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It’s an endless cascade of vibrating particles parading through space. It’s the roar and rumble of acoustic swells tossing on a vast, invisible ocean. It’s the modulation of harmonious airwaves resonating inside your head. It’s called ‘sound’ and you’re MP3 player is completely useless without it.

Without sound you can’t hear stuff and then you would never be able to enjoy your favorite Madonna album ever again. What you need are a good set of external speakers to let your songs roam free. Sure, you could use headphones, but then how are your family and friends supposed to rock out with you? How will acquaintances and total strangers in the checkout line at the grocery store know that you have wonderful taste in music? Fear not friends for we at have got y64 c6vered.

If you have music stored on an electronic device that you’d like to listen to then look no further than our mp3 speakers section where we have every kind of sound delivery system you could possibly imagine and a few that defy all reason.

Keychain Minispeaker

iPod iPhone external speaker keychain

For shear portability the Keychain Minispeaker has no equal. First of all it’s a cube. Why is that good? Because boxy is beautiful.

No matter how you set it down it will sit there calmly and with quite dignity. The square is the most stable of all shapes. And then you can stack stuff on top of it if you need too. Get a bunch of them and build a little fortress of speakers. It can also act as an impromptu six sided dice if you find yourself in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. And it’s a keychain so you’ll never lose it or leave it behind. This small blocky resonator is also great if you need to hide a small unobtrusive speaker somewhere. Get a sound bite of a pissed off rattle snake then hide the Keychain Minispeaker on your partner’s side of the bed.

It’s strong enough to play your tunes and small enough to get you into a world of trouble.

Boom Box Speaker Cushion

cool boom box speaker cushion for ipod iphone or mp3 media player

Ever wish the novelty throw pillows on your couch could double as speakers? Do you have so much trouble waking up in the morning that you need the alarm right in your ear? Do you miss the eighties? Well then you need the Boom Box speaker Cushion!

Yes now you can jam in comfort with this plushy sound amplification device. And the electroluminescence equalizer panel on the front keeps time with the music. It even accepts cassettes! (No it doesn’t.) Blowing out your ear drums has never been so easy.

Just plug in your MP3 player, rest your head on the pillow and cue up your favorite heavy metal band. Or fall asleep at night listening to Beethoven and Mozart. Or beat your partner over the head to Michael Jackson’s song “Beat It”.  Pillow fights have never rocked so hard.


The Vibration Speaker
External Vibration Speaker for iPhone iPod or mp3 media player

You can make music emanate from common debris with the Vibration Speaker!

The Vibration Speaker hooks up to anything and turns it into an amplifier for your favorite songs. Plug it into an empty milk jug, pizza box, tin can or anything else you want to be your speaker. Each strange, disparate thing you attach it to will create a completely new and unique sound.

It’s perfect for exploring the musical spectrum. It’s also great if you want to convince your children that the box of Rice Crispies is haunted by malevolent spirits. The Vibration Speaker is portable, you can use it to turn the garbage can into a sub woofer and the whole thing comes in one of those old card board milk containers you used to get in the lunch room. You can’t go wrong with the Vibration Speaker/Pint of Milk.

Boombox Mini MP3 Speaker
boom box mini speakers for ipod and iPhone

Pimp out your MP3 player with the Boombox Mini MP3 Speakers.

Are you unreasonably proud of your collection of kangol hats? Do you still use words like boogie? Do you and your friends often engage in random break dance fights against roving bands of neighborhood thugs? Well unless you want to get served, you’ll need some serious speakerage.

Styled to look like tiny ghetto blasters from the 80’s, these speakers proudly announce to the world that your crew is the hardest around (sequined Michael Jackson glove sold separately). They run off of your devices power supply so there’s no charger or batteries. Just plug them in and go.

The boombox isn’t dead, it’s just smaller. And it’s small enough to dip it in gold to wear around your neck! Now that would be def.

Dancing Cat Speaker

If there’s anything the Internet has taught us it’s that we love cats. We simply cannot get enough of their furry antics. Well the Dancing Cat Speaker manages to capture all of the wuvable cutesiness of those frisky felines and put it to music.

This animatronic cat speaker dances and shimmies to your favorite tunes and it won’t scratch up the furniture. It’s perfect for cat lovers, kids of all ages and anyone who love creepy dancing anthropomorphic animals. Or maybe you just need a companion for your lonely pit bull.

Why have a speaker that just plays music when you can have all your jams accompanied by the hedonistic gyrations of a robotic stuffed animal?

Spring Speaker

External spring speaker for iphone or ipod

You’ve never seen a speaker like this before. If we hadn’t told you it was a speaker you probably wouldn’t have had any idea what it was. But that’s because it’s a Spring Speaker.

Put a spring in your beat with the revolutionary Spring Speakers! The accordion like construction of these unique speakers gives you a level of customization over your music that other mini sound systems simply cannot match. The ‘bellows’ design allows you to enhance the sound or amplify the base response simply by changing it’s shape. With other speakers you’re stuck with whatever they give you. If it sounds flat too bad so sad. But with the Spring Speaker too much treble is no longer any trouble at all (yes we know we’re reaching with that pun).

Don’t settle for mediocre sound quality. Now you can slinky your way to the perfect music setting with the Spring Speaker.


You can see the entire line up of External Speakers in the MP3 Accessories Section of our Gadget Shop.

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