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Redcat Racing TX Radio


My batteries are installed in the car and in the battery box on the car but when I turn on the remote control and the power switch on the car, the radio does not seem to work?


This is a very common problem. If the batteries installed are not fresh or fully charged rechargeable batteries, the controller will not operate correctly. You may have some things such as throttle working but no steering. This is usually due to batteries that need to be replaced. We recommend rechargeable batteries.

If changing the batteries did not resolve the problem, you should inspect the battery box located on the car. Open this compartment and make sure all 3 plugs are attached to the receiver box. You can also try swapping positions of the wires to see if that resolves the problem. You should also check very closely the connections on the battery box and connections on the remote control where the batteries are installed.

If the first two suggestions did not resolve your problem you should try reseating the crystals. One crystal is located in the receiver as pictured above and the other crystal is located in the Remote Control Unit that you hold in your hand. First you should check to make sure that both crystals are the same frequency and when you pull the crystals you will see small writing with a specific number imprinted on the side. These must match. If they do, you should reseat and even swap positions of the crystals. If the problem still exists you can try new crystals which can be purchased at any hobby shop. Please note that the crystal in the remote is held in place by a plastic holder that is inserted into the side of the hand controller.

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