Setting Up Your Nitro Vehicle Part 1 – The Basics

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This RedCat Racing tutorial delves into how to set up your nitro vehicle. This is the first part of a series of tutorials that deals with familiarizing and setting up a nitro-powered vehicle as well as the basic parts and safety instructions to follow while setting up your vehicle.

The RedCat tool kit comes complete with all the important tools and parts that you need to assemble your nitro vehicle. Get the package out and examine all the package contents. Make sure that your package is complete. The primary tool kit includes cross wrenches, screwdrivers, nitro bottles and more.

glow plug igniter for redcat racing nitro

Your glow plug igniter will help run your vehicle. It’s important that the glow igniter has enough charge to power your vehicle. Charge your glow plug igniter with a charger that comes with the tool kit. It is usually located at the back of the kit.

glow plug charger for Redcat Nitro
Connect the charger unit to an electrical socket, and then connect the other end to your glow plug igniter by pulling the plug in, placing the charger end inside and releasing the igniter.

The light on the charger should turn on which means you are charging it correctly. If you are using your glow plug igniter for the first time, charge it for a full 5 hours.

Redcat Racing glow plug igniter charging with light

Ready all the other tools that you may need to assemble your nitro vehicle. You may need a set of pliers, scissors, tape, extra batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), a complete set of screwdrivers, extra glow plugs, Loctite brand glue, oil and nitro fuel containers.

Ready your RedCat assembly manual in case you need extra instructions on assembling your vehicle. This contains your antenna and a RedCat keychain.

A quick run through of your Redcat Racing Nitro Vehicle will look similar to this

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Redcat Racing Nitro Engine

Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Exhaust Manifold and Engine Exhaust

Redcat Racing Exhaust manifold and engine exhaust

Steering Servo

Redcat Racing Steering Servo

Throttle Servo

Redcat Racing Throttle Servo

Central Differential Gear Box

Redcat Racing Central Differential Gear Box

Receiver and Battery Compartment

Redcat Racing Receiver and battery compartment

Redcat Racing Air Filter

Redcat Racing Receiver Air Filter


Redcat Racing Carburetor

The parts of your race car that heats up are your nitro engine which is near your exhaust manifold. The throttle circuit is located near the exhaust area and this controls your car’s breaking system. The disc brake system is attached to the central gear box facing the throttle. The battery compartment is a large box located near the throttle system where there is a large on and off switch to power the car. Removing the air filter (a circular attachment at the center of the engine) will allow you to examine the carburetor.

There are several valves in a race car carburetor and understanding how each valves work will help you get to know your car’s engine performance better.

Redcat Carburetor


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