RC Air Filters: A Quick Tip on Protecting Your Redcat Racing Engine

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Redcat Racing Air Filter Picture

Be it a gas or nitro engine, the most vital thing you can do is keep the evil dirt and wetness out.

Dirt is the most harmful predator to a gas or nitro engine and we can keep it out with correct air filter upkeep.

Keep your air filter clean and make use of air filter pretreatment oil.

A Clean air filter

A clean redcat air filter permits your engine to breathe effectively. A blocked air filter will trigger an engine to run rich, which will not harm the engine, simply trigger poor efficiency.

If the filter is covered in dirt, it might trigger some air to slip into small spaces in between the filter and housing. When a filter is kept clean, air can easily stream through the filter, catching dirt, that would otherwise harm the vehicle’s performance.

Filter Oil

Filter oil is required in catching small dust fragments that can possibly harm the interior of your Redcat engine. While the filter aspect can catch bigger dirt bits, the smaller dust particles can sneak by. Air filter oil produces a breathable protection obstacle that dust cannot permeate.

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