Redcat Racing Tutorial – Tuning Your Redcat Engine and Understanding the Carburetor

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This Redcat Racing tutorial covers tuning your RedCat  engine and understanding your engine’s carburetor. This is a part of a series of tutorials that instructs first time users on the function of a carburetor and tuning the engine afterwards.

It is important to remember that tuning a 2-stroke engine may require skill and patience. You will have to learn skills and a few tricks in tuning a race car engine easily and efficiently. The amount of fuel and air that goes into an engine for burning affects the overall engine performance and all of these are controlled by the carburetor. You need to set the carburetor properly to give the engine the right mixture of air and fuel to burn. This is the tuning process.

There are several terms that you will hear and use as you tune your engine:

  • Rich means that there is more fuel, less air mixture. This process can keep your engine run cooler with more lubrication but will also decrease the engine’s performance in the long run.
  • Lean on the other hand means that there is more air and less fuel in the mixture. You will get more power in your engine and more performance but an engine running lean won’t last longer.

Understanding the parts of your carburetor will help you get to know more about its functions. This carburetor slide open sideways, there are several types of carburetors and each one may be different from each other.

The idle speed screw controls the air and the fuel mixture when the engine is set on idle speed.

carb idle screw

The HSN or High Speed Needle controls the air and fuel mixture when the carburetor is opening from partial to a full throttle speed.

carb hsn

The LSN or Low Speed Needle controls air and fuel as the carburetor is set from idle to partial throttle speed.

carb lsn

By turning the screws on the needle controls of the carburetor clockwise, you close the High Speed Needle which means leaning the High End. When you turn the screw counterclockwise, you are opening the High Speed Needle which means to richen the engine. Make appropriate changes by making small turns usually ¼ turns even when you are opening or closing the High Speed Needle.

Set the idle speed screw so you can get rid of engine revving and when you want to fix a vehicle taking off right after the car’s engine starts and engine shutting when it is set to brake. Turn the radio on and power the car on. Take your air filter off and set the throttle trim to close the carburetor. Power off the car.

Always set the high speed needle first, you should see visible smoke from the exhaust. Perform tests setting the High Speed Needle and listening for the engine sound. Take note of the difference between a rich and a lean engine. A Pinch Test would help you determine the richness and leanness of your engine.

redcat carb pinch test

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