How To Use The RedCat DSM –2C 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control and Receiver

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This tutorial gives you an overview of a RedCat DSM – 2.4Ghz radio remote control and receiver, How to set the fail safe and How to bind the Receiver to the Radio

First make yourself familiar with the DSM – 2.4Ghz, its parts and its receivers in detail. It is the initial part of learning all about working with a RedCat DSM – 2C remote control.


RedCat DSM –2C 2.4 Ghz

The Redcat Racing radio remote is a simple radio that has the basic parts of any remote control system: it has a throttle, a steering wheel and a 2.4G antenna that protrudes from the unit. Take care not to drop the radio remote since it will significantly damage its antenna.
The DSM – radio remote controls are composed of a large on and off switch, three trim switches, and a red power LED light and a green battery indicator LED light. The controls also has a black Bind button in the middle, a normal and reverse steering switch and a normal and reverse throttle switch.

The two receivers were identical except for a very small hole found on the upper left hand corner of the panels. The receiver with a punctured hole showing the green PCB is a receiver that has no fail safe, while the other one with a button in the hole has a fail safe.

Redcat Racing Fail Safe

First, a receiver is hooked to the remote control car; all the wiring is accessible from the underside of the car. The receiver has four channel inputs: the first channel is for steering controls the second channel input is for the throttle controls, the VCC or forth input is for the Power.

Redcat Receiver binding

The third port is in between the Red and Black inputs and is used for the binding cable.

Redcat Receiver Binding Cable

As soon as all the cables are connected to the receiver and the binding cable is collected to the third channel input power the unit on. A red LED light will continuously flash which means that it is ready to bind to a radio receiver.

Blinking Light on Binding Receiver

With the receiver blinking on one hand and the radio control on the other, press and hold the Bind button in the middle as you power on the receiver.

When the receiver red LED light stops blinking, it means that it is now bound to the radio control. You will then see a blinking Green Light on the receiver. Power the radio off and turn off the power on the race car. Take the binding cable out.

Next power the radio on first, then turn the power on. Then move the wheels to test the steering, the grip controls for the throttle and other buttons especially the three rim switches.

Learning the basics of installing your DSM -2C remote receiver is the most important part of any hobbyist’s concern. Any errors in connecting the wires and cables at the receiver’s end as well as following the binding technique will cost you your race and could totally affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

Testing the controls on the radio control to check for the steering and how to use the normal and reverse steering button located at the upper left hand corner of the control panel. Moving the button to either normal or reverse steering will easily correct the steering controls so that left is left and right is right as opposed to backwards.

Redcat Racing Steering Reverse Switch


Testing the throttle controls is next and using the normal and reverse throttle buttons will fine tune the throttle especially when you need to make drastic corrections on your breaking mechanism. When the wheels of the car are not driving in a straight pattern, you can easily correct it with the steering trim. You can make the slightest modifications to straighten the wheels’ path in an instant. Using the throttle trim increases or decreases the idle and the breaks of the car, but this method is not recommended. Your car’s idle speed should be set using car tuning methods. the final trim button is used to calibrate bow much steering you will need to maneuver the car. It could be adjusted from as less as 0 to as high as 400.

Trim Adjustment for Redcat Racing

Setting the failsafe on the RedCat DSM -2C 2.4G radio. Setting the fail safe stops the car from going full throttle as the power is turned off from the radio control. First Power on the radio control, set the throttle trim so that the car is on breaks.  Then press the failsafe button on the receiver for a few seconds. The steady red light will blink, stop pressing the failsafe and the red light will stop blinking.

Redcat Racing Fail Safe button

Turn the radio controller off and you will see that the throttle remains where it is. Even when you power on the radio controller and place the car in full throttle, it will return to breaks when you power it off.


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