Starting Your Redcat Racing Nitro RC Vehicle

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This tutorial will teach you how to do the basic controls for your redcat racing nitro vehicle and further familiarizing yourself with the RedCat racing 2-channel remote control. Place the on a stand to check for its parts. Take the top cover off to expose the insides of the car. Check for the car’s glow plugs. Take the glow plug out from the piston.


Redcat Racing


Take your glow plug igniter and place the tip of the glow plug on the igniter tip (the tip with the coil must be seen). When you press the tip of the plug to the igniter, the coil must glow red. If it doesn’t, then the glow plug is bad.

Redcat Racing Glow Plug Igniter In Action

Install the fuel filter before starting the engine.


Fuel Filter for Nitro Line

The fuel filter will be set in place at the fuel hose that runs from the fuel tank to the engine.

Cutting Fuel Line on Redcat Racing

With a cutter, cut the hose to make room for the filter; slide the one end on the hose and the other end to the hose that runs to the engine.

Fuel Filter in Nitro Line

A fuel filter will protect your engine from dirt damage from contaminated fuel.

Fill up the fuel tank with RC fuel with the nitro bottle that came with your Redcat Racing Ultra Nitro Starter Pack or Nitro Tool Kit. Open the fuel compartment located on the remote controlled car. Fill the tank but not to spill over.

Filling Up a Redcat Racing Nitro Fuel Tank

Pull the starter very gently, in short bursts. Always secure your car with one hand as you make short starter pulls. Do not pull the cord way out like a lawn mower. If this is the first time that you are starting the engine, its best to prime it first. You may place a few drops of nitro fuel in the carburetor and a few drops of oil directly on the glow plug which is located inside the piston. Then pull the starter loosely to make sure the fuel goes in.

nitro drop in piston and carburetor of Redcat Nitro Engine

Do not over tighten the glow plug which can only damage it.

Glow Plug ingniter in piston for start up


The pull start may be very hard to pull in a brand new engine. Do not force the pull start and always have a firm hold on the car when you are pulling the pull start.  As the car powers on and the engine starts, let the car “sing” for at least one fuel tank. The engine may quit for a few times, just set the car on idle speed by trimming the throttle with the use of the remote. Do not rev the engine.

Standard Break In Procedure calls for 5 Tanks on Idle. There should be smoke coming out from the exhaust if there is no smoke, then you are running the engine too lean. You have to make adjustments otherwise you will risk damaging your engine.

Check the engine temperature during the first run by touching the top of the blue piston It is normal to see fuel spitting from the exhaust when you are priming your car for the first time.

It is normal to see fuel spitting from the exhaust when you are priming your car for the first time.

leaking fuel from exhaust


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