Redcat Racing Reviews and Tips – How to Replace a Broken Pull Start Part II

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial covers maintenance and repair tips for your radio powered nitro engine. This is one of the many RedCat Racing training tutorials; learning about these repairs and simple troubleshooting processes will allow you to personally replace or repair a broken manual pull start.

A broken coil of the race car pull start is indeed a headache. No matter how you pull the manual pull start, you will never be able to start the engine when the thin metal wire is broken. Take apart a pull start by removing the safety covering of the assembly. Take all the other parts. You must be very careful with the fixed metal strip located inside the pull string assembly. So you won’t inure yourself or cut yourself with it, take out the coil very slowly.

Presuming that the cord for the pull string is still intact ad that the only thing broken is the coil, you may get a new one. Simply take the cable out slowly and reshape a new one to take its place.

Redcat Racing Broken Pull Start Coil rebent

Bend it accordingly and coil everything slowly (using needle nose pliers) . The easiest technique is to start as a big circle and then start pulling the coil outwards. This is very tedious process but take time to shrink the coil into a very small circle or simply small enough to fit back the pull start.

Redcat Racing Broken Pull Start Coil recoiling

Use nose pliers to place the string safely into place. Place the pulley system back, recoil the string to the coin and then you are ready.

Redcat Racing Broken Pull Start Coil replacment

Place the entire coil back to the pull start. Recoil the cord back to the pulley system and then place the safety backing on the pull start with the use of a screwdriver.

Redcat Racing Broken Pull Start Coil replacment pulley

Test the pull start; it should have the proper tension to be able to start the engine properly. If you have a loose pull start, pull the excess string from the top of the pull start handle. Tie the excess into a knot to provide the needed tension on the string.

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