Redcat Racing Reviews and Tips – How to Fix a Broken Redcat Racing Pull Start

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial about the common troubleshooting tips in maintaining a RedCat Racing vehicle. Breaking the pull starter is one of the most common problems that even professional racers encounter every day. Learning how to replace and repair a broken pull starter will help you take care of your race car more effectively

A broken pull start is one of the most common problems. A broken pull string will never be able to start an engine so it is better to replace one in a hurry. Before working on your pull start wear protective eye wear or goggles.

Remove the engine from the manifold by unscrewing the 4 screws at the bottom of the car. Remove the pull start by removing 4 screws that connect it to the engine. If you do not know how to do this, see our article on “How to remove a nitro engine”

The pull start is composed of the string, a coin that houses the coil and with a nut shaped middle and a long, thin, metallic coil.

Redcat Racing Pull Start apart

Take the pulley out of the pull string assembly with a small screwdriver to remove the protective lock. You will be able to fully see the insides of the pull start and see where your cord has snapped.

Redcat Pull Start Protective Lock

Recoil the cord to the pulley and replace it back inside the assembly. Then Slide the string through the hole before you wrap it on the pulley. Remember to rotate counterclockwise.

Redcat Pull Start Sliding String Through Hole

Fix the handle accordingly. Remove the torn or broken string from the handle and replace it with the other half of the string. Through the spacer first then through the handle then tie a double knot in the sting once through the hole in the top of the handle.

Redcat Pull Start Sliding String Through Hole and handle

Recoil the string to the pulley and place it back in the assembly. Your string may be lose or too tight on the pull string assembly, you can easily repair this by placing the locking cover of the pull start back and drawing the excess cord from the top part of the handle.

Place a second knot at the end of the handle of the pull start just below the first. Replace the pull start back to the engine and screw it back in place. You may also want to consider using an electric power start system which is also available from RedCat Racing.

Redcat Pull Start Sliding String Through Hole and handle and knot

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