Redcat Racing Tutorials and Reviews – How to Install a Redcat Electric Starter

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This is a RedCat Racing training tutorial. This is just one of the tutorials that teach any hobbyist the basics of set up and maintenance of your remote control parts. This Redcat tutorial will show you how to replace the pull starter with a new electric pow

Replacing a manual pull starter is easy when you have a RedCat Racing electric power starter. Remove the electric power starter and see if you have all the materials ready. Remove the outer cover of the nitro vehicle. You may either take the entire engine out or take the whole rear suspension out to replace the manual pull start. (The Engine is easier)

replacing nitro engine pull start

Remove the engine out by releasing the four screws at the back. Replace the manual pull start by removing the screws that attach it to the engine. The reason why most hobbyists replace a manual pull start is that the string on the pull start often breaks.

replacing nitro engine pull start 4 screws

n the package of the electric power starter. Replace it to the area where the manual pull string was located. Tighten the new starter with provided screws.

replacing nitro engine pull start replace

This power starter uses 7.2 volts 1800mAh NiCd batteries. Connect the battery to the power compartment using the provided wiring mechanism. Test the electric power starter out. Place the starter stick that will be used to start the motor electrically. Test this on the engine that you have removed from the car.

Redcat Racing review starter test

Once that the engine can be started with the use of the electric power starter, you are ready to place the engine back on the car and screw it back in. Keep the old manual starter for future use just in case you need it some day. Check if the electric power starter is able to start the motor; insert the starter stick or connector from the back of the car which is directly accessible from the back of the car.

Start your car. Lay it flat on the ground but don’t place the outer cover just yet. Start the engine using the electric starter and starting the glow plug. The engine should start with just a few strokes from the electric power starter.

Redcat Racing review electric starter

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