3D Viewing – Inventing the 3D Television

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3D has been around a lot longer than most of us realize. Anyone who was able to to produce 1.21 gigawatts of energy and force it into a flux capacitor knows that wearing 3D glasses was a style donned by more than just your average obnoxious bully sycophant from the year 1955. In fact the 1950s are known as the “Golden Era” of 3-D cinematography.

photo thanks wikipedia

photo thanks wikipedia

The concept of 3D is simple, show 2 different images to each eye in way that makes the put together image look like it has more depth. Unfortunately, quality 3D is a bit more complicated.

For those of you who remember the 3D ground breaking video game “Time Traveler” (see article: Top 10 Video Games of All Time) you are probably too old to be playing video games. That being said, the game had a sort of “Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, Your My Only Hope” look to it. Which means if society had really wanted 3D TV, we could probably have it by now if we had only been prepared to pay the $2.00 per game the inventors of time traveler were asking. In fact, 3D has a way of coming in and out of style.

So just how close are we to 3D TV?

There have been a few attempts at different ways of creating the effect, and we can only assume that when we do get the technology there will be an HDDVD vs Blue Ray, Betamax VS VHS type war.

Some possible attempts at 3D Technology include:

Stereoscope 3D.

Stereoscopic 3-D imaging is created by presenting two offset images separately to each eye ball.

How can we use it?

The idea here is to use two tiny screens that fit snug over your eye sockets. It would be the same idea as stereo head phones, except these would be eyephones (pardon the pun).

Back in the 1840s, Sir Chearles Wheatstone invented the stereoscope by taking nearly identical photographs side by side that the viewer would see through a pair of binoculars

This idea was later for cool iconic geek toys like the view master

There was even a view master that played sound!

So why does StrereoScope 3D suck?

Up until now, it has been too expensive to put two lcd screens behind a pair of glasses. As well, it takes away from the group experience, and people don’t like to wear bulky mechanisms on their heads.

So is stereoscope 3-D Dead?

There was a submarine game the Sega brought out call “Sub-Roc” where you would look through a periscope, but like most things by Sega, it didn’t take off.

photo thanks: wikipedia

The Pulfrich Effect 3-D

According to German physicist Carl Pulfrich things move slower in the dark, at least as your eyes are concerned. Since this discovery in 1922 we have had a Rolling Stones concert, Shark documentaries, Power ranger movies, and special episodes of Doctor Who (dimensions in time) all shown in Pulfrich 3-D. The best thing about the technology is that all you have to do is get a tinted monocle and you are are watching 3D!
It works because when you watch things moving side to side while wearing a darkened lens, the object appears to move in depth, towards you or away.

Why does it suck?

For the Pulfrich Effect to work properly, the objects on the screen must be always moving sideways at the right speed. This unfortunately causes some viewers to vomit.

The good news is, you can get the effect any time if you watch things like football games, nature shows, or certain musical scenes from “singing in the rain”

Red-Geen Anaglyph

Edwin Porter had a vision. A vision of half naked belly dancers dancing for him in 3D when he was away from the Gentleman’s club. In fact his idea was demonstrated before the television was even invented. It wouldn’t be until 40 years later that the same technology he demonstrated in 1915 would be used for home 3D TV viewing.

So why does it suck?

Originally it sucked because most people in the 1950s didn’t have color TVs, as well, the red green glasses required gave them headaches. (Similar to those who watched the red green show)

“The Red Green Show – known to cause headaches.”

On top of that, the 3D image was red and green and not true color so nobody really cared when the technology went away.

Why it doesn’t suck

Colorcode (Amber Blue Anaglyph) is a take off on Red Green anaglyph. The difference being that it uses amber and dark blue. Colorcode has been used successfully in the 2009 Superbowl ad Monsters vs Aliens as well as during a special episode of the show Chuck.

In fact, Colorcode is probably the best thing going so far as far a 3D TV is concerned, so it shows how revisiting an epic fail can turn it into a win.

Anyone for the creation of “New Pepsi”

Polarized 3-D Lens.

These lenses let in light vibrating in only one direction. By projecting two different images on the same screen using polarized lenses at different angles, you could route a separate image to each eye allowing for full color images.

Why does it suck?

Because there is no known way to send polarized images through a tv screen, so its pretty much useless.

So what are we to do?  How are we going to get a decent 3D image at home on our television?   Yes were asking you Obi Wan,  Help us, you’re our only hope.

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Cyborg – Creating a Modern Day Human Robot

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“The point of technology is to extend what we can do with our bodies, our senses, and most of all our minds”

-Scientific American

photo wikipedia

photo wikipedia

Its only a matter of time before the human search for the holy grail of immortality moves to the religion of science, and when it does, the new wars will be man vs machine, cloning vs robotics, stem cells vs artificial intelligence, and discrimination laws of mechanical and electromechanical robots.

If you think about it, the human body is an inferior biological animal housing unit that contains a superior functioning brain. Dogs and Cats hear and smell better than we do, hawks have better eyesight, and pretty much every animal or insect is faster or stronger than us pound for pound. To put it bluntly….We suck!

However, as we mentioned, the one advantage we do have is our brains. Our brains are both a dangerous servant and a fearful master, and most of us either accept them (because they are stuck in same body) or fight them by killing them with weapons like beer.

One of the biggest questions in this chicken egg universe is “will artificial intelligence be created before we transplant a brain into a computer or will that act create the first being of artificial intelligence?

Who knows really, but its safe to say that if we aren’t replacing body parts with cloning we will be replacing them with robotics since everyone knows the cost of using parts from drifters and hobos is on the rise.

We already have robotic automation in areas like water management, military aviation, and vacuuming, and the area cyborg technology is much more advanced than most people realize. In fact, we have already have the technology to create a Borg like being, It just hasn’t happened yet because nobody wants to scare the crap out of the general populace.

Peg legs, wooden arms, hooks, glass eyes, false teeth, hearing horns, eyeglasses, wheel chairs, canes, and other synthetic replacements are being replaced with new robotic technologies every day. Exoskeletons can be used to help disabled people move around or increase the strength of human soldiers so that they can carry bigger guns and kill people easier, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also expect robotics to create intelligent implants in the brain, which will “improve” our rational thought, and release nanorobots into our blood to clean our arteries.

Imagine how great life will be when we are programed to like it! (insert sarcasm emoticon here)

Here are just a few of the advancements in cyborg technology over the last few years.

Robotic USB Finger

photo thanks gizmodo

photo thanks gizmodo

For the Do it Yourselfer, you may want to take a page out of Jerry Jalava’s book. He lost his finger when some stupid biological Deer Like organism tried to commit suicide by running into his motorcycle. Years ago a loss of an index finger meant more than just a nose full of boogers and “issig letters wile tpig”, it also came with a feeling of permanent loss.

However in getting with the 21st century, Jerry probably remembered the words of his father who used to say “I have more knowledge in the tip of my finger than you do in your entire body” and with that, he decided to replace his missing finger with the usb flash drive seen below.

Unlike a primitive biological finger, Jerry’s usb finger isn’t integrated like some un-upgradeable computer from Dell. His usb finger can be removed and replaced with a new model or alternative tool should the need arise. However, the USB finger is more of an adaptation than a replacement since the function of the finger has changed from pointing blame to storing a collection of porn.


photo thanks national geographic

photo thanks national geographic

For a Borg like adaptation of a finger tip you need look no further than the U.S. Military who in 2008 claimed to have unlocked the secret to regrowing limbs with the use of Nano Scaffolding. (Sorry Jeremy, you were obsolete before you began)

How does it work?

Basically, a tiny scaffold of polymer fibers (100 times finer than a human hair) is attached to a patient in place of a missing organ or appendage. The scaffold then acts as a guide for human cells to rebuild themselves by weaving themselves through the tiny holes of the scaffold replacing the bone and tissue.

They have apparently already used the technology to replace a missing finger tip lost during a model airplane accident. (which seriously discredits Dr. Conners and his Gamma Radiation theories)

Dr Conners.  Photo wikipedia

Dr Conners. Photo wikipedia

Look Like we wont be seeing Dr Lizard any time soon.


photo thanks wikipedia

photo thanks wikipedia

Rob Spence decided to fit his prosthetic eye with a video camera that includes a miniature lens and wireless transmitter. He is currently using it to create a documentary about the intersect of humanity and surveillance technology. Like the USB finger, the eyeborg is not a replacement, but more of an adaptation, since it has an entirely new function.

There is however, a prosthetic device that does allow a certain type of blindness to experience sight.

No it is not a visor.

photo thanks wikipedia

photo thanks wikipedia

“Sorry Mr LaForge”

Achromatopsia is a form a color blindness where you can only see black and white, However thanks to a prosthetic device known as “Eye Borg” (yes this is called eyeborg as well) Color Blind people can now have the frequency of colors converted to sound.

Neil Harbisson, (an officially recognized cyborg) is a color blind painter who can now perceive three hundred and sixty color hues through varying frequencies and adjust them with volume to help measure color saturation. As a painter, this device has not only made his life richer and deeper, but it has also allowed him to express his artistic view to world in way that has never been previously possible.

Who would have thought that robots would bring advancements in the world of art?

Bionic Knee and Foot

photo wikipedia

photo wikipedia

For those of you who are familiar with the Movie “Black Hawk Down” you may also know that the film was loosely based upon real events.

Brad Halling, a now retired ex special forces operative, lost his leg in Somolia when a rocket propelled grenade collided with his Black Hawk Helicopter. Since then he has had a few different prosthetic limbs, but none of them have been a unique as his Binonic Knee.

How does it work? The Bionic Knee receives signals to an embedded microprocessor from a transmitter strapped to the functional leg. It then learns how the person walks and transmits this information to a powerful electric motor that mimics the persons walking muscles.

The Bionic Foot works in a similar way with the robotic ankle joint recalibrating its position at 1000 times per second, but it costs 1/5th the price at $20,000 (vs $100,000)

Both area available on the market.

Non Sentient Robot Brain – Or is it?

French Researchers have been working on a concept that allows a robot to control human limbs. Sure, you could replace a defective arm with a robotic one, or, you could just attach a bunch of electrodes to your human body and let a robot brain control you like a puppet master.

The goal of the French scientists is to help people afflicted with paralysis and other disabilities regain some of their motor skills. So its supposed to be more of a robotic physio therapist rather than a robotic Geppetto

Here is an example of how a robot and human can have peaceful coexistence within the same body.

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3 in 1 all terrain robot

3 in 1 all terrain robot

7 Gadgets To Help You Torment Your Coworkers

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Maybe you’ve got the best job in the whole wide world. Maybe you get paid six figures to rub edible body lotion on scantily clad super models. Maybe you’re a world-renowned rocket surgeon with a tattoo of a flaming tornado carved into your tongue. Or maybe you just work in an office performing tasks so menial, repetitive and pointless that they are destroying your very soul. Sometimes work is fulfilling, uplifting, exhilarating. And sometimes you hate your fellow coworkers with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. Fear not my friend. We at Daft Gadgets have got you covered. If the day ever arrives were you win the lottery and/or just outright snap then we’ve got a few things that might interest you.

1 – Blatantly Obnoxious Gadgets

At this point it doesn’t matter if you get fired right? You’re either going to be rich, or you’re on your way to a much better job, or you’ve decided to embrace the philosophies and practices of homeless vagabonds. So if getting canned is no big deal then we recommend going all out with blatantly obnoxiousness. Step one: Do you like popcorn?

American Originals Popcorn Maker Banner

Pop Corn Maker

The American Originals Popcorn Maker is a great way to make lots of racket. We suggest putting one on your desk so that you can enjoy the fluffy buttery goodness whenever you want. The innocuous little seeds of corn will detonate once they are subjected to the near super nova-like heat and pressure inside this machine. It is sure to distract everyone around you and it makes a great snack too. You can’t lose! And don’t underestimate the annoyance factor of dropping white flaky crumbs all over the floor or on everyone’s paperwork and then leaving butter-flavored grease on every surface and doorknob you come into contact with.

Couple that with the Da Vinci Catapult and you’ll be able to launch corn kernels anywhere in the office with great speed and precision. It’ll send a pile of seeds hurling up to fifteen feet! You can also use paper clips, breath mints and old chewing gum.

Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Da Vinci Catapult

If you’re boss asks why you have a medieval siege weapon on your desk tell him it was the last thing your father gave you before he died tragically and that it inspires you to reach for excellence in all things (wipe away a tear at this point). Then as he turns away in defeat, hit him on the butt with corn.

2-Gadgets for Taking Out Your Boss

If there is one person who has worked extra hard to make you feel especially insignificant and useless it’s your boss. Something will have to be done about him. This may be a bit elaborate but that’s ok. He’s worth it.

First you’ll need some compromising images of him (or his unreasonably hot wife). How can you obtain these without getting caught and/or going to jail?

Mini Camera

Stick Video Camera with Audio_Mini DVR2

This mini-dvr video camera stick can record about two hours of footage. Its small size means you can hide it just about anywhere. Stick one in his office and try to get a shot of him picking his nose or adjusting himself. Maybe you know he’s having a secret tryst with his secretary after hours. Maybe he looks at dirty pictures on his computer. He’s a pretty sleazy individual. You’ll catch him doing something. And no, you probably shouldn’t put this camera in the bathroom because that’s just wrong…but then again he did pass you up for that 50 cent pay raise last quarter.

Once you have the picture you’re going to need a place to display it where everyone can get a good long look at it. That’s when you’ll need the help of a friend and the Party blimp.

party Blimp

This three foot long remote control blimp is specially designed to display messages and/or photos. With a range of 300 feet, get a friend to hide in his car or in a neighboring building and have him hover the Party blimp (with humiliating picture attached) outside the windows of your office. Maybe your boss is going to be in a board meeting today. Perhaps he’s with a new customer. With a good picture and fair weather you’re sure to pay your supervisor back for that time he stole your tuna salad out of the fridge. And the best part is that he’ll never know it was you! We’d also like to recommend that you have your mini dvr stick record his inevitable melt down too. Then you can use the audio to make Christmas cards with our voice recording picture post cards. Don’t let these cherished moments pass you by.

Voice recording post cards

picture postcards

3 – Gadgets for Bringing Your Nemesis To Their Knees

There’s one person in the office that you especially hate and he or she very likely feels the exact same way about you. The constant backstabbing, the brown-nosing, the condescending manner in which they speak and act. This person is a jacktard of epic proportions and he must be humbled.

PC Prankster


You can set the PC Prankster to interfere with his mouse at random intervals. Plug it into a free USB port on the back of his computer and then just walk away. He’ll be fighting with it all day long. Before the tech guy comes you’ll need to remove it though. Then put it back in later on. You need your computer repairman to think this guy is crazy so that he just stops coming. At that point you can deploy the most devious part of your plan. Magna Putty.

Space Magna Putty

Space Magna Putty

All electronics now-a-days run off of magnets. That’s why it’s really important that you keep them away from your computer, flash drives or cell phones. Unless you’re trying to sabotage some jerkwad who has made your life miserable. Then you want to put magnets everywhere and the best way to do that is with moldable, form fitting Magna Putty. You’ll need a lot of this wonder goop. You want to coat the bottom of your nemeses computer with it. That’s the last place anyone will look. It may take a while to find the right amount. Just keep adding until his machine starts to freak out. And the best part is that technical support will take their sweet time coming to fix the problem because they think he’s just a complainer. And god forbid he ever leave his smart phone hanging around. Then you can just pop the back off, and stick some Magna Putty behind the battery. No more Angry Birds for you buddy! Put Magna Putty under his monitor and stick it on the underside of his drawers where he stores his electrical devices. Saturate his desk with so much magnetism that nothing will ever work right again. And if someone ever does find the putty they probably won’t even know what it is. They’ll just blame him for being a slob. After all, he’s got all those popcorn crumbs on the ground.

The Top Geek Toys and Gadgets of 2011

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If you like Geek toys and Gadgets…..

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When you like us we become cool like y0u, and we think you can afford to give away a little coolness.  It is the holiday season after all….

Is there a special geek in your life this holiday season? Just want to say thanks or maybe just wanting a little something extra in your life? There are some truly fantastic geek toys and gadgets out there for anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be an uber geek to appreciate some of the truly neat and bizarre trinkets that are available.

We have handpicked eight different geek toys and gadgets that should amuse any techie or sci fi enthusiast on your list.

First on our list of geek toys and gadgets is “The Floaster”


This peculiar spin on a coaster is great for a small gathering at your place or to create a little mystery at work. Not only are they very stylish coasters but they actually appear to make your drink float in the air! It’s a neat little illusion that will have people asking how. It works because there is a small stand underneath the floaster that is naked to the eye when looking from above. Of course you don’t have to tell them how it works. You can laugh like an evil madman as your coworkers or guests marvel at this little feat of design. The low cost + high fun factor equals out to be a fantastic bargain on a neat gadget. This means it’s an ideal gift for any situation, and you will have enough left to buy one for yourself.

Use this neat geek gadget to open up some good times “Wine Bottle Kit”

Wine Bottle Kit2

Here is a design trick so great it might make that “Houdini” kit disappear. It is a full wine kit inside of what looks like a wine bottle. You could call it wineception if you were so inclined. This set comes with a lever style corkscrew, a bottle collar, a bottle stopper, a bottle pourer, and a foil cutter. It can sit inconspicuously with your wine bottles until the time is right. Due to their compact convenience and aesthetically pleasing design, this kit fits in with your wine collection or as a professional piece in a restaurant. The wine bottle kit proves that you don’t need to break the bank just to break open a bottle of wine.

Shine light on your geek toys and gadgets with “Water Lanterns”

water lanterns

Bring the Far East a little bit closer with these traditional floating paper lanterns. Undeniably cool, yet warm, these lanterns “light” up any backyard for a gathering. Put them in your pond or pool or even on along walkway. These lights will shed some old fashioned light on any celebration, party, or relaxing evening. Setup takes just seconds and the tea lights required are already included. These water lanterns are a classic atmospheric piece; that have been used for centuries because their warmness resonates with anyone who sits in their light. There is no wiring in them so the flame retardant paper lanterns are 100% biodegradable to boot.

Water lanterns are a shining example of a timelessly enjoyable classic.

For some reason we were very drawn to the “Space Magna Putty”

Space Magna Putty

Whether you are a child or an adult, getting absorbed in putty is more fun than it sounds. This isn’t your grandparents’ “silly” putty. Space Magna putty is magnetic, making it much more fun to mold with. You can stretch, mold, and bounce it, but the fun really begins when you introduce a magnet into the mix. It attacks and absorbs the magnet in an entertaining display of science on a small scale. The Space Magna Putty comes in a convenient little package and both stimulates the mind and helps relieve stress.

You’re never too old to enjoy something so simple and fun.

Even pets can be part of our geek toys and gadgets list with the “Space Fish Tank”

Space Fish Tank-pic

Hey look, you finally found Nemo! If you have wanted a fish, but lacked the space in your small apartment or office, this neat space saving bowl is perfect for you. It has a contemporary design that pops out in any setting. This is an appropriate bowl for small fish like the beta or goldfish. The Space Fish Tank has three different background designs that slip behind it allowing you to choose from, the statue of liberty, space, or an alien planet.
Your new friend with gills in the Space Fish Tank means You will never be lonely, and he is sure to attract others guests to your place with his stylish and uniquely geeky home.

This is item is for the geek scout in all of us “Emergency Phone Charger”


It’s time for a trip to the incredibly practical side. Everyone has had the problem of their phone dying on them at one time or another. Sometimes it’s at an incredibly inopportune time. This is the geek gadget to always have on hand in case that situation arises. It can give up to two hours of more talk time or music time should you hook it up to your I-pod. All it requires is one AA battery to power the device and you are off and charging. It’s small and incredibly convenient with a price tag that encourages the gift of giving.

Move over hipsters it’s the “Retro Phone Cell Phone Handset”

Retro Phone Cell Phone Handset red

(Available in Red for the Bat Cave Extension)

Love the convenience of the cell phone but feel nostalgic of that old timey handset? If so then this is a must buy for you or that certain retro someone. All you have to do is plug the handset into the audio jack on your phone and you’re off. You will be looking 20th century in no time with this fashionable statement of the times. Also, as an added bonus it will reduce the amount of radiation pouring into your head because you don’t have to keep the cell phone there!

Smart, funny, and just plain cool, this is a great accessory for those at home in a slightly “simpler” time.

Live long and geeky with the “Astro Eye Planetarium DIY Star Projector”

Last but certainly no least on this list of sweet geek toys and gadgets is this home planetarium. Love the stars but, find yourself surrounded by the lights of man? This is a great way to escape within your own domicile. This 2 disc projector shows the night sky on your walls and ceiling. It gives you both the northern and southern hemisphere perspectives of the stars. It includes five speeds and a 30 or 60 minute sleep function and even a shooting star feature. Great as a learning tool or relaxing way to fall asleep, this is a perfect item for all ages. It runs on batteries so no having to worry about tripping on cords in the night either. This item has a place in any home because astronomy is a part of all of us whether we show our inner geek or not.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the right gadget for the geek in your life. Thankfully you can find all these items and many more in our Daft Gadget Store found at daftgadgets.com. There you will find a humorous selection of geek toys and gadgets for every personality and budget.

The Parkflyers RC Spitfire Plane Owns the Sky

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An Actual Scale RC Version of the famous WW2 Supermarine Spitfire Plane

The Supermarine Spitfire Plane was a British fighter aircraft in service throughout the Second World War and beyond. A Much loved Aircraft by its pilots, the Spitfire was employed in several roles, including interceptor, photo-reconnaissance, fighter-bomber, carrier-based fighter, and trainer.

This Electric R/C Flier is a perfect representation of the Spitfire with extraordinary artwork.

The Spitfire is controlled by a 2.4GHZ spectrum technology radio/receiver system that blocks out any interference from other RC Pilots. This allows you complete comfort when performing the planes aerobatic movements like inside/outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins.

Also included in the electric R/C plane’s arsenal of state of the art components are: a Brushless Outrunner High Torque Motor, Sensorless 20 amp Brushless Speed Control, and 1300mah 11.1 Volt Li-Po Battery Pack, and more.

The Anti-wind performance is good, allowing you to take off the Radio Control system completely during up-wind flight. lighter than other electric RC models of the same size and style, the spitfire’s lifting force is strong, while its glide is extremely stable.

The Rudder Facilitates easy lift off by aiding the steering of the plane while grounded.

Constructed with A Shock Resistant Reinforced fuselage with Strong Wings, the Spitfire can suffer a few hard landings without going Kamikaze.

Re-enact the Battle of Britain, or Pear Harbor, It just up to your imagination

The A Much loved Aircraft by its pilots, the Spitfire Plane was employed in several roles

The A Much loved Aircraft by its pilots, the Spitfire Plane was employed in several roles


  • Motor- Brushless 1200,
  • Radio: 4 chan 2.4 Ghz,
  • Servos- (4) Sub-micro,
  • Charger: A/C Peak 2-3 Cell,
  • Battery- 1300 mah Lipo 11.1v,
  • ESC: 20 Amp Brushless, Range- 4000 Feet
  • Wing Span- 35 inches,
  • Length- 32.5 inches,
  • Weight- 24 ounces,

What Do These Features Mean?

Radio: Digital Spectrum Technology is state of the art for radio control systems. A Globally Unique Identification Code (GUIC) is assigned to every radio transmitter when its made. The receiver is programmed to identify the unique code in what is called the ‘binding process’ essentially binding or locking the transmitter and receiver together when they turn on. This blocks out other codes or radio signals that could interfere with your aircraft causing it to crash. DSM technology also has a faster response time from the transmitter to the plane than PPM or PCM Radio systems, allowing for better control on 3D Acrobatics.

Motor: Brushless motors can be up to 300% more powerful than brushed motors since they work without friction, this means they last longer as well.

Kv Rating: Refers to Revolutions per Minute (RPM) per Volt, so the 1200Kv motor powered by the 11.1v Li-Poly battery (Li-Po) will yield 1200 x 11.1 = 13,320 RPM with no load

Li-Po: Stands for Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Po) The newest major development in RC battery cell technology. Offering more power, and longer run times than NiCD and NiMH. Li-Po batteries have dramatically transformed the face of electric rc flight to the point where they are competing with Nitro fueled planes.

Electronic Speed Controls or ESCs, plug directly into your aircraft’s receiver throttle slot as opposed to linking to a servo. ESCs allow the maximum voltage through dependent on on the throttle stick position. The micro-processor in an ESC opens and closes tens of times a second to let the current pass, creating a much more efficient speed control than older mechanical versions

Servos: Generally each “Channel” controls a “servo”, and each “servo” controls a “Control Surface”. The Smaller and more accurate the servos, the better the performance of the aircraft.

Control Surfaces:

The Four Primary controls of an airplane are:

  • Throttle (motor control, or speed control. Think of propeller)
  • Elevator (Hinged section of the back of the tail that move up and down, when they are up the nose goes up for climbing, when they are down the nose goes down for diving. This is known as the pitch altitude)
  • Ailerons (Hinged sections of the back of the Wing for rolling. One side goes up while the other side goes down, this causes the roll motion)
  • Rudder (The Tail’s “FIN”). Used for steering, if the rudder turns left the plane foes right and vice versa)

These are collectively known as control surfaces, these are the same as those found on real airplanes and control the RC model in exactly the same way.

The Spitfire Plane is Back in Stock at DaftGadgets.com. Get your before they run out again!

The Top 6 Gadgets in The Comic Book Universe

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“Where does he get those wonderful toys”

In the superhero world nobody is waiting for the next android, Zune, or iPad. The hype for heroes and villains alike is saved for the release of a new spy gadgets from “Q” or Wayne Enterprises (although more and more villains are beginning to import knock off Bat gadgets from China)

Of course, most true superheroes invent their own gadgets using their genius intelligence or vast resources of their personal corporations, or organizations.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best comic book gadgets off all time, starting off with the iconic classic…..

#1 Batman’s Utility Belt….with accessories

Batman’s Motto is essentially “#$%^ happens, be prepared!” Yes, he was probably a boy scout at some point in his life and got all the badges.

Batman’s utility belt epitomizes the boy scouts motto by having everything he needs from Bat shark repellent to night vision Bat Goggles. It is almost magical in that there seems to be an accessory in the utility belt to vanquish any impediment.

Some of the more popular items in batman’s utility belt arsenal include:


Bat Cuffs: For when Batman wants to get kinky with Cat Woman or Poison Ivy
Batarang – Kinda like an Australian ninja star
Bat Darts – Tipped with tranquilizers bat darts are great for the pub or when you just want to sit around and poke yourself
Bat Goo Gun – You never know when some goo can come in handy
Bat tool kit – Most likely this was his first tool kit given to him when he was a kid and he just hasn’t had the heart to sell it on Ebay yet
Bat Saw – Just in case he gets caught by Jigsaw
Cash! – Yes Batman carries cash, the official currency of lap dancers

The utility belt is sort of a cheat since in uses many gadgets in one, kinda like finding a Genie and wishing for more wishes. We know its not fair, but it has to be brought up.

Next on the List……

#2 The Attache Case of Agent Graves.

Remember Jules from Pulp Fiction? He was the one carrying around this wallet:

Jule's Wallet

Jule's Wallet from Pulp Fiction

The mystery case in his right hand however has nothing on this next gadget though. (Or maybe it does since we don’t actually know what was in Jules’ briefcase. Damn You Tarantino) Either way, the attache case of Agent Graves is nothing short of cool.

The contents of the case are:

  1. Evidence of a crime
  2. A Gun with 100 untraceable bullets, and
  3. Immunity from law enforcement.

The whole immunity angle give someone a completely uninhibited view into the morality of revenge and power above the law.

Graves’ Attache case certainly gets our imagination going in more ways than one.  What would you use it for? Or should we say who?

#3 Spider-Man’s Web Shooters

Before Hollywood ruined Spider Man’s story by making his web shooters a power of his body instead of his mind, Peter Parker’s web developing genius was used to defeat multiple types of enemies with a plethora of different webbing options.

The Web shooters can also be used for other liquids as well (like alcohol shots!) alcohol shots

which could make spider-man the life of the party. As well, they have been modified to fire darts and function as a protective bracelet for Mary Jane.

There are some so called “scientists” from the history channel telling us that if web fluid were to exist, it would not be possible for spider man to store the necessary propellant and fluid in such a small cartridge. Therefore, organic webbing is a more realistic alternative. We say “They only think that way because obviously they’re not as smart as spider-man is.” Nuff said.

#4 Daredevil’s Cane

It looks like an ordinary blind mans cane, but to those who know the true identity of Matthew Michael Murdock (We mean Daredevil, not Ben Affleck) the cane is a metaphor for a wolf is sheep’s clothing.

The Cane functions as a multi-purpose weapon and tool that contains thirty feet of aircraft control cable connected to a case-hardened steel, while its grapnel is capable of some serious @#$ Kicking power.

It’s simplicity makes this weapon’s efficacy limited only by the skill of its user, which in this case is preternatural.

#5 The Joker’s Squirting Flower.

“Hey, no hard feelings, put er’ there partner.”

Okay, the joker doesn’t have a utility belt for his bladed playing cards, exploding cigars or harpoon guns equipped with bang flags. Now his lethally electric joy buzzer can be quite humorous, but we would rather be laughing with him on the way out that have him laughing at our dead corpse.  Something about the joker venom says “At least they died happy” Now maybe laughing to death is a really painful and excruciating way to die or maybe you’ll just get a deformed face from some joker acid. Were just saying that given the choice between Dying at the hands of the Jokers favorite weapon and Spider Jerusalem’s weapon of choice, the Jokers flower wins no contest.

Spider’s Jerusalem’s Weapon of Choice?

#6 The Hand held Bowel disruptor.

Yes, it delivers what it says. The device comes with full level controls to allow its user to experience anything from simple diarrhea to complete rectal prolapse.

The bowel disruptor has been known to cause unconsciousness due to such high levels of pain and discomfort. It also has a setting labeled “Fatal Intestinal Maelstrom” which we can only conclude would be something like firing an Imodium suppository into someone with a bazooka.

Sorry, no photo. You’ll have to use your imagination.

Drivemocion Car Messaging Sign LED Gadget

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Let the Other Drivers Know How You Feel!

Now you can be part of a universal message of Karma. If someone lets you merge into their lane send them a smiling face or press the “thanks” button. Of course, there are times when someone could be riding your tail. Don’t worry, the led emoticon has a “Back Off” feature programmed in.  On very very rare almost unheard of situations, you may find that you made a driving error or accidentally cut another driver off.   Luckily there is a “sorry” feature for just such a freak occurrence.


The Driving LED Emoticon is a battery powered, and comes with a wireless remote control that you can use to activate the controlled message sign. The sign is attached to the rear window of your car easily and securely via suction cup.  With just the touch of a button you can display any one of 5 Different Messages – “smiling face”, “winking face”, “Thanks”, “Back Off” and “Sorry”.


The Top 4 Gadgets to increase Productivity

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Sometimes just the “New Toy” feeling a new gadget brings is enough to get us motivated and productive.

When we get something new, we tend to be excited about using it, and showing it off.  In a lot of cases if we buy a Gadget for our work, this “New Toy” enthusiasm can flow through into our projects, increasing our productivity.

When choosing a productive gadget, its a good idea to try and balance the fun factor with efficiency.  The gadgets main goal should be to increase our attention for work, not decrease it.  The fun factor should only be “work fun”, leaving “toy fun” for off hours.  Of course it is possible to incorporate both if you are so disciplined.

1. USB Gadgets

usb voice recorder picture

USB Gadgets by definition are gadgets that are made to be used in conjunction with your computer’s usb port.

Depending on how you use your computer will determine the type of gadget best suited to your needs.  For example anyone who finds themselves typing the same small sentences repeatedly (a computer programmer for instance) you might find a USB macro device saving you thousands of hours. (I do some programming and use a Logitech G15 Keyboard, which also has video game functionality)

A USB Storage Device is a no-brainer.  Try to find one that is a hybrid of some kind.  The USB Flash Drive/Voice Recorder is one example of a product with double efficiency.

Be careful though, a USB Coffee Warmer could save you a few minutes here and there, but a usb microscope could cost you a few hours or more as you may find yourself comparing everything from body hair to that mysterious lunch that’s been in the office fridge for the last month.

2. Digital Recorders

A digital recorder lets you capture ideas, thoughts, interviews, record and document your important meetings and more. A great idea can strike at anytime.  A voice recorder allows you to keep a record of all those brilliant ideas without losing focus on the task you have at hand.

3. Tablets/Mini Notebooks

Let’s Face it.  The battle for supremacy of Productive gadgets is how many tasks they can perform “Well”.  A gadget that performs a multiple tasks with  poor esoteric software applications is less valuable than a gadget that performs fewer tasks easily.

The i-pad is temporarily in a class of its own as it attempts to mash the most efficient uses of both an e-reader tablet and a mini notebook.  It gives you the ability to create presentations, documents, spreadsheets, watch Podcasts, Read Books, take notes, manage your schedule, Personal Contacts, and more. It also offers you the chance to buy apps that can increase your productivity.

There are more than 150,000 apps on the App Store, and i-Pad can run almost all of them.

Some apps designed with productivity in mind are:

“iThoughts” , a mind mapping tool. “OmniFocus”, A Task Manager. “Evernote” lets you capture and synchronize text/voice notes, while “Done” is a simple “To Do” list. (I just use a notepad document a write things that I need to get done and erase them when I complete them.  To each his or her own I guess)

The I Pad is small enough to carry around, and is a great way to increase productivity when you are away from your computer.

4. Blackberry

Its capable of Multimedia: mp3/mp4 player, so you could watch a presentation or listen to a prerecorded meeting you missed out on.

If you don’t have a BlackBerry with a built-in GPS receiver you can still use navigation just go to google.com/mobile/maps/ and download the app.

You can use the blackberry as a mini E-reader for books and newspapers, Just download e reader software. Barnes and Noble have one, MobiPocket is another.

Obviously Instant messaging and email are part of the blackberrys productivity boost, but you can also edit MS office documents with and E-Office app.

We all have our favorite gadgets, the ones we can’t live without. Just remember that the 2 way communication devices let people reach you as well, so don’t let the interruptions of others reduce your efficiency.

If you aren’t sure who to answer and who to put on hold, give them the elevator test.  If you see them get noticeably upset after waiting less than 60 seconds for an elevator.  Send them to voice mail when they call.

Looking for the Daft Gadgets Web Page? Check out our selection of unusual gift ideas.

The Top 4 Gadgets to Enhance Your MP3 Experience.

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Top 4 Ways to enhance your MP3 experience.

1. Use in prohibited areas.

A waterproof MP3 case brings music and sound into many previously forbidden places. Music can be a great motivator for your morning shower, especially on those days you don’t want to get out of bed.  A must for you lovers of Gadgets out there.

Before bedtime there is nothing like relaxing in the tub without the worry of your boombox falling in the water and electrifying you.

Your waterproof MP3 case should float also, for those times when you are around water, but not in it. (On a boat or a dock out in cottage country)

2. Sports.

Music is a great enhancement to physical activity. Music has a natural way to entice your body to move. An underwater MP3 player allows swimmers the enhancement of music, a privilege land exercisers previously had dominion on.

Wireless media players, like mp3 sunglasses, allow free movement for almost any sport be it baseball, basket ball, mountain biking, snowboarding and more. The wireless freedom makes all these activities more enjoyable and easier for athletes to enter “The Zone”

3. Efficiency.

Media players can make you more efficient in your daily life. They allow you to listen to books on tape, podcasts, missed meetings, university lectures and more. A friend or colleague can record an event that you are unable to attend, be it a business meeting, university lecture, or other event, allowing you to essentially attend at a more convenient time, which may be on your way to work, during your morning shower, or during a brisk treadmill workout. The Media Player puts the power of Decision in YOUR hands.

4. Do you Mind if I put something else on?

With i-Pods and other media players becoming a gadget staple for the masses, carrying around an entire music collection is kinda like having your own theme music with you. A lot of home theater and stereo systems are incorporating the ability to play mp3 music from external sources. This allows you to share and add great content to your ever evolving music library.

Of course an external mp3 speaker never hurts either 🙂



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