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Yes, with spring comes the spring line up of new gadgets, and this includes some of the new RC helicopters that will be available at Daft Gadgets throughout 2012. You can expect to see glow in the dark helis, ipad controlled helicopters, missile firing rc helicopters and more.

So let’s kick it off with a look at some of our most popular rc helicopters that are already moving fast.

The Thunderbird 68700 RC Helicopter with Gyro and Camera


Yep, that’s right. We got a new line of RC Helicopters that come equipped with their own spy cameras for recognizance missions. Complete with a stabilizing gyro system for smooth footage, the thunderbird 68700 series is also set up to record audio.

Other spy camera rc helicopters include:


and Hawkspy


There are just so many ways to have fun with these that they are already selling fast.

As mentioned above, there are also RC helicopters that you can control with your iPhone or iPad.

Syma S107G for Apple and Android


The Syma S107G series is one of the most popular micro helis to date, and now its even better.

Compatible with Apple and Android Products, the iphone controlled S107G 3.5 channel helicopter is a blast to fly. The software is also capable of taking control of other syma helicopters too. Including the s107, s102, s111, s109, and s108.


U809 Cobra RC Heli

Missile Firing RC Helicopter

Want to have a helicopter fight where you shoot missiles at each other?

Look no further than the U809 Cobra Helicopter. With these models you can blast each other out of the sky with the fully functional missile launchers.

Of course its also fun to annoy the heck out of people by shooting them in the face with these when they don’t expect it, just please watch the eyes as we don’t want this game turning into a sport.

This Video from Engadget will give you an idea of what we imagine when using this RC Heli

The Double Horse Volitation


At over 2 fee in length and 37 pounds The double horse Volitation is a beast to be reckoned with!

No, it doesn’t have any fancy missile launching capabilities, but who cares? If someone shoots a missile at you, you can simply ram them out of the sky and crush them like the annoying gnats that they are.

This 3.5 Channel RC heli is for more serious pilots, but it does come with a stabilizing gyro system for enthusiastic beginners.

Of course these are just a taste of more things to come. We plan to get many more RC Helicopters throughout 2012, so stay tuned.

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