Redcat Racing Tips – How to Remove a Redcat Nitro Engine

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This is a RedCat Racing tutorial showing how to replace your race car’s important parts especially when these parts are damaged or require maintenance and cleaning. Probably the most important of a car parts is its nitro engine.
It is very easy to remove the nitro engine, especially when you have the right tools at hand. The engine may need to be removed for additional repairs, cleaning, or just regular engine maintenance before and after a race.

First, Remove the 4 screws from the chassis.

Removing a redcat nitro engine chassis

When possible, use a Redcat Racing Workstand. Turn over a nitro engine powered car and unscrew the engine from the manifold

Turn the car right back up and disconnect the exhaust tube from the exhaust manifold.

disconnect the exhaust tube from the exhaust manifold.

Take the throttle push off road out and disconnect the fuel from the carburetor.

Take off the throttle push rod

You can already take out the engine and to whatever you want with it. You can have it repaired, maintained or cleaned. It is recommended that after every racing, your nitro engine may need rest especially if it is the first time the engine will function.

Place the engine back by screwing it first on the manifold before connecting it to the fuel hose and exhaust tubing. Make sure everything is in its place before you prime the engine again.

If possible, run the car in one full tank then allow the car engine to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you may replace nitro fuel back then allow the engine to work for another full tank. Allow the engine to rest for another 15 to 20 minutes.
Engines are repaired easily with the use of nitro fuel, rags and other maintenance and appropriate cleaning agents. Never use corrosive cleaning materials to clean your engine.

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