How to Rebuild the Clutch of RC Nitro Engine

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial that explains tips and techniques on how to rebuild the clutch of your remote control car nitro engine. This is just one of the many RedCat Racing tutorials that helps hobbyists make repairs and maintenance on their nitro racing car.

Prepare all your materials for repairing the clutch. You need a complete set of screwdrivers, a long screwdriver, nose pliers and if possible, have your 4-way wrench handy too.

How to rebuild an RC clutch tools

Use a 2-piece clutch shoes that can be ordered online in the Redcat Parts section of our store to rebuild your damaged clutch.

Take out the clutch gear by using a four way wrench to take the large nut off. Once the nut is loose, it will continuously start turning the engine shaft. There is a small fly wheel with a hole in it, slide a screwdriver in and then lock the shaft so you can remove the nut easily from the engine.

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