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Redcat Racing Reviews and Tips – How to Deal with a Flooded Engine

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Radio Control Cars & Trucks, RC Zone

This is a RedCat Racing tutorial that will teach you how to manage and troubleshoot common maintenance and assembly problems. This video is one of the many RedCat Racing tutorials that teaches hobbyists about dealing with engine problems. A flooded engine is one of the most common concerns for users and here is a step-by step guide to deal with it.

A Flooded engine is a very common problem especially when you are priming your engine for the first time. u can easily tell that the engine may be flooded when your pull string does not pull properly. Usually, only a few short pulls would be able to start an engine up. It is very important to be patient and only apply a couple of short pulls to the engine, otherwise you would either flood the engine in the process or you will only snap the cord of the manual pull start assembly.

Never force a pull start that will simply not work. It will only snap the cord and even damage your engine all the more. Remove the glow plug from the piston with the use of the redcat racing nitro tool kit.

removing the glow plug from flooded redcat engine

Use a cloth to cover the piston to protect you from fuel that may spill from the area. Prime the engine several times to release extra fuel.

cloth over flooded engine

Replace the glow plugs back with the 4-way wrench. Restart the engine with just two to three short pulls and with the glow plug igniter in place. This will surely start the engine in no time at all. Remember to gently replace the glow plugs in to prevent damage on the threads inside the heat sink.

Check for the exhaust smoke and a few amounts of fuel that may come out of the exhaust. This means that your engine is running rich.

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