Setting Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Vehicle Part II

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This Redcat Racing tutorial is part 2 of a series of videos that will teach you how to assemble and become familiar with one of RedCat racing’s most efficient nitro vehicles. If you have a newer Redcat Vehicle with a 2.4 ghz radio you may want to read How To Use The RedCat DSM –2C 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control and Receiver

Remove the radio control from the box and check its parts. It has a steering wheel, a sensitive throttle or accelerator trigger, a steering trim, a frequency crystal and a throttle trim. There is an on and off switch at the other end.

redcat 2ch am radio


Remove the cover of the battery compartment of the car. Examine the parts inside. It has a battery holder and a 2-channel receiver (channel 1 for throttle and channel 2 for steering). Check the connections, any loose connections will lead to problems in controlling your car.

Redcat Racing Battery Compartment

The receiver also houses the frequency crystal that helps to lock on to a specific frequency from the radio controller. If you want to change from one frequency from another, you can simply pull out the frequency crystal from the receiver and change.

Slide open the battery compartment of the radio controlled and insert 8 AA batteries on the compartment. Place 2 AA batteries on the battery compartment of the car and place tape or a rubber band over the compartment to prevent the batteries from falling out of the compartment due to engine vibrations.

Redcat Nitro Battery Compartment 2


Always Power the radio on first and then turn on the power on the car. Then check the controls accordingly. If controls are reversed, you may adjust them by using the reversing switches located inside the advanced panel on your radio receiver.

Install the antenna cable on the car. The antenna for the car is located inside the plastic of the instructions manual. The battery compartment of the car has the wire for the antenna connection; unwind the wire and remove the top part of the antenna. Slide the wire into the tube and once every inch of the wire is in, place the tube on the hole provided located on the battery compartment. Replace the rubber part of the antenna.

Redcat Antenna Cable install


Examine the air filter. It has two pieces of foam, remove it and place a small amount of air filter oil. A tip is to apply the oil on a clean surface and just gently allow the oil to penetrate the foams. The Proper amount will leave oil on your finger tip after you stroke the filter.  If you squeeze the oil filter and it drips, you know you have used too much.

Replace the foam back. Placing oil on the air filter can reduce dirt from going into the filter and ruining your race car engine. You can wash these foams and dry them should they become very dirty.

Air Filter Oil

Apply Loctite glue on all surfaces that are prone to vibration damage when the car is moving. The most important part of the car that needs Loctite is the 4 engine mounting screws at the bottom of the vehicle base plate. You must also apply Loctite on the 4 screws of the central differential gear box located at the middle of the plate.

Loctite Screws Redcat Nitro

Take one screw at a time and apply Loctite on the screw and then replace it back

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Setting Up Your Nitro Vehicle Part 1 – The Basics

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This RedCat Racing tutorial delves into how to set up your nitro vehicle. This is the first part of a series of tutorials that deals with familiarizing and setting up a nitro-powered vehicle as well as the basic parts and safety instructions to follow while setting up your vehicle.

The RedCat tool kit comes complete with all the important tools and parts that you need to assemble your nitro vehicle. Get the package out and examine all the package contents. Make sure that your package is complete. The primary tool kit includes cross wrenches, screwdrivers, nitro bottles and more.

glow plug igniter for redcat racing nitro

Your glow plug igniter will help run your vehicle. It’s important that the glow igniter has enough charge to power your vehicle. Charge your glow plug igniter with a charger that comes with the tool kit. It is usually located at the back of the kit.

glow plug charger for Redcat Nitro
Connect the charger unit to an electrical socket, and then connect the other end to your glow plug igniter by pulling the plug in, placing the charger end inside and releasing the igniter.

The light on the charger should turn on which means you are charging it correctly. If you are using your glow plug igniter for the first time, charge it for a full 5 hours.

Redcat Racing glow plug igniter charging with light

Ready all the other tools that you may need to assemble your nitro vehicle. You may need a set of pliers, scissors, tape, extra batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), a complete set of screwdrivers, extra glow plugs, Loctite brand glue, oil and nitro fuel containers.

Ready your RedCat assembly manual in case you need extra instructions on assembling your vehicle. This contains your antenna and a RedCat keychain.

A quick run through of your Redcat Racing Nitro Vehicle will look similar to this

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Exhaust Manifold and Engine Exhaust

Redcat Racing Exhaust manifold and engine exhaust

Steering Servo

Redcat Racing Steering Servo

Throttle Servo

Redcat Racing Throttle Servo

Central Differential Gear Box

Redcat Racing Central Differential Gear Box

Receiver and Battery Compartment

Redcat Racing Receiver and battery compartment

Redcat Racing Air Filter

Redcat Racing Receiver Air Filter


Redcat Racing Carburetor

The parts of your race car that heats up are your nitro engine which is near your exhaust manifold. The throttle circuit is located near the exhaust area and this controls your car’s breaking system. The disc brake system is attached to the central gear box facing the throttle. The battery compartment is a large box located near the throttle system where there is a large on and off switch to power the car. Removing the air filter (a circular attachment at the center of the engine) will allow you to examine the carburetor.

There are several valves in a race car carburetor and understanding how each valves work will help you get to know your car’s engine performance better.

Redcat Carburetor


Make sure you see the Daft Gadgets Article: “Setting Up Your Redcat Nitro Vehicle Part 2”

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How To Use The RedCat DSM –2C 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control and Receiver

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This tutorial gives you an overview of a RedCat DSM – 2.4Ghz radio remote control and receiver, How to set the fail safe and How to bind the Receiver to the Radio

First make yourself familiar with the DSM – 2.4Ghz, its parts and its receivers in detail. It is the initial part of learning all about working with a RedCat DSM – 2C remote control.


RedCat DSM –2C 2.4 Ghz

The Redcat Racing radio remote is a simple radio that has the basic parts of any remote control system: it has a throttle, a steering wheel and a 2.4G antenna that protrudes from the unit. Take care not to drop the radio remote since it will significantly damage its antenna.
The DSM – radio remote controls are composed of a large on and off switch, three trim switches, and a red power LED light and a green battery indicator LED light. The controls also has a black Bind button in the middle, a normal and reverse steering switch and a normal and reverse throttle switch.

The two receivers were identical except for a very small hole found on the upper left hand corner of the panels. The receiver with a punctured hole showing the green PCB is a receiver that has no fail safe, while the other one with a button in the hole has a fail safe.

Redcat Racing Fail Safe

First, a receiver is hooked to the remote control car; all the wiring is accessible from the underside of the car. The receiver has four channel inputs: the first channel is for steering controls the second channel input is for the throttle controls, the VCC or forth input is for the Power.

Redcat Receiver binding

The third port is in between the Red and Black inputs and is used for the binding cable.

Redcat Receiver Binding Cable

As soon as all the cables are connected to the receiver and the binding cable is collected to the third channel input power the unit on. A red LED light will continuously flash which means that it is ready to bind to a radio receiver.

Blinking Light on Binding Receiver

With the receiver blinking on one hand and the radio control on the other, press and hold the Bind button in the middle as you power on the receiver.

When the receiver red LED light stops blinking, it means that it is now bound to the radio control. You will then see a blinking Green Light on the receiver. Power the radio off and turn off the power on the race car. Take the binding cable out.

Next power the radio on first, then turn the power on. Then move the wheels to test the steering, the grip controls for the throttle and other buttons especially the three rim switches.

Learning the basics of installing your DSM -2C remote receiver is the most important part of any hobbyist’s concern. Any errors in connecting the wires and cables at the receiver’s end as well as following the binding technique will cost you your race and could totally affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

Testing the controls on the radio control to check for the steering and how to use the normal and reverse steering button located at the upper left hand corner of the control panel. Moving the button to either normal or reverse steering will easily correct the steering controls so that left is left and right is right as opposed to backwards.

Redcat Racing Steering Reverse Switch


Testing the throttle controls is next and using the normal and reverse throttle buttons will fine tune the throttle especially when you need to make drastic corrections on your breaking mechanism. When the wheels of the car are not driving in a straight pattern, you can easily correct it with the steering trim. You can make the slightest modifications to straighten the wheels’ path in an instant. Using the throttle trim increases or decreases the idle and the breaks of the car, but this method is not recommended. Your car’s idle speed should be set using car tuning methods. the final trim button is used to calibrate bow much steering you will need to maneuver the car. It could be adjusted from as less as 0 to as high as 400.

Trim Adjustment for Redcat Racing

Setting the failsafe on the RedCat DSM -2C 2.4G radio. Setting the fail safe stops the car from going full throttle as the power is turned off from the radio control. First Power on the radio control, set the throttle trim so that the car is on breaks.  Then press the failsafe button on the receiver for a few seconds. The steady red light will blink, stop pressing the failsafe and the red light will stop blinking.

Redcat Racing Fail Safe button

Turn the radio controller off and you will see that the throttle remains where it is. Even when you power on the radio controller and place the car in full throttle, it will return to breaks when you power it off.


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RC Helicopters – Cool New RC Helicopters from Daft Gadgets

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Yes, with spring comes the spring line up of new gadgets, and this includes some of the new RC helicopters that will be available at Daft Gadgets throughout 2012. You can expect to see glow in the dark helis, ipad controlled helicopters, missile firing rc helicopters and more.

So let’s kick it off with a look at some of our most popular rc helicopters that are already moving fast.

The Thunderbird 68700 RC Helicopter with Gyro and Camera


Yep, that’s right. We got a new line of RC Helicopters that come equipped with their own spy cameras for recognizance missions. Complete with a stabilizing gyro system for smooth footage, the thunderbird 68700 series is also set up to record audio.

Other spy camera rc helicopters include:


and Hawkspy


There are just so many ways to have fun with these that they are already selling fast.

As mentioned above, there are also RC helicopters that you can control with your iPhone or iPad.

Syma S107G for Apple and Android


The Syma S107G series is one of the most popular micro helis to date, and now its even better.

Compatible with Apple and Android Products, the iphone controlled S107G 3.5 channel helicopter is a blast to fly. The software is also capable of taking control of other syma helicopters too. Including the s107, s102, s111, s109, and s108.


U809 Cobra RC Heli

Missile Firing RC Helicopter

Want to have a helicopter fight where you shoot missiles at each other?

Look no further than the U809 Cobra Helicopter. With these models you can blast each other out of the sky with the fully functional missile launchers.

Of course its also fun to annoy the heck out of people by shooting them in the face with these when they don’t expect it, just please watch the eyes as we don’t want this game turning into a sport.

This Video from Engadget will give you an idea of what we imagine when using this RC Heli

The Double Horse Volitation


At over 2 fee in length and 37 pounds The double horse Volitation is a beast to be reckoned with!

No, it doesn’t have any fancy missile launching capabilities, but who cares? If someone shoots a missile at you, you can simply ram them out of the sky and crush them like the annoying gnats that they are.

This 3.5 Channel RC heli is for more serious pilots, but it does come with a stabilizing gyro system for enthusiastic beginners.

Of course these are just a taste of more things to come. We plan to get many more RC Helicopters throughout 2012, so stay tuned.

RC Planes – ParkFlyers introduces a new line up of WWII RC Planes!

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Yes, you heard it right. The Spring line of 2012 RC planes have arrived. We now offer more choices in the 1/5th scale, a new RC Jet, radio control Bi-Plane, a twin engine bomber, and a 100 class micro jet with neodymium magnets for those of you who like to crash from time to time.

The first on our new list of Parkflyers RC Planes is:

Parkflyers Super Class 1/5 Scale Mustang P51D

Parkflyers p51-d super class RC Plane

Complete with radio control retractable landing gear, a scale down flap system, and spring loaded damping, the P51D ensures the smoothest of take offs and landings.

The LED lighting system allows you better handling during your night time recognizance. So you have less worries about being shot down by German troops…or just smashing into a tree.

photo thanks wikipedia

For those of you whoa re unfamiliar with the Mustang, it was an infamous American long-range, single-seat fighter plane that sent 4,950 enemy aircrafts to the scrap yard during WWII. Second only to the Grumman F6F Hellcat

photo thanks wikipedia

Which Brings us to……..

The Parkflyers RC F6F Hellcat WW2 Fighter Plane

RC Hellcat Fighter Plane

This 4 Channel 2.4 GHZ 100% Scale F6F Fighter is powered by a 400 class brushless motor that allows it insane levels of performance. While the scale appearance leaves almost no detail overlooked.

Aside from the amazing detail and action this RC plane offers, the coolest part about this plane is the ultimate realism of it folding main wings!

Completely pre assembled and no assembly required, the Parkflyers F6F RC Hellcat is a no brainer.


The P-38 Tangerine RC Bomber

p-38 tangerine bomber

This 300 class twin engine beast boasts two 180 motors that climb to the sky with tremendous force. This baby locks in to your receiver at a 4000 foot range, so you don’t have to worry about some other RC pilot taking control of your plane.

The P-38 is a great add on to your WWII Collection.


The At 6 Texan 1/5 Scale RC Plane

Parkflyers AT-6 Texan RC Plane

The AT-6 Texan was a WWII , single engine advanced trainer aircraft used to train pilots of the United States Army Air Forces, and the US Navy, but for new and aspiring RC pilots, you might want to learn on something a little less advanced.

The AT-6 Texan features 6 channels controlled by a 2.4 GHZ radio control. Built 100% to scale, its massive 51 inch wingspan allows you to navigate through strong winds, while its retractable landing gear allows for a smooth take off and landing.

Here’s a picture of a full size version of the Texan:

photo thanks: wikipedia


Spring is here, so why not take the video games outdoors? The best thing about getting into and RC hobby is that everything you learn has real world applications. The RC planes work under the same rules of aerodynamics as the real ones, so get out there a learn what its like to fly in the sky.

Redcat Racing Lowers their Prices … At Least Until April 15th

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Redcat rampage banner

Yes, you heard it right. Redcat Racing has lowered their pricing on the Hurricane XTE, Avalanche XTE, and Monsoon XTE Models as well as the shredder Short Course and XB Buggy from their 1/6th Scale line.

For you “Large Scale” lovers, the notorious line of Redcat Rampage vehicles also has a price reduction in the Rampage X-SC short course gas truck.


Here is a list of the lowest prices you can find on the internet (the lowest price Redcat Racing will allow their stuff to be sold at)

Redcat Model Sale Price

Rampage X-SC


Shredder SC


Shredder XB


Avalanche XTE


Monsoon XTE


Hurricane XTE


You can expect the lower pricing to last at least until April 15th. Get em while they Last!

Redcat Racing – How to Tune Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Engine Part 2

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redcat racing nitro engine

Before you read this article you may want to see how to tune up your redcat vehicle part 1

Let’s take a look at the effects of tuning on the high speed needle and low speed needle on the redcat racing volcano which is using an SH .18 3.0cc 2 stroke nitro engine with rotary carburetor. Before seeing the rotary carburetor, the air filter must first be removed. The rotary carburetor opens and closes by rotating the drum inside make sure that the carburetor opening get is 1mm or so. Use an idle speed screw in doing so.

This is to ensure that your Redcat Racing Vehicle will not run away on you!

1mm gap carburetor

A properly tuned Redcat Racing engine should be able to handle full rpm on at full throttle.

If you purposely enrich (max fuel to air) the High Speed needle,  you will see that it cannot take on full throttle. (The high speed needle or HSN controls air and fuel mixture for partial and full throttle.) The mixture would be consisting of more fuel and less air. If your HSN setting is too lean (too much air to not enough fuel), the engine might bulk or quit when you try to go to full throttle. If it doesn’t quit, it might bulk on full throttle, which is a very dangerous thing for your engine because when an engine overheats it gets damaged.

Now, let’s look at the effects of the Low Speed Needle (LSN) settings on the Redcat Racing engine. Certain precautions must be noted and practiced so as to avoid damage to your Redcat vehicle.

When the LSN is leaned out, you will see that the idle will change. When the LSN is closed (clockwise), you can hear the engine starving for fuel and begging for it. If it speeds up, your truck or buggy might take off by itself even if the carburetor opening gap is set to 1mm! This will give your Redcat Vehicle the tendency to overheat, which is clearly not good for the engine of your race car.

If you enrich the LSN by opening the needle (counter clockwise) You will see that the engine won’t start or the engine would quit as soon as we take the ignitor out. This means the LSN setting on your Redcat Racing Vehicle is too rich.

The Pinch test is the best way to check if you have the LSN properly set on your Redcat Vehicle or not.

Pinching the fuel line

This is done by pinching the fuel line and the engine should raise its rpm or speed for around 3-5 seconds and then it quits. This means that the LSN is properly set. If it quits too quickly, the LSN is too lean or when it quits too slowly, the LSN setting is too rich. If your LSN is too rich 0 to partial throttle, the engine will stutter to go from 0 to partial throttle or when it’s too lean,0 to partial throttle will fail to take place and the engine would quit, resulting to it speeding up immediately.

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How To Tune Up Your Redcat Nitro Engine Part II

Redcat Racing – How to Tune Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

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Here’s a simple and quick guide on what you need to know about your Redcat Racing nitro engine and how you can tune it. Before we dig in and talk about tuning the engine, let us first know some basic information about Redcat nitro engine.

There are actually a lot of available sizes for your RC engines like the SH18, SH21 and so on. For this tuning guide, we will use two different types of engine that is most commonly used by RC users. There are 2 different kinds of carburetor a slide carburetor and rotary.

This is a Redcat Racing .18 3.0 cc 2 Stroke Nitro Engine with Rotary Carb.

sh .18 3

This is a Redcat Racing SH .21 3.5cc 2 Stroke Nitro Engine with Slide Carburetor.

slide carb 1

For a rotary carburetor, you will find a bronze part of the carburetor and this is known as the HSN or the high speed needle which is responsible for controlling the fuel mixture and the air during partial or full throttle, another part of a rotary carburetor is the LSN or the low speed needle. You can find this part in the middle section of the carburetor. It functions as a controller in the air and fuel mixture during idle or partial throttle. The Idle Speed Screw makes the carburetor opening gap to close or open. It is recommended to set your opening gap at a 1 mm size to let your racing car start on idle. It controls the amount of air that gets mixed with the fuel affecting the idle speed to either an increase or a decrease.

Rotary Carb2

For a slide carburetor, the same with rotary carburetor, it also has a HSN that controls air and fuel during partial and full throttle. The LSN in a slide carburetor that controls fuel and air mixture during an idle or to partial throttle is located at the center of the throttle arm. An Idle Speed Screw controls the air that mix with the fuel in the idle speed.

Slide Carb 2

For a slide carburetor, the same with rotary carburetor, it also has a HSN that controls air and fuel during partial and full throttle. The LSN in a slide carburetor that controls fuel and air mixture during an idle or to partial throttle is located at the center of the throttle arm. An Idle Speed Screw controls the air that mix with the fuel in the idle speed.

Make sure to check out part 2 of How to Tune Up Your Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

For Redcat Racing Parts and Hop Ups see our online store at

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The Parkflyers RC Spitfire Plane Owns the Sky

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An Actual Scale RC Version of the famous WW2 Supermarine Spitfire Plane

The Supermarine Spitfire Plane was a British fighter aircraft in service throughout the Second World War and beyond. A Much loved Aircraft by its pilots, the Spitfire was employed in several roles, including interceptor, photo-reconnaissance, fighter-bomber, carrier-based fighter, and trainer.

This Electric R/C Flier is a perfect representation of the Spitfire with extraordinary artwork.

The Spitfire is controlled by a 2.4GHZ spectrum technology radio/receiver system that blocks out any interference from other RC Pilots. This allows you complete comfort when performing the planes aerobatic movements like inside/outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins.

Also included in the electric R/C plane’s arsenal of state of the art components are: a Brushless Outrunner High Torque Motor, Sensorless 20 amp Brushless Speed Control, and 1300mah 11.1 Volt Li-Po Battery Pack, and more.

The Anti-wind performance is good, allowing you to take off the Radio Control system completely during up-wind flight. lighter than other electric RC models of the same size and style, the spitfire’s lifting force is strong, while its glide is extremely stable.

The Rudder Facilitates easy lift off by aiding the steering of the plane while grounded.

Constructed with A Shock Resistant Reinforced fuselage with Strong Wings, the Spitfire can suffer a few hard landings without going Kamikaze.

Re-enact the Battle of Britain, or Pear Harbor, It just up to your imagination

The A Much loved Aircraft by its pilots, the Spitfire Plane was employed in several roles

The A Much loved Aircraft by its pilots, the Spitfire Plane was employed in several roles


  • Motor- Brushless 1200,
  • Radio: 4 chan 2.4 Ghz,
  • Servos- (4) Sub-micro,
  • Charger: A/C Peak 2-3 Cell,
  • Battery- 1300 mah Lipo 11.1v,
  • ESC: 20 Amp Brushless, Range- 4000 Feet
  • Wing Span- 35 inches,
  • Length- 32.5 inches,
  • Weight- 24 ounces,

What Do These Features Mean?

Radio: Digital Spectrum Technology is state of the art for radio control systems. A Globally Unique Identification Code (GUIC) is assigned to every radio transmitter when its made. The receiver is programmed to identify the unique code in what is called the ‘binding process’ essentially binding or locking the transmitter and receiver together when they turn on. This blocks out other codes or radio signals that could interfere with your aircraft causing it to crash. DSM technology also has a faster response time from the transmitter to the plane than PPM or PCM Radio systems, allowing for better control on 3D Acrobatics.

Motor: Brushless motors can be up to 300% more powerful than brushed motors since they work without friction, this means they last longer as well.

Kv Rating: Refers to Revolutions per Minute (RPM) per Volt, so the 1200Kv motor powered by the 11.1v Li-Poly battery (Li-Po) will yield 1200 x 11.1 = 13,320 RPM with no load

Li-Po: Stands for Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Po) The newest major development in RC battery cell technology. Offering more power, and longer run times than NiCD and NiMH. Li-Po batteries have dramatically transformed the face of electric rc flight to the point where they are competing with Nitro fueled planes.

Electronic Speed Controls or ESCs, plug directly into your aircraft’s receiver throttle slot as opposed to linking to a servo. ESCs allow the maximum voltage through dependent on on the throttle stick position. The micro-processor in an ESC opens and closes tens of times a second to let the current pass, creating a much more efficient speed control than older mechanical versions

Servos: Generally each “Channel” controls a “servo”, and each “servo” controls a “Control Surface”. The Smaller and more accurate the servos, the better the performance of the aircraft.

Control Surfaces:

The Four Primary controls of an airplane are:

  • Throttle (motor control, or speed control. Think of propeller)
  • Elevator (Hinged section of the back of the tail that move up and down, when they are up the nose goes up for climbing, when they are down the nose goes down for diving. This is known as the pitch altitude)
  • Ailerons (Hinged sections of the back of the Wing for rolling. One side goes up while the other side goes down, this causes the roll motion)
  • Rudder (The Tail’s “FIN”). Used for steering, if the rudder turns left the plane foes right and vice versa)

These are collectively known as control surfaces, these are the same as those found on real airplanes and control the RC model in exactly the same way.

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RC Games Egg Drop

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Egg drop has been around for years in many variations.   Try the rules below and if you find the game to be lots of fun consider adding your own variation to the game and sharing it.

Required Gear:

  • Rubber Bands

  • Dixie Cups

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Lime, Chalk, or a targeting mechanism

  • Pie Plate or other Target

Place the Popsicle stick through the dixie cup and mount it to the plane with the rubber band, keeping in mind the planes CG (Center of Gravity)

Objective: Score Points by dropping and egg or golf ball via Roll from the plane in mid air. Generally a line is drawn with lime or chalk of some sort, in the shape of 3 big circles on the field. You receive 10 points for landing the egg or golf ball in the outer circle, 20 points for next in, 30 points for smallest circle, and 50 points if you can hit the pie plate in the center.

You can use any target you like including the person who scored the lowest amount of points in the previous game. Try having the loser where a tinfoil pie plate as a hat while the other fliers drop their bombs from above.

Another Variation is to play partners and have them try to run and catch the eggs with a pan or pie plate. (Don’t wear your Sunday clothes though)


  • 3 Runs per person

  • If the egg falls out while on take off it doesn’t count, everyone gets 3 good flybys

  • Try to set a height limit and be fair. If someone flies too low they should be sent to the target for bombing

Looking for RC Planes? Check out the for planes from Parkflyers and Redcat!

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