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Egg drop has been around for years in many variations.   Try the rules below and if you find the game to be lots of fun consider adding your own variation to the game and sharing it.

Required Gear:

  • Rubber Bands

  • Dixie Cups

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Lime, Chalk, or a targeting mechanism

  • Pie Plate or other Target

Place the Popsicle stick through the dixie cup and mount it to the plane with the rubber band, keeping in mind the planes CG (Center of Gravity)

Objective: Score Points by dropping and egg or golf ball via Roll from the plane in mid air. Generally a line is drawn with lime or chalk of some sort, in the shape of 3 big circles on the field. You receive 10 points for landing the egg or golf ball in the outer circle, 20 points for next in, 30 points for smallest circle, and 50 points if you can hit the pie plate in the center.

You can use any target you like including the person who scored the lowest amount of points in the previous game. Try having the loser where a tinfoil pie plate as a hat while the other fliers drop their bombs from above.

Another Variation is to play partners and have them try to run and catch the eggs with a pan or pie plate. (Don’t wear your Sunday clothes though)


  • 3 Runs per person

  • If the egg falls out while on take off it doesn’t count, everyone gets 3 good flybys

  • Try to set a height limit and be fair. If someone flies too low they should be sent to the target for bombing

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