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The #4 Movie of All Time that Never Existed

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

The Top 10 Movies That Never Existed

The Fall of Sparta

4. The Fall of Sparta

The Fall of Sparta recounts how one of the strongest military systems in history was defeated by Athens in the Peloponnesian War.  It was said at the time that 1 spartan was equal to 10 ordinary soldiers.

Although extremely powerful in their day, Spartans, a nation of professional soldiers, were not accustomed to the comfort and luxury of Athens and even though victorious in battle, ended up being assimilated by there own prisoners of war.

The movie reflects the xenophobic tendencies of the small empire, and focuses on the oppression of the arts that some of the soldiers appeared to innately yearn for, even though they had never experienced such a thing to desire.

The battle scenes focus on the devastating spartan phalanx that dominated battle in the Hellenistic age, as well as the rigorous agoge training in action.

The tale of Sparta has always been more than the final stand of 300 men, and its time its tales were re told.

The top 10 movies of all time that never existed #5# 3


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