Getting to the Clutch with Redcat Racing

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picture of redcat racing clutch

Is your RC automobile stalling when you strike the breaks? Does it attempt to burn rubber while idling?

If so, there could be numerous things wrong, but it is most likely the clutch if it delays when you hold it still, but let’s still check out all choices.

We’ll begin our procedure of removal by examining the simplest things.

1. Examine the idle screw. Make sure the idle screw is set effectively. The idle screw is on the front of the carb and regulates the throttle valve’s minimum opening.
2. See to it that the low and high speed needles are set correctly. You can see our article: “Tuning Your Redcat Engine”

If all checks out, we’ll proceed to the clutch.

1. The clutch bell (gear on the end of engine) ought to rotate easily and quickly when the engine isn’t running and the vehicle is on the floor. If not, the clutch might be sticking.
2. Take out the engine (See artilce: How to remove a redcat engine )
3. Eliminate the clutch bell by getting rid of the screw or clip at the end of the clutch bell where the bearing is.
4. Slide off the clutch bell.

There are a couple things to inspect right here.

1. Examine the spring. If the spring is broken or has actually come separated it will engage the clutch too early, not permitting the car to idle still.
2. Examine the clutch shoes. The clutch shoes could become hot from excess slip and melt to the interior of the clutch bell. The glaze on the shoes and inside of the clutch bell will trigger the clutch to slip, which will at some point result in an over heated clutch.
3. Put the clutch back together with the spring.
4. Reinstall the engine making use of medium thread lock on the mounting screws. is a authorized online dealer of Redcat Racing parts and vehicles


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