RC Plane Game: Expendable Airplane Fun!

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Parkflyers RC Red Devil


RC Game: Expendable Airplane Fun!

If you happen to have expendable airplanes on hand here are a few fun games.

1. Anti-Aircraft Strike (RC Planes and Helis)

  • An “expendable” airplane flys performs “fly bys” while people pay $1.00 to shoot at it with a paint ball gun.
  • Try to make the fly-bys around 100 feet away while the person aims and takes their shot.
  • Load the paint balls light to reduce the chance of someone hitting it too easily. After all a paintball could cause the plane to crash.

Required Gear:

  • Paint balls
  • Paintball Guns
  • RC Plane or RC Helicopter

Objective: To hit the plane with the paint balls, and raise money for your flight club, replacement parts, or charity.

Rules: Remember safety comes first, so make sure everyone wears goggles, and follows paintball safety guidelines.

2. Kamikaze Dog Fight!

Expendable airplanes fly into the air and smash into each other until there is no one left in the air

Required Gear:

  • RC Planes
  • Repair Kits

Objective: To knock the other planes out of the air
Rules: Set air boundaries and select a referee to disqualify those chickens who try to escape the aerial dog fight.

3. Musical Runways

  • Expendable airplanes fly into the air.
  • Music is played loud enough for all pilots to hear.
  • The music is turned off and all planes must make successful landings

Required Gear:

  • RC Planes
  • Repair Kits

Objective: To not be the last pilot to land their plane


1.    Planes must land in good enough shape to take off for the next round or they are disqualified.
2.    If no planes are in good enough shape to lift off, the first plane to the ground wins, regardless of condition.

Looking for RC Planes? Check out the Red Devil RC Plane from Park Flyers

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