Redcat Racing Tutorial – How to Set Up The Gear Mesh

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This Redcat Racing tutorial will teach you how to set up the gear mesh of your race car. Any hobbyist knows that the gears of a race car is what makes every wheel turn and without proper set up and maintenance, your car will never perform the way you want it to be. Here is a step by step procedure on how to set up the gear mesh:

A tight or loose gear mesh will affect the performance of your car. To be able to know if you have set it properly, you can do some simple diagnostic procedures.

redcar racing spur gear teeth and clutch bell

1. Feel the way the gears turn. Even when your race car has no power, turn the front wheels and feel the free-flowing motion of the gears and at the same time listen for any disturbing gear noises. Any jamming movements or any disruption on the free movement of the gears would mean that it is too tight. All four wheels should move altogether when you move a single wheel.

Spin Wheels on Redcat Gear Mesh Test

Take a simple paper about half inch wide; slide it in between the gears. This will allow you to check for the setting of the gear mesh. You should be able to clearly see the teeth of the gear on the slip of paper. If you cannot see these, it would mean that the gear mesh is too loose or if the paper comes out torn or too crumpled, then the gear mesh is too tight.

gear mesh teeth waves

Setting the gear mesh is done by loosening the screws of the engine; push the engine to the spur gear. Take the entire engine out and not just the bell gear. Place a piece of paper in between the gears again to check for the tightness or the looseness of the gears.

Gear Mesh Screws

If the gears appear to look tight, loosen the screws at the back and do the paper test once more. Place your car on a block to test the wheels freely. All the wheels should turn freely and without causing any disrupting noise.

Gear Mesh Block Test

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