Redcat Racing Tips – How to Adjust the Front Wheel Alignment of Your Remote Control Car

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial on how to repair, maintain and adjust the front wheel alignment of your car. It is very important to keep your front wheels aligned so your car can ride on a straight line maximizing its drag speed

Just by plain observation, you can easily see if your car’s front wheels are aligned. And as a helpful tip, most hobbyist place their front wheels pointing a bit outwards so the car can make quick turns. Making the front wheels aligned is done through making manual adjustments with the link of the car to the body. You increase steering links length allowing you to easily control your car on turns. Decreasing the steering links found directly on the front tires will allow you to make very quick turns.

increasing and steering length on RC car

With the use of the 4-way wrench, remove the front wheel tires and use pliers to take the alignment assembly out. Turn the alignment bar left or right depending on the specific adjustment you want to make. You can lengthen, decrease and increase the front alignment bars to your specifications then replace the tire back.

increasing and steering length on RC car II

Observe if the front wheels are already aligned. Make adjustments once again and remember to observe your car carefully before you decide to power the engine and play. Any changes on the front wheel alignment will easily affect the way your car moves on the track. It may efficiently make turns or make very quick turns depending on the adjustment you have made. Take extra care not to damage this portion of the car.

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