RC Plane Game: Expendable Airplane Fun!

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Parkflyers RC Red Devil


RC Game: Expendable Airplane Fun!

If you happen to have expendable airplanes on hand here are a few fun games.

1. Anti-Aircraft Strike (RC Planes and Helis)

  • An “expendable” airplane flys performs “fly bys” while people pay $1.00 to shoot at it with a paint ball gun.
  • Try to make the fly-bys around 100 feet away while the person aims and takes their shot.
  • Load the paint balls light to reduce the chance of someone hitting it too easily. After all a paintball could cause the plane to crash.

Required Gear:

  • Paint balls
  • Paintball Guns
  • RC Plane or RC Helicopter

Objective: To hit the plane with the paint balls, and raise money for your flight club, replacement parts, or charity.

Rules: Remember safety comes first, so make sure everyone wears goggles, and follows paintball safety guidelines.

2. Kamikaze Dog Fight!

Expendable airplanes fly into the air and smash into each other until there is no one left in the air

Required Gear:

  • RC Planes
  • Repair Kits

Objective: To knock the other planes out of the air
Rules: Set air boundaries and select a referee to disqualify those chickens who try to escape the aerial dog fight.

3. Musical Runways

  • Expendable airplanes fly into the air.
  • Music is played loud enough for all pilots to hear.
  • The music is turned off and all planes must make successful landings

Required Gear:

  • RC Planes
  • Repair Kits

Objective: To not be the last pilot to land their plane


1.    Planes must land in good enough shape to take off for the next round or they are disqualified.
2.    If no planes are in good enough shape to lift off, the first plane to the ground wins, regardless of condition.

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Video Games and Movies – The Next Mind Meld.

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As everyone knows, the re-emergence of 3D in Hollywood is gaining some exuberance. With record setting movies like Avatar and upcoming expected blockbusters like “Tron Legacy” hitting theaters in December 2010, 3D is all the rage. Just as old VHS flicks were converted to DVD, you can expect all the sci-fi classics of yesterday to be re-released into theaters or reformatted in 3D for home video.

More money for Hollywood means the re-release of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Terminator, Aliens, and pretty much any movie with a laser beam. Of course, you never know, 3D may even find its way into classics like Casablanca or Gone with the wind.

3D is beginning to emerge in the video game industry also, as the gaming industry begins to move in the direction towards virtual reality, the next step in technology following 3D.

Interactive Movies of course would be the next step after 3D cinema. Unlike video games, the virtual reality of movies have only been accomplished through the combination of books and imagination.

Imagine if you will a “choose your own adventure” book where the path of the hero isn’t chosen by the reader, but by the votes of a group of readers. This of course isn’t possible for a book, but could be accomplished via theater audience or through home movie options (kinda like when the DVD feature lets you see the alternate ending)

With Audience members voting on the different paths a character should take, the traditional “night at the movies” would take on a whole new experience. This means you could essentially watch the same movie over and over, each time getting a new experience.

Have you ever been to a highly anticipated movie on its first day. A movie filled with fans, excitement, and camaraderie? If you have, you know it’s a whole different experience. A “choose your own adventure” movie would help bring about a united audience atmosphere, making the whole film an adventure in itself.

Sure some actors may have to put in more scenes, but more tickets sold means more money for them. As well, voting themes will give movie makers more insight as to what their audience wants to see. Its a “win win” for everyone.

Maybe someone, somewhere will have the guts to try a blockbuster Hollywood release online in a “pay per view” “choose your own adventure” movie. The way I see it, the worst that can happen is we get another Hollywood flop. 🙂

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Remote Control Plane GAME: BLACKJACK (RC Planes)

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1.    Lay out (12) 20′ squares on the runway in a 2 rows and 6 columns.
2.    Number the squares on the right side 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10; the ones on the left 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 0.

Required Gear:

•    12 Cardboard Squares
•    RC Plane

Objective: To come as close to 21 as possible over a series of landings.

Rules: The pilot may elect to stop with a score of LESS than 21, but going over 21 is a disqualification.

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Top 10 Worst Hollywood Movies that Never Existed

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

hollywood undead

1. Cry hard “Steel Magnolias” meets “Thelma and Louise” in this overly boring movie about emotions and internal human conflict.

There are movies based on classic novels that deal with these types of emotions, spiritual growth and holistic healing. Quite frankly however I’m glad this movie was never made as it would only waste 3 ½ hours of peoples lives.

Cry Hard is way too long, packed with single gender jokes, and histrionic blubbering that no real person could possible relate to. Although I laughed at the part where the main two characters drove of the cliff and hit Sylvester Stallone who just happened to be cliff hanging at the time, the rest of the movie was way too serious to be taken seriously.

Yes the main character loses love, right after she gets fired, and when her dad comes over the next day with new puppy and she accidentally backs over it with her car, it is kind of sad. However. These come off as random events with no real story and as such, make the movie more humorous than sad or inspirational.

2. Total Recall 2 – Just when you thought a 50 million dollar budget guaranteed you a block buster.

Psycho made you afraid of the shower. Jaws made you afraid of the Ocean. Arachnophobia made you arachnophobic, and total recall 2 will make you afraid of your breakfast.

A warped minded serial killer (aren’t all serial killers warped?) decides to start a spree of ironic killings by poisoning Total Cereal boxes (serial killer = cereal killer, booo!) this causes a massive product recall. Of course it doesn’t take long for the police to realize that it is an inside job. The plot focuses back and forth accusing a disgruntled employee who wanted to see the value of his employer’s company hit rock bottom, and a corporate takeover specialist who is currently funding a hostile takeover of the cereal company in the midst of the product recall.

There is almost no action in this movie and the plot is really more “made for tv” I highly recommend not bringing the movie into the production phase.

3. Underworld 4 – So we’ve had a zombie craze, werewolf craze, vampire craze, and now werewolf vs vampire craze. The next logical step, werewolf vs vampire, vs zombie craze.

When they made a half vampire half werewolf they didn’t think what would happen if the evolved creature bit someone. As we all know, nobody (other than a Corvino) can survive a bite from both a vampire and a werewolf. However, The Werevamp’s bite (yes I’m using werevamp over “vampwolf” or “wolfpire”) has a unique consequence. It kills your humanity, but both the vampire virus, and lycanthropy virus remain in the body creating a being who’s only function is the desire to feed. In other words..”A Zombie”.

As the Z-virus spreads exponentially (Yes I mean “Z” virus, not “T” virus), the vampires find they must team up with their ancient enemies (the werewolves) in order wipe out the zombies and eliminate “patient zero” The first human to become infected with the Z-Virus, and the only zombie that kept his human sentience after the transmogrification.

In Short, there is no point to making an “Underworld” part 4.

4. Cannibal Hectare

The financial collapse of the housing market caused a string of ghost towns in the mid west united states. The town of Hickton is now surrounded by them. Previously a thriving farming town, Hickton relied financially on trade with the towns on its outskirts. Now it has become a town of lunatics.

With no means of providing food for its livestock, Hickton farmers began feeding their cows, pigs, and other farm animals with ground up body parts of their former barn mates. This causes an outbreak of mad cow disease, as well as mad pig, mad goat, and mad everything else.

As the residents of Hickton begin eating the toxic animals, they too begin to lose there sanity, and when their food runs out, they begin trying to eat each other, creating a “madman disease”

Cannibal Hectare depicts one family’s battle to not only escape lunacy, but to use the power of their love to refrain from their cannibalistic urges.

5. Myers vs Jason vs Leprechaun etc

As far as cheap horror movies go, this is a must make. It is still a horrible movie, but that’s what makes it good. Its kinda like the expendables in that it has an all star cast, but instead of actors, it uses characters.

Jason vs Michael Myers has been on everyone’s mind since the movie Freddy vs Jason, but this movie also features Wishmaster, vs Candyman and Pin vs the Slient Night Deadly Night orphan. Of course the battle when Chucky and the Leprechaun are playing in the snow and they accidentally create the Jack frost snowman killer is obscurely funny as well.

6. The Comedian – It no laughing matter when Bill the comedian gets booed off stage. He takes it personally.

Essentially, this movie is about a very unsuccessful comedian who gets booed off stage and then captures one of the hecklers from the audience and kills them if they don’t laugh genuinely at his new material. Being unfunny anyway, and under huge amounts of stress and fear, none of his victims even come close to laughing at his jokes.

When Bill captures an audience member (Jim) that laughs hysterically from the extreme amounts of stress however, he begins to feel successful for the first time in his life. He begins to create new funnier material that even his audience laughs at. As Bill becomes successful for the first time in his life he begins to feel attachment toward his victim. With time, the stress of being held captive by a madman diminishes and Jim stops laughing at Bill’s new comic routines.

Bill tries the new material out on an audience and finds that they all laugh. He realizes that a lot of his success has come from just the mental confidence and genuine will to bring laughter into peoples lives. He is briefly held back in remorse as he realizes that Jim is no longer needed.

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” he says to himself at the end. As he smiles basking in his secret of success.

7. To Kill a Stalking Nerd.

When a Slave Lea meets a royally dressed Aragon at a local sci fi convention, its love at first fight.

Initially annoyed by each other, Eva and Brian (dressed as Princess Lea from Star Wars and Aragon from Lord of the Rings) argue about who is better looking between the elf princess in LOTR and Princess Lea. The law of opposites creates attraction, and at first they are inseparable. Being a first time relationship for both of them, their desire ends up leading to jealousy as they both begin stalking each other online to determine if the other is cheating.

They both get the idea to set up a sting to catch the other cheating by pretending to be someone else, and when they see each other at the agreed location (the warehouse where the sci fi convention was held), both Eva and Brian conclude that the other is there for an affair with their cyber double. Insane with jealosy they have a prop war with lightsabers, phasers and more until they both end up in a freak accident “War of the Roses” type death.

Worst Stalker Movie Ever.

8. Leggo my Preggo

When Shelly agrees to be a surrogate mother for couples that can’t conceive she gets more than she bargained for. A mix up at the clinic accidentally makes her a surrogate mother for 2 different couples. The twins being from two different fathers and two different mothers.

She is told by the fertility clinic that they won’t be able to test the mother/father combination of the twins until they are born. This creates a bizarre love triangle where the couples begin to fight over different aspects of Shelly’s pregnancy. As well, both the fathers start to experience strong feeling towards her.

This movie is kind of believable, and it is sort of sad when you find out she has a miscarriage. It just makes no sense why they let her keep her job as a Matador after she became pregnant, which is why Leggo my Preggo makes the list of “the worst” movies never made.

9. Shallow Hal 2 They Live! When Hal is hypnotized by Tony Robbins something strange happens. All the physically attractive people are revealed to be aliens. At first Hal thinks he’s going mad since Mr. Robbins was supposed to hypnotize him into seeing the “inner beauty” of people. Not reveal the physically beautiful people as aliens.

Hal later realizes that all of Hollywood is run by aliens and that stardom isn’t about good looks at all, its an alien conspiracy to make humans accept alien domination. The only question remaining, do they come in peace.
Although it was good to see Rowdy Roddy Piper do a cameo, this script of Shallow Hal 2 should be scrapped for a cheesy take off along the lines of the second Dumb and Dumber.

10. Grambo Second Blood (Rambo meets Gran Torino meets the Matrix meets something by Ivan Reitman)

When Phyllis Hanson (Grandmother of 3) begins to experience osteoporosis, she volunteers for an new experimental procedure that will make her bones unbreakable and muscles anabolicly stronger, as well as restore her estrogen levels back to normal.

Everything works out fine in the beginning with one excepted caveat. Her new hormonal balance seems to be pulling her backward through menopause!

Of course a group neighborhood thugs picked the worst time to target her grand children for their gang and she plans to put a stop to it. When blood is drawn against the children of her second born (her first born was named John Rambo) she transmogrifies into a pms, menopausal, adrenaline fueled, “Roid Rage” taking out the street trash one punk at a time.

Although Grambo is a non stop action flick that Betty White plays quite well, it lacks any real story or imagination. With the exception of the scene where she kicks the bad guy in the eye with her high heel shoe, you pretty much see the whole movie in the preview.hollywood undead


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The Top 4 Gadgets to increase Productivity

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Gadgets

Sometimes just the “New Toy” feeling a new gadget brings is enough to get us motivated and productive.

When we get something new, we tend to be excited about using it, and showing it off.  In a lot of cases if we buy a Gadget for our work, this “New Toy” enthusiasm can flow through into our projects, increasing our productivity.

When choosing a productive gadget, its a good idea to try and balance the fun factor with efficiency.  The gadgets main goal should be to increase our attention for work, not decrease it.  The fun factor should only be “work fun”, leaving “toy fun” for off hours.  Of course it is possible to incorporate both if you are so disciplined.

1. USB Gadgets

usb voice recorder picture

USB Gadgets by definition are gadgets that are made to be used in conjunction with your computer’s usb port.

Depending on how you use your computer will determine the type of gadget best suited to your needs.  For example anyone who finds themselves typing the same small sentences repeatedly (a computer programmer for instance) you might find a USB macro device saving you thousands of hours. (I do some programming and use a Logitech G15 Keyboard, which also has video game functionality)

A USB Storage Device is a no-brainer.  Try to find one that is a hybrid of some kind.  The USB Flash Drive/Voice Recorder is one example of a product with double efficiency.

Be careful though, a USB Coffee Warmer could save you a few minutes here and there, but a usb microscope could cost you a few hours or more as you may find yourself comparing everything from body hair to that mysterious lunch that’s been in the office fridge for the last month.

2. Digital Recorders

A digital recorder lets you capture ideas, thoughts, interviews, record and document your important meetings and more. A great idea can strike at anytime.  A voice recorder allows you to keep a record of all those brilliant ideas without losing focus on the task you have at hand.

3. Tablets/Mini Notebooks

Let’s Face it.  The battle for supremacy of Productive gadgets is how many tasks they can perform “Well”.  A gadget that performs a multiple tasks with  poor esoteric software applications is less valuable than a gadget that performs fewer tasks easily.

The i-pad is temporarily in a class of its own as it attempts to mash the most efficient uses of both an e-reader tablet and a mini notebook.  It gives you the ability to create presentations, documents, spreadsheets, watch Podcasts, Read Books, take notes, manage your schedule, Personal Contacts, and more. It also offers you the chance to buy apps that can increase your productivity.

There are more than 150,000 apps on the App Store, and i-Pad can run almost all of them.

Some apps designed with productivity in mind are:

“iThoughts” , a mind mapping tool. “OmniFocus”, A Task Manager. “Evernote” lets you capture and synchronize text/voice notes, while “Done” is a simple “To Do” list. (I just use a notepad document a write things that I need to get done and erase them when I complete them.  To each his or her own I guess)

The I Pad is small enough to carry around, and is a great way to increase productivity when you are away from your computer.

4. Blackberry

Its capable of Multimedia: mp3/mp4 player, so you could watch a presentation or listen to a prerecorded meeting you missed out on.

If you don’t have a BlackBerry with a built-in GPS receiver you can still use navigation just go to google.com/mobile/maps/ and download the app.

You can use the blackberry as a mini E-reader for books and newspapers, Just download e reader software. Barnes and Noble have one, MobiPocket is another.

Obviously Instant messaging and email are part of the blackberrys productivity boost, but you can also edit MS office documents with and E-Office app.

We all have our favorite gadgets, the ones we can’t live without. Just remember that the 2 way communication devices let people reach you as well, so don’t let the interruptions of others reduce your efficiency.

If you aren’t sure who to answer and who to put on hold, give them the elevator test.  If you see them get noticeably upset after waiting less than 60 seconds for an elevator.  Send them to voice mail when they call.

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For the Love of Sumos – How to win the Championship.

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

For the Love Of Sumos!

Years ago there was a baseball player named Eddie Gaedel who gained immortal fame as the smallest player in the history of the major leagues.

Donning the number 1/8 on his back and Weighing in at 65 pounds, standing 3 feet 7 inches,  Gaedel was one the toughest players to strike out in the majors.

His unique strike zone measured around 1 1/2 inches, so unless the pitcher threw the ball like a laser, Gaedel was pretty much guaranteed to get on base.

Some called this a mockery, others called it genius.  In any event, Gaedel was an unstoppable weapon.

Bringing little people back into baseball could be good for baseball if the sport was willing to change and adapt.  Sure, some might argue that we could end up with a team entirely composed of little people with no strikes zones, where every player walks and no-one gets struck out.  But did anyone think that maybe the strike zone should be marked on a standard space, as opposed to being based on the size and stance of the player?  This would certainly bring more consistency to the umpire’s calls, which is one improvement.

Let’s face it, in sports, Size Does Matter. I have always liked the smaller faster players, be it Barry Sanders, or Martin St. Louis. Today however I am going to advocate the opposite. Cheering for the biggest of them all. Today, I am supporting the often overlooked “Sumo”

Hockey – Imagine if you will, getting smashed in the corner by Scott Stevens. Okay that’s scary, maybe even scary enough to make forwards fearful of entering the opposing teams zone. But now imagine a 400 pound sumo wrestler on skates smashing you into the corner! Scarier.

I think most of the forwards would be taking slap shots from the blue line.  Not to mention that if you could find a Sumo big enough to cover the entire net, no one would ever be able to score a goal!

He would instantly be the greatest goalie to ever play the game!

Football – Okay it should be pretty obvious that Sumos could bring a great deal to the game of football. Their entire art is about pushing people around. An offensive line of Sumo wrestlers could not only protect the 2.3 million dollar quarterback “Jay Cutler” it could also save his life.

Who needs a rushing QB when you have an army of sumo’s protecting you! Given enough time to throw the ball anyone can look like Brett Favre in his prime.

Even if the offensive line went to Japan to study the Sumo ways in the off season the team would benefit.  Of course they are probably hard to tackle too, so I suspect a Sumo could give you an extra rushing yard or 2 when you really need it.

Next time your team is on a losing streak ask yourself “Could a Sumo Help Us?” More than likely, the answer is either “Yes” or very funny image of “No”

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The # 1 Movie of all time that never existed

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

citizen abel

1. Citizen Abel

Law abiding citizen meets Citizen Kane.

When Geneticist William Abel (pronounced “uh-bell”) successfully maps the human genome he has a startling discovery. Not only can he identify the specific genes that cause disease, he also discovers that over 90% of convicted murderers carry the same type gene, the “Cain” Gene.

At first discovery William is able to cure various diseases of humanity very cheaply while still making a small profit. Soon people begin pressuring him to modify there genes in a way that will increase their metabolisms for weight loss and muscle building, as well as to slow and reverse the signs of aging.

Parents begin having their children “genetically engineered” from birth, and soon things like plastic surgery are a thing of the past.

As William becomes one of the richest and most powerful people in the world, he develops a true God Complex and takes it upon himself to create a utopian paradise. He begins by genetically manufacturing a disease to attack those born with the “Cain” gene or “Murderer Gene” and releases it on to the public, believing only the guilty and those born from the guilty (who will become guilty later anyway”) will perish, leaving society free from violence and suffering.

At first the process is successful and the streets begin to clear up a bit, but as the virus spreads William begins to see a lot more people falling sick than he had anticipated, compelling him to re test his theory.

The new test results come back with a startling discovery. They show that the “Cain” Gene isn’t hereditary, it is developed naturally as a defense mechanism of the species. And not only has he himself now developed the Cain gene, like other murderers, the victims who experience a fear of death have also developed the gene.

William then realizes he has created the greatest threat of extinction ever faced by humanity and is forced to put his faith completely in nature to undo everything he has done.


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The #2 Movie of all time that never existed

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The Top 10 Movies That Never Existed

2. Carthage

Following one of the greatest military masterminds in history, Carthage focuses on the second Punic war. The movie starts off with the defeat of Carthage and Barcas’s subsequent signing of the peace treaty while his young son Hannibal looks on in disgust.

The legendary story of the Carthaginian military genius Hannibal vs the Roman military genius of Scipio Africanus, Carthage is filled with action, deception, and military strategy.

Story outline:

Due to complaints from Carthaginian interests in Saguntum, Hannibal, the Carthaginian general attacked and laid siege to Saguntum, which at the time was believed to be a place of common grounds for both Carthage and Rome.

The Roman Senate reacted declaring both Hannibal a criminal, and Hispania to be a Roman province. This of course didn’t go over so well, as the Carthaginian ego, and military prowess had both regrown since the loss of the first Punic War. Not to mention that Hannibal was probably looking for some Mel Gibson styled payback of his own.

Believing that a small invasion force equipped with a picnic lunch would be enough to quash the Carthaginians, the Roman’s began planning for the Second Punic War with the same strategy that had won them the first. Little did they know they would be facing one of history’s greatest military geniuses of all time.

With a small army of 40,000 Gauls, Spaniards, and Carthaginians, Hannibal advanced through the Pyrenees (avoiding a Roman intercept), across the Rhone River (an unbelievable task in itself since he had 60 elephants!), then across the alps, something the Roman’s believed to be essentially impossible.

Through the Alps Hannibal was not only forced to build his own roads ( a great analogy for creating ones own path in life), but he was constantly bombarded by hostile Celtic tribes tried to rob and enslave his men. When he finally emerged from the Alps, Hannibal had a little over half his men, 20 elephants, and all his Genius.

Defeating the first small army Hannibal encountered merely got his feet wet. The armies he would face over the next 2 years would grow in both size and defeats. Boasting a casualty rate of opposing forces to be above 75%, Rome dispatched a consular army to intercept Hannibal. Caught of guard while crossing a narrow pathway by Lake Trasimene (flanked by a lake on one side and grass covered hills on the other), the Roman army was obliterated by Hannibal who had been hiding in the hills in wait.

It was this defeat that led the Roman’s to invoke the provision of Constitutional Dictatorship.

Bestowing dictatorial military power upon Quintus Fabius Maximus, Rome’s new military leader decided that the best way to deal with Hannibal was to not attack him, as attacking him only seemed to make things worse. Fabius believed that Rome should focus on the rest of Carthage’s military, while only annoying Hannibal by sending a military presence around him that would not engage.

As Fabius’ dictatorship lapsed, 2 new younger hot headed consuls came to power and promised Rome that they would defeat Hannibal’s genius based on shear numbers. They would be mistaken.

Raising the largest Roman consular army to date (around 80,000 men), the two armies would meet on the plane of Cannae in southern Italy.

Hannibal was well aware of the Roman’s method of driving through the center of an opposing army, breaking the line, and then defeat the enemy forces. Realizing his army was outnumbered 2-1 he weakened his armies center and strengthened his flanks. This created a collapsing pocket that enveloped the roman army, making it impossible for them to move, let alone fight back. Hannibal’s losses were of course minimal.

It was deciding by Rome that Hannibal lacked the resources to lay siege to the city, and that they should return to their previous “Fabian” tactics as to ignore Hannibal while preventing his resources from being replenished. This gave Hannibal free reign to stomp around Italy, destroying crops and causing disturbances, but he was unable to really do anymore damage other than being a pain in Rome’s pocket book.

As the Carthaginian war pressed on without Hannibal, Rome gave birth to a military genius of their own. His name was Publius Cornelius Scipio and he was only 25 years old. His great charisma and oratory skills convinced Rome, that given a chance he could reverse their problems in Spain and help bring them to victory. Despite his youth and lack of experience he was given governorship which he used to bring resolution in Spain, the birthplace of the second Punic War.

General Hasdrubal (Hannibal’s brother), had escaped capture in Spain and attempted to reinforce Hannibal in Italy. Scipio intercepted and defeated him, eradicating Hannibal’s last and only chance for reinforcements. Hannibal found out about the news when his brothers head flew over the ramparts of his camp.

Scipio then convinced Rome to let him take a large army into Carthaginian territory and attack them on their own ground. He believed that they would have no choice but to recall Hannibal from Italy in response to such an attack.

It would be at the battle of “Zama” that the match up of two of history’s greatest military geniuses.

At one point, it seemed that Hannibal would seize victory, when Scipio and his cavalry, routed the Carthaginian cavalry attacking Hannibal’s rear in a two-pronged attack causing the Carthaginian formation to collapse, leaving Scipio victorious.


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Radio Control Aeroplane GAME: Balloon Bust (RC Planes)

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in RC Zone

baloon bust RC plane game

GAME: Balloon Bust (RC Planes)

Tie balloons to 50/25/5-10 foot party streamers (use crepe paper, or toilet paper so that is cuts and doesn’t tangle in the prop)

Required Gear:

•    3 Helium filled balloons.
•    Crepe Paper (party streamers)


Score Points by Busting the Balloons if you can.


•    Each contestant gets 3 high speed parallel passes.
•    Must be full throttle parallel to flight line
•    Consider point for cutting the balloons free since a pop can take all day sometimes.

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