Redcat Racing Reviews and Tips – Why Does My Engine Quit When I Break?

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Redcat Racing Rotary Carb

This is a RedCat Racing tutorial that will teach you common troubleshooting techniques when it comes to the race car’s breaking system. This is one of the many RedCat Racing tutorials about the common problems encountered with using a nitro-powered engine remote control car.

Remove the outer cover of the Redcat Volcano or other nitro vehicle to be able to set the breaking system of the race car and to further check what’s wrong with the parts of the car. The common troubleshooting process for a failing breaking system is to adjust the idle speed properly and to set the carburetor properly. Locate the idle speed screw that is connected to the carburetor. It is usually under the breaking system or the throttle arm.

Carburetor gap

Ideally, the carburetor must have a proper idle gap of only a millimeter to start with. As you accelerate, the gap increases in size but as you apply the brakes, the gap lessens. If you have an improper idle gap to begin with, your brakes will surely fail since you would be closing the gap when you apply them.

Properly adjust the idle speed manually with a screwdriver and maintain only a millimeter gap on your carburetor to allow your breaks to work excellently.

Setting the idle opening on the carburetor on an actual car is easy. Just take the air filter off to expose the carburetor opening. Power the remote on and then power the car on. Pull the trigger to accelerate; this should open the valve as wide as it can go. Apply the brakes and check if the idle maintains the millimeter gap.

Carburetor gap on rc truck

Make the necessary adjustments and play with your idle switch to get to know the importance of this part of your car.

Carburetor gap idle speed

If you feel that your idle speed is running low, do not adjust the High Speed Needle; just make manual adjustments using your idle switch to create only a millimeter gap on your carburetor idle.

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    You have the low speed needle and idle screw labeled incorrectly, The idle screw is always on the end where the servo linkage connects to the carb. Other than that this is a great thread for newbies or people that have been out of the hobby for a while.


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