Redcat Racing Reviews and Tips – Cleaning and Fixing Your Redcat Nitro Engine Carburetor

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial that will show you the basics of cleaning your race car engine’s carburetor. A clean carburetor will supply the engine with clean and efficient power and will also improve the lifespan of your remote control car engine. This is one of the many RedCat Racing tutorials that teach the basics of maintenance and expert handling of your race car’s delicate parts.

You can easily tell when your carburetor needs cleaning and maintenance when you cannot freely turn the carburetor speed needles or you turn them and there is not performance change in your vehicle. Take the carburetor and clean it out, then remove the needle valve from the carb. Don’t put too much force as you use nose pliers on the carburetor needle valve.

removing the carburetor needle from Redcat Racing Nitro

Remove the High Speed Needle and the Low Speed Needle and with a small amount of nitro fuel, clean the remaining carburetor assembly.

removing low end valve from redcat carburetor

Wear protective glasses and gloves when cleaning the carburetor. After placing a small amount of nitro fuel on the part, gently blow the carburetor holes to remove the dirt and the air away. Clean everything and make sure there is no stuck dirt. Be gentle with the carburetor assembly and avoid scratching any part or damaging any small part.

Place the High Speed Needle and the Low Speed Needle back with a screwdriver. Never over tighten any screw on the carburetor since it can damage the assembly. Set the idle screw; you may see for yourself the position of the opening of the carburetor when this important part is adjusted. Generally you want to leave at least 1 MM open.

1 mm opening in carb

Check if all the moving parts are OK before you replace it back to the car engine. Place the carburetor back where it is located on the car. Attach the throttle to the carburetor assembly and screw the part back in. Power the car; use the manual pull string and the glow plug igniter to start the engine. With your remote, adjust the throttle and the steering trims.

It’s time to test out your Recat Nitro Vehicle!


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