How to Adjust the Slipper Clutch In Redcat Racing Cars and Trucks

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Redcat Racing Slipper Clutch

Numerous RC cars are geared up with a modifiable slipper clutch. This slipper clutch has 2 major functions, the first being security.

When adjusted correctly, the slipper clutch secures the whole drive train by providing a little slip throughout high bursts of power or other times the drive train undergoes shock. An example of this would be a crash. The RC vehicle stops, but the motor is still attempting to turn the wheels. An additional example would be landing a jump with your finger on the trigger. The unexpected stop in wheel spin could otherwise strip the gears.

Traction control is the 2nd reason RC Cars and Trucks are geared up with a modifiable slipper clutch. High powered 2 wheel drive automobiles are particularly susceptible to speed wobbles and a loss of control during a fast launch off the starting line. Readjusting the slipper clutch will change the quantity of power that makes it to the ground. Be mindful. Setting a slipper clutch too loose can lead to excess heat melting the spur gear.

To set the slipper to a prime beginning point, take off the body and place the automobile on a high traction surface area. Leave the battery detached if electric and the engine off if nitro for this step. Using a work glove, hold the spur gear with one hand and roll the vehicle with the other. The slipper clutch should barely move. If there is no slippage, loosen the nut on the slipper clutch and attempt once again. If the car rolls easily while you are holding the spur gear stable, tighten up the nut and retry till a small quantity of slip is accomplished.


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