. There may be better, or at least more complex music now, but when they came out, it was the industry itself that was truly exciting”

You can find all these Geeky Toys and more in the Daft Gadgets Online Store. Or, if you know of a Geeky Toy we don’t carry, leave a comment and tell us about it. Even if its a geeky toy you made up in your head, we’d love to hear about it.


Top Gadgets – The Top Gadgets from 2011 through 2012

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

As we move into the spring of 2012 we can only hope that it is a year of really cool gadgets. At Daft Gadgets we get most of our new gadgets for the year between the months of April and October. Now that we’ve hit April, its only a matter of time before the new gadgets start rolling in. That being said, we feel its important to pay homage to the gadgets of yesterday that are still going strong and as such have made it to our list of “Top Gadgets

Top Gadgets #1 Camera Lens Cup with Coffee Cap. The official coffee cup of Spider Man

Camera Lens Coffee Cup

Yes, the camera lens cup sold out fast last Christmas as it seemed like everyone and their photographer wanted one. Some people were making fun of photographers who didn’t realize that their once exclusive and precious technology would soon be an included feature on even your cheapest throw away pay as you go cell phone.

It was a way of saying things like:

“At least those old camera lenses are still good for something”
“Now that 90% of the population is competing with you on a freelance basis, you should probably get used to serving coffee since your profession is obsolete”

We’ll have to see if they can maintain their “Top Gadget” status through the summer of 2012.

Top Gadgets #2 DaVinci Catapult

We’re not sure if the buzz around this one was the fun in putting it together, or using it to fire random objects at friends and coworkers until the explode into a rage. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time with this gadget.

Top Gadgets #3 80s Retro iPhone Case

Be it Gordon Gekko or Patrick Bateman nothing said Wall Street power back in the 80s like a giant radioactive brain frying cellphone.Oh sure, the smaller technology gets, the cooler it gets. Except when its ironic. Then its the opposite, as is the case with the 80s cell phone.

Retro iPhone accessories notoriously find themselves in our top gadgets section, and this year should be no different.

Top Gadgets #4 Water Lanterns

Any celebration with a pond, stream, swimming pool or even a jacuzzi can benefit from the soothing lights of these water lanterns.

A big hit with weddings and graduations, water lanterns are a great way to get everyone involved in the celebration. Some people make a wish and release them into the water, others just light them up to prevent drunken guests from falling into the pool.

Whichever your celebration, water lanterns are a great theme.

Top Gadgets #5 iPlunger

Who would have thought that toilet accessories and iPod accessories would go hand in hand. Were not sure if the popularity of this item comes from people dropping their iPhone in the toilet, or if they are just cool things to keep in a pencil drawer. These may also have made the top gadgets list thanks to the mention of Daft Gadgets in the CNBC article: “Strange but Functional Gadgets” So their popularity could just be good publicity.

Be it unusual, unique, wacky or crazy, you can be assured that Daft Gadgets has the top gadgets you’re looking for as well as some gadgets you may not have known existed.

Cool Clocks – What’s The One Gadget That Every Guest Looks At?…..Cool Clocks!

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Clock watching isn’t just a past time for frustrated cubical workers and people on the edge of their sanity waiting to go Cukoo (not a reference to our article on the thieving bastard cukoo bird) Even people enjoying themselves are bound to do some clock watching from time to time, be it testing their stamina, waiting for a time bomb to destroy their enemies, or just because the clock in the room is just that freakin cool to look at.

Wall clocks, DIY clocks or crazy alarm clocks, these clocks are simply cool.

The Melting Clock

Melting Clock

Is it hot in here or is it just surreal?

The Persistence of Memory is one of Salvador Dali’s most famous works

photo thanks wikipedia

photo thanks wikipedia

When he painted it was claimed that: “The soft watches are an unconscious symbol of the relativity of space and time, a Surrealist meditation on the collapse of our notions of a fixed cosmic order”.

But according to Dali, the soft watches were inspired not by relativity, but by melting Camembert cheese.

The Backwards Clock

Do you ever feel like you’re in Bizarro world? Does time feel like its moving backwards when you are at work? If so you are not alone.

The Backwards clock is a device constructed by sick minded employers who like to make their employees feel trapped in their jobs. Luckily though, its also really cool way to confuse people when they enter your home.

Warning: On occasion the backwards clock can be misused by teenage boys to keep young girls out past their curfew.

Cool Neon Blue Clock

Okay, these come in other neon colors too, but blue is a naturally cool color. And What could be cooler than neon?

The DIY Clock

This Cool Clock is a one size fits all. Kind of like an adult onesie for Paraphilic infantilists, but a little less disturbing.

The Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a pole dancing woman? Okay, fine. This ones only 50% cool, depending on which 50% you are part of.

The Gun and Target Alarm Clock

Unlike that evil “teasing” pole dancer alarm clock, the Gun and Target alarm Clock lets you start off your day with a Bang!

The best thing about it is that you can record your own wake up message, or if you lack imagination, you can also record one of your favorite tunes. We recommend the song “i’ve got you babe” in homage to the never ending Ground Hog Day.

The Smoke Alarm Clock

Smoke Alarm Clock

According to “Modern Zombie” Magazine, there is nothing worse than waking up dead. That being said, people who are too lazy to go out and get smoke detectors, usually have a clock or two on the wall. So why not merger them together? Sure, it may go off and annoy you while you are making your grilled peanut butter and banana bacon sandwiches, but it may also save your life.

Space Junk Ball Clock

Space Junk Ball Clock

Watch the Magnetic Moon circumvent all the garbage that surrounds our planet! The Space Junk Ball Clock is just a constant reminder that the aliens probably view us as the slum lords of the universe.

The Rocket Alarm Clock

Rocket Alarm Clock

Have Trouble waking up in the Morning? The Rocket alarm clock will sound a count down and if you don’t get out of bed it launches a missile to a very awkward place in the room. Why does this matter? Because if you don’t return the missile to the launch pad the alarm will never stop!

You can find all these cool clocks and more at Daft!

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