Redcat Racing Nitro Engine – Standard Engine Breaking In Procedure

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How to break in your RedCat Racing remote control engine.

This is an essential step that will help you get to know your RedCat Racing engine and how to break in the engine especially when it is your first time to use it. Place your remote control car on a base (or Redcat work stand) to prevent the wheels from touching the ground. Fill the fuel compartment with RC fuel using your plastic fuel bottle.

Redcat Nitro Fuel in Engine

Always turn the radio controller on first before you power the receiver on the remote control car. With your fingers, block the exhaust system and with your other hand, pull the started to start priming the engine.

Redcat Nitro Exhaust Pipe Blocked During Engine Break In

With short pulls, you should see the fuel in the fuel tube from the fuel compartment go to the carburetor. After a few short pulls, use the glow plug igniter, insert it to the glow plug located in the piston and pull the pull starter again. The engine should start immediately.

Insert glow plug igniter and pull starter

Set your remote to idle speed so that your wheels are not moving. If the wheels are moving, check the throttle trim from the radio controller and set it on idle. You may also use an idle speed screw to do this manually.

Idle speed screw on redcat racing nitro RC truck

Set the needle valve located at the entry to the carburetor from a high end to a rich setting and check the temperature of your engine, the ideal break in temp is between 200 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Idle speed screw on redcat racing nitro RC truck set to rich setting

If your exhaust is spitting fuel other than smoke then you are doing well and the engine is running rich.

leaking fuel from exhaust

It is recommended that you allow the engine to sing for a full tank. Give the car a full 15 minutes break and then fill the tank again for the second process.

After you have finished a full tank, it is time to drive your car. The first thing to do is to make 8 circles on ¼ throttle. Make circles of 8 several times. Once the second tank of fuel is finished, let the engine cook down for 10 minutes.

Fill the tank with fuel and do what you have done on tank 2. Allow your engine to rest for 10 minutes before you start on tank 4. This time, drive your car doing 8 circles on half throttle. After the 4th tank is finished, let the car rest for another 10 minutes to cool the engine down.

When you are on tank 5, drive your car on a straight line going from partial to full throttle this time. Keep doing this until you have finished tank 5. Let the engine cool down for 10 minutes.

Now you can do whatever you want!

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