Redcat Racing Reviews and Tips – Why Does Your Redcat Nitro Engine Rev Right After Starting?

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial for beginner remote control race car hobbyists that teaches simple troubleshooting techniques to maximize your car engine’s performance. It tackles one of the most common problems that racers face, why an engine revs up right after it has started.

To Start, remove the top or external portion of your race car and check the internal parts to see what’s wrong. There are many reasons why your engine revs up after starting. One of the main reasons is the need to calibrate your engine’s carburetor. Check for the carburetor by removing the air filter. It is a layer of white foam in the middle of the engine assembly which directly covers the entrance to the carburetor.

Redcat Racing review carb idle gap

The carburetor opening is adjusted with the help of the idle switch. Ideally, there should only be a millimeter opening on the carburetor, a larger opening will usually make the engine rev up after you have started the engine. Always place the opening to only one millimeter to maintain the function of your engine.

You may also adjust the opening with the use of the throttle servo arm. With just a few turns of the throttle push rod of the throttle assembly you will also be able to get just a millimeter hole on the carburetor.

Redcat Racing review push rod adjustments

As you make manual adjustments with the carburetor idle switch, power the car on as well as the radio controller so you can readily adjust the throttle trim as well. Making sure that your Low Speed Needle is not too lean will also reduce engine rev every time you start it.

BY making sure than the carburetor is open with just a millimeter and your Low Speed Needle is not too lean will avoid engine rev up upon starting it. It will also assure that your engine will perform better and will last longer too.



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