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“I am learning to forgive my inner geek, and even value him as a free man.“  – Kenny Loggins (Top Gun Theme Song Singer)

Have you ever felt like your inner geek needed a bit more freedom?

Does the idea of not looking at pieces of your lunch through a usb microscope seem like your talents are being wasted?

Do you wish you could pass time by reinventing davinci’s catapult in miniature form so that you can fire random objects at people in other cubicles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may very well need a geek fix.

Although there are more and more Geek Toys and Gadgets coming in each day, we feel that a few of these geeky toys need a moment in the spotlight.


Geeky Toys #1 – Bicycle Turning Signals

Bicycle Turning Signals

Have you ever thought about making a turn signal with your hand while riding a bike, but didn’t because you then thought “if I do this, I’ll look like a geek?” If this was you, and you haven’t yet been run over by a bus, now is the best time to embrace your inner geek.

A pair of geeky bike turning signals doesn’t just help you stay safe from crazy drivers and road rage maniacs looking for an excuse to run you over, they also say, “Yes I’m a Geek, and I have the Technology to Prove it”

Wireless and simple, you just strap the LED to your back and press the remote to indicate left or right turns.  Of course, If you feeling real geeky, you can also wear them while walking around the town.


Geeky Toys #2 – The Magnetic Cube Puzzle

Everyone knows Geeks like puzzles. Maybe its because geeks get bored with stuff and need to keep their brains occupied, or maybe it helps them feel mentally superior to others. Either way, the magnetic cube puzzle is a Geek toy that will keep anyone’s brain amused.

As long as you have enough brain capacity to not eat the magnets in some ridiculous scheme to create magnetic poop, you will be able to have fun with the billions of possible solutions the magnetic cube puzzle can make.


Geeky Toys #3 – The Air Guitar

Geek Toys Air Guitar

If you are old enough to remember Bill and Ted, you will also remember they had musical super powers. One of these powers was air guitar that would magically produce sound after then spoke the words “Excellent”

With the air guitar, you can play up to 10 different songs or go freestyle, its up to you. The guitar has an invisible laser string that produces crazy tunes when you strum it. Forget that “non” invisible technology known as guitar hero, and pick up one of the coolest geek toys yet.

Note: You don’t have to be a geek to play the air guitar….. it just helps.


Geeky Toys #4 – The Padintosh

Geeky Toys Padintosh

Yes, its retro, its Mac, can we say more?

The Old School Mac 128k design shows your friends that new things can come in old packages. It looks like an old clunker with a 3.5 floppy drive in the front, but really its a protective case for your precious iPad!

This may be one of the very coolest and geekiest iPad cases out there. It shows just how far Apple has come, and what passed for ground breaking technology back in the 80s.


Geeky Toys # 5 – Gold Finding Metal Detector

Geeky Toys Gold Finding Metal Detector

Have you ever gone out to the beach and watched 80 year old grand parents looking for gold with DIY metal detectors and thought to yourself “That could be me!”

If so, you are most likely a Geek. That being said, being a rich geek is better than being a poor geek, and this metal detector may help you strike gold!

What makes the metal detector special is that it is able to tell the difference between things like “Gold” and “Rusty metal cans” that could have you on the way to the doctor for a tetanus shot.

Gone are the days of disappointment after disappointment of bending over to pick up non valuable metal that someone didn’t have the decency to recycle. With this geeky gadget, your back will be saved, and no one will point laugh when you bend down to pick something up, (although they may try and rob you, so pick up your treasure discreetly.)


Geeky Toys #6 – Emoticon Balls

Geeky Toys Emoticon Balls
“There is no Emoticon for what I’m feeling….” – Comic Book Guy, The Simpsons

Somewhere back in the 90s, comic book guy uttered these immortal words. As practical as email emoticons are,  we think the best way to let another geek know how you feel is by sending an emoticon streaming directly at their head.

When Blue colored Olly makes impact he says “Uh Oh” which is perfect for when someone drops something, breaks something, or when your boss is yelling out meaningless threats to their employees.

Yellow Happy Harry giggles with glee, which is perfect for those times when you do something evil and get away with it.

And Finally, Red Clumsy Claude goes “boing”. Which we find suitable for anything to do with office flirtatious innuendo, or just if you happen to be the office clown.


Geeky Toys #7 – 8 bit Pixel Cube


The 8 Bit cube brings back the days of the original Nintendo and its utterly useless robot named “ROB”
Sure, some people may have had a good time playing Gyromite with ROB, but others had visions of him serving us drinks with umbrella straws when we spent our saved up allowance on him, and as such, were thoroughly disappointed.

Anyway, The 8 Bit Cube lets you recreate games like space invaders on your fridge each day as a way of saying to others: “Experiencing games like PacMan and Galaxian is like our parents experiencing the Beetles. There may be better, or at least more complex music now, but when they came out, it was the industry itself that was truly exciting”

You can find all these Geeky Toys and more in the Daft Gadgets Online Store. Or, if you know of a Geeky Toy we don’t carry, leave a comment and tell us about it. Even if its a geeky toy you made up in your head, we’d love to hear about it.


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