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4 Scientific Cases Of Animals Who May Actually Be Astral Projecting

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft, Funny But True

Astral Projection is thought by many to be a form of lucid dreaming. Its the ability to project your body or self image in the “astral plane” or as some would say; “The collective dream consciousness”

Most people, however agree that the astral plane is a place for sentient humans, and not a place for your everyday barn yard animals. After all, eating an astral projection is not likely to fill you up, so cows and chickens don’t really have a place with humans who are traveling the astral plane.

Science can only explain so much in the field of lucid dreaming, but we at Daft Gadgets feel that the evidence in the videos below, speaks for itself.

1. Biscuit the Dream Walker

sleep walking dog

Biscuit hasn’t quite learned how to dream walk without using her body yet. She’s known to rise up like a Zombie and wander around the house while dreaming. Sometimes Biscuit will chase and bark at squirrels or possibly aliens (were not really sure since we don’t go to the same astral plane as her) and on some occasions she will run directly into a wall and wake up (Although she does run much faster on her side than when on her feet)

What do the Experts Say?

Scientists believe that Biscuit suffers from Parasomnia, which may be classified as sleepwalking, night terrors, or Rem Behavior Disorder.

For those of you concerned with Biscuits well being you can rest assured that Biscuit is a professional astral projector and is just fine despite running into numerous walls and obstacles.

2. Skeeter the Spontaneous Dreamer

Nacoleptic dog

Skeeter was normal for the first 4 years of his life, until he found away to transcend to the astral plane. At any given moment Skeeter can drop into a full REM state joining his fellow lucid dreamers on a trip to the astral park.

If you’ve ever seen a comedy sketch where someone is so tired they pass out in a plate of spaghetti, you’ll have a better idea of what happens to Skeeter.

What do the experts say it is?

The Experts say that Skeeter suffers from Narcolepsy that comes from a malfunctioning gene responsible for wakefulness. This causes Skeeter to skip the light sleep and medium sleeping modes going straight from full wakefulness to deep REM sleep. Kind of like a hypnotist snapping his fingers, except this actually works.

Unfortunately, Skeeter is now on the astral plane full time, since he was hit by a car while falling asleep during a chase. However, his brain was donated to science in the hope that we can learn more about what causes narcolepsy in humans.

And no, we don’t subscribe to the point of view that the scientist who received Skeeters corpse were in fact “Mad Scientists” who conspired to run down skeeter on the road to gain a possible specimen.

3. Men Who Stare At Goats.

Okay to be fair this should actually be call “men who blow horns at goats” but you get the idea.

If you’ve seen the Jedi Master George Clooney kill a goat through concentration, then you are aware of the fact that goats can “drop dead” as a moments notice. Of course as we all know, Hollywood has a tendency to exaggerate things from time to time. Exaggerations being dodging bullets, high speed chases, and killing goats through power of thought. The video above however, is no exaggeration.

The Way we see it is that the goats aren’t actually “dropping dead” as much as they are “astral projecting.” Unfortunately for the goats, taking off to the astral plane at the first sign of Danger, isn’t exactly a great way to ensure the survival of your species, which is probably why there are less than 20,000 of these goats left in existence (out of around 450 million goats in total).

What do the Experts Say?

Men who stare at goats

Scientists believe that these goats are “fainting” due to over excitement, kind of like they just saw Elvis in concert. The scientific smart person term for this is called myotonia congenita which causes the goats brain signals to force their muscles to continuously expand and contract, kind of like they were getting tasered.

Needless to say, without human intervention, these goats would most likely be extinct.

4. Half Brained Dolphins.

drawing compliments of wikipedia

drawing compliments of wikipedia

All Mammals need sleep, and all mammals need air. So how do dolphins sleep without drowning?

Believe it or not, Dolphins don’t breath unless they choose to. Unlike humans who breath naturally without thinking about it, dolphins actually have to make a conscious effort to breathe.

Known as “conscious breathers” dolphins can’t afford to sleep in and be late for breathing, and as we all know electricity and water don’t mix, so alarm clocks are pretty much out of the question. So what does a dolphin do?

The answer. It only turns half its brain off. This means that dolphins are the ultimate lucid dreamers in that they exist both here and on the astral plane simultaneously! Scientists have studied this phenomenon in dolphins, using electroencephalography, which is a method of attaching Frankenstein electrodes to the heads of dolphins in order to measure the electrical impulses during shut down.

We suspect that they found that Dolphins are a pretty “chilled out” and relaxed species.

If you want to chill like a dolphin you can check out the animatronic dolphin in our Daft Gadgets Shop.

4 Lost Treasures You Still Have a Shot At

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft, Funny But True

#1.  Yamashita’s Gold and The Caves of Bacuit Bay

Where are they?

Because of its remote location, Bacuit Bay was virtually unknown to the world until 1979 when a boat propeller accident led a group of divers into discovering some of the most breathtaking island scenery nature has to offer.

Endless virgin forest was found throughout the archipelago, all surrounded by fine white sand and crystal clear waters. To the stranded divers, It must have been like finding a piece of heaven.

Bacuit Bay can be found in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. It boasts many different caves, the most famous probably being Cudugnon Cave seen below.  The photo is this artistic expression by Christina Macfarlane and Kelly Hsiao from Discover Palawan.

Not sure if they thought to look for Yamashita’s Gold while they were in there.

Photo Thanks to

Photo Thanks to

How did the treasure get there?

Well before we get all “Indiana Jones” we need to point out that nobody knows which cave the treasure is hidden in. If they did, there would probably be a demolition team in there treating the cave like some common gold mine. In fact, some people aren’t even sure that the treasure is still, or ever was hidden in the Bacuit caves.  Its just the best guess going at this point.

According to history, the Japanese Army went on a pillaging and looting spree from 1936 to 1943 where they built up a pile of treasure from the different churches, monasteries, banks, temples, citizens, and fallen governments. They looted everywhere from China, Manchuria, Indochina, Thailand, Burma, Malaya, Borneo, Singapore and the Dutch indies.

Where this treasure ended up is still a mystery today.

As far as we know, back in 1944, there were 52 ships under the command of Vice Admiral Takehita transporting all this gold and treasure from Singapore to Japan. Unfortunately for Takehita, this was right around the same time General MacArthur invaded the Philippines, sinking Two of the ships off the shores of Bacuit Bay.

It is believed that these ships anchored in the Tapituan passage and stashed their gold in the underwater caves, waiting till the day its found by some lucky tourist on a diving expedition.

#2. Blackbeard’s Treasure

Not to be confused with the Blackbeard known as Edward Teach, Captain Blackbeard’s treasure of pure Spanish Silver Bars was worth 1.5 million dollars back in 1811. Now that may not seem like a lot, but with the price of silver these days, Blackbeard’s treasure could be one of the biggest bootys still waiting to be found.

Back in 1811 Captain Blackbeard was commissioned from the British Admiralty to raise the wreckage of a Spanish galleon that had gone down off the Bahamas during a Hurricane in 1680. He was successful by towing the ship into Baltimore with all the loot intact.

Of Course this called for a Celebration, the likes of which brought justice to the song “Drunken Sailor.” During his drunken rant he was approached by a profiteer at the tavern who told him that he knew all about his precious silver, and had the means to alleviate Blackbeard’s burden of sending it back to England.  Between this and the upcoming war between Britain and the U.S. Captain Blackbeard decided to stash the silver.

Sometime near the end of the summer of 1812, Blackbeard made a trip to the village of Keating Summit, McKean County Pennsylvania. It would be here that he would bury some or perhaps all of the Silver, with the idea of digging it up later.

Unfortunately, he sent someone else to retrieve it, and they were never able to locate it….At least so they claim.

#3. King John’s Crown Jewels

In the year 1215 a caravan of King John of England made an unsuccessful attempt to cross the sands of The Wash, while on its journey between Kings Lynn and Long Sutton. During the escapade, the treasure loaded caravan was trapped by an incoming tide and descending current from the Nene River.

King John had taken a different path due to his illness, and was able to witness the loss of the treasure first hand. The treasure was said to contain his most prized possession, the Crown Jewels. Luckily however, he died a few days later, so the loss of his crown Jewels probably didn’t burden him very much.

The Present Day location of the treasure (or rather the loss of) is considered to be somewhere near Sutton Bridge, on the River Nene, if you want to go looking.

#4. The Treasure of Moctezuma

For those of you who have heard of Motezumas revenge, you may also have heard the story behind why someone might be seeking revenge from beyond the grave.

In 1519 an armada of Spanish troops set sights on Mexico after hearing the legendary stories of “El Dorado” the City of Gold. Now, semi ironically, they did find a mountain of silver when they landed (yes a real mountain), however, as interesting as finding a mountain made of silver may be, this story is about treasure that “Hasn’t” been found yet.

Now for those of you who have read our article about prophecy, you may be familiar with what happened when Cortes arrived. As luck would have it, his arrival fulfilled the Aztec prophecy that the wind god Quetzalcoatl would return to reclaim Mexico. Since their wasn’t anyone else around to challenge his identity of being the wind god, Cortes assumed the role and essentially took everything they had, raping and pillaging and on his way out he left the Aztec people with a few new diseases to try out and experience.

So as you can see, this might make a soul a little restless.

Okay, so there was a bunch of gold and a mountain of silver. Where can I find it.

According to some, in 1920 Freddy Crystal found a treasure map inside a long forgotten manuscript that was stored away in an old church. The manuscript was written by a Spanish Friar who stated that the Spanish had tried to follow the map, but were unfamiliar with the territories to the north and eventually gave up in frustration.

Crystal had learned how to decipher Aztec petroglyphs from canyon walls, and realized that some of the landmarks were similar to those found in Southern Utah, particularly one place near the town of Kanab.

Crystal showed his map to a wealthy rancher named Oscar Robinson and convinced him to invest in his treasure hunt. After 2 years of searching, he actually found a location that fit the map. A large main canyon with side draws, seven mountains, each in it’s proper order!

Excited, he ran down the mountain side to the site where he found steps that were carved directly into the mountain. After climbing the steps he came to a “False Wall” in the cliff face, that led to a long dark corridor. On both sides of the corridor were statues that appeared to be ancient in their origin.

At this point he told everyone in the town and got hundreds of them all excited and volunteering to help out with the excavation of the long lost treasure of Moctezuma. After three years, the residents found lots of false walls and exposed an entire cave system, some of which can still be explored today. Which means you may still have a chance to find the treasure, assuming of course your with someone who knows how to find the hidden entrance.

Courtesy of Paul Jones

Courtesy of Paul Jones

4 Impossible Places You’ve Been Able to Make Calls From for Quite Awhile

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

If you can remember something called the Cantel Amigo, you may have just realized that you are now old. For those of you who don’t remember the Cantel Amigo or the battery back pack cell phones, you may not remember how limited the reception was in the world of wireless communications. Calls would notoriously just disconnect, so often in fact that when one person hung up on another pretending to have bad reception, the caller on the other end actually believed it was an accident.

Technology has a way of moving really fast, and in the last 15 years, wireless technology has come a long way. Here are a few places you can make a phone call that would have been unimaginable 15 years ago.

#4 Under Water

If you were thinking of becoming the first person to tweet underwater, you’re too late.  Julia Gorodetskaya sent the first “documented” underwater tweet from a dolphinarium in Odessa, Ukraine.

The dolphins were said to be “unimpressed” believing their sonar technology to be far superior to our pitiful little human gadgets. However, underwater communication devices have also come along way. With the stupid non breathable and undrinkable ocean water covering 70% of our planet, the majority of the earth has been inaccessible to cellphone technology.

With this in mind a company called Ocean Reef has introduced a floating buoy that connects to a divers face mask in case they get an important phone call while they are spear fishing or treasure hunting.

So can I call someone from underwater?

The answer is yes. Just not wirelessly yet.

Because radio waves don’t travel through thick electrical conductors like water very well, submarines have been using ELF transmissions (extremely low frequency) for chit chat. Unfortunately, the antennas are usually over 50 Kilometers in length and require a serious amount of power.

Thus, the advancement of underwater cellphone communications will probably be based upon some type of cell phone buoy towers and underwater relays all run by the new king of Atlantis (whoever that may be)

On a side note, all submarines in the U.S. Navy do come with an underwater phone called a “Gertrude” that combines radio wave frequencies for transmissions through surface water, but who has the time or energy to bring a submarine with them when they go swimming, so this technology is still pretty useless.

#3 The Desert

Well if your out in the middle of the desert, there is a chance that your cellphone wont work. This is why day trippers on peyote and Mexican insanity peppers are starting to carry satellite phones on their desert spirit walks.

“Did you guys see the size of that Chicken!” – Dirty Steve, Young Guns.

So can I get calls in the middle of the dessert?

You bet! Satellite phones are like the yang to a cell phones yin. The farther away you are from society and the more open space you are in, the better reception your satellite phone gets. These phones use the Public Switched Telephone Network or “PTSN” that serves as a cell phone network.

Unfortunately, satellite phones offer horrible reception when inside, which is part of the reason behind why they haven’t caught on.

On top of Mountains

At the highest point of the earth, the summit of Mount Everest has become part of the 3G network. You can now make video calls, tweet your friends, update your facebook or submit a late project from your laptop.

You may be thinking “But Rod Barber made a phone call back in 2007 from Mount Everest? Why would they upgrade this technology before improving my reception on the Subway?”

Believe it or not, there are a record number of tourists who see Mount Everest as a viable leisure destination? Hmmmm, party on a beach, or climbing a cold, windy unforgiving mountain known for its fatalities?

Although we suspect their must be some kind of high caused from the brain’s lack of oxygen when climbing that is probably something similar to the effects of beer, we would still rather hit the beach.

Oh well to each his or her own.

Outer Space

Anyone who has heard the line “One small step for man” is probably aware that humans can communicate with people in outer space. This doesn’t mean that if you have an astronaut friend that you can just call them up at their space station to satisfy your curiosity about applying anti gravity techniques to the Kama Sutra. It does mean however, that this technology is over 40 years in the making and probably close to a new breakthrough.

Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN)

No this is not a new technology for dealing with kids who have Attention Deficit Disorder. DTN is the basis of NASA’s Interplanetary Internet System. Predicting the high cost of lunar habitation, NASA and the university of Colorado decided to get a jump on future phone bills by designing a communication system that doesn’t rely on “point to point” transmission.

Back in November 2008, Space images were sent with DTN protocols from the EPOXI spacecraft back to NASA’s deep space network. This success means the DTN network will most likely become the foundation for the future of moon to earth transmissions and be responsible for new types of inter planetary internet security to counteract the technological advancements of cyberporn and other types of censored material.

So can I call someone in space from my iPhone or Blackberry?

Not just yet. You just have to have the right reception or “transmitter/ receiver” a Cellular phone type of wireless communication is called ‘cellular’ because the system uses many base stations to divide a service area into multiple ‘cells’. Cellular calls are transferred from base station to base station as a user travels from cell to cell. This is the “old” type of mobile phones used by earthlings, and would require a very expensive set up on earth for a relay of just a small number of people.

Once either Research in Motion, Apple, or Google begin to supply phone access to the new DTN network, you’ll be able to make prank calls to and from space.  Until then, you’re stuck talking to boring humans.

The 5 Hardest Dances to Pull Off on the Dance Floor

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

#1 The Geek in his Moment Dance.

Anyone who has seen Napoleon Dynamite knows how a geek can truly shine on the dance floor. This is easier said than done of course, since most of us don’t have Napoleon’s natural artistic talent.  Sometimes however, pulling off a geek dance is all about originality and image.

Some of you may remember Seth Green as the evil kid brother of the “dying to be cool” geek played by Patrick Dempsey in the film “Can’t buy Me Love.” During the movie, Patrick convinces the most popular girl in school (a cheer leader of course) to date him by bribing her with the $3000 he had saved up for a telescope so that she could buy a new dress. (the dress was a replacement for one she “borrowed” from her mother’s closet without permission and ruined accidentally).

During Patrick’s journey from geekdom to coolness, he attempts to learn to dance by watching Dick Clark’s show “American Band Stand.” Unfortunately for him, his little brother (Played by Seth Green) turned the station to the show “The African Cultural Hour,” where two exchange students from Lower Swahili,Charles Kibangi and Sandy Ubuki, were performing a dance known as “The Swahili African AntEater Ritual”  Patrick learned the dance, step for step and when it was time, he let it loose on the dance floor.

Now you would expect that when this pseudo cool geek unleashed these crazy moves on the dance floor, he would be laughed at and ridiculed by high school gawkers.   However, Patrick pulls it off due to his pure confidence (and support of his latest girlfriend) and next thing you know, its the cool new thing.

The African Anteater ritual may be something Hollywood made up, but we think its time this dance made a comeback to bars and clubs in everyone’s neighborhood.

Quote on the Dance floor: “He must be in Special Ed”

You can check check out Patrick Dempsey’s moves here: African Anteater Dance

#2 Interpretive Dance

Interpretive dance seeks to express the way you feel about things like; human conditions, situations, or your deepest fantasies, and then translates them into movements of a dramatic expression. It is traditionally used to communicate major characteristics through the exploration of a character’s origins, cultural influences, rhythms, movements, emotional manifestations, and intonations, as well as the stories inherent in the dances themselves.

However, the interpretive dance of a drunk on a dance floor is another story entirely. Here, the the intoxication of the alcohol acts as a catalyst to the deep rooted feelings engendered by the song or music leaving the dancer to express themselves though their movements in ways no other human being can possibly understand. To make matters worse, some people feel that a literal translation is required and attempt to create their own music video on the dance floor, which is really hard to pull off.  Every once in a while though, someone gets it right.
An example of it being done right can be seen here: Interpretive Dance for the Deaf

#3 The Out of Date Dance.

Every now and then a new “Fad Dance” comes along that inspires a whole bunch of people act like together like idiots on the dance floor. An example would be “The Macarena” the greatest one hit wonder of all time, later renamed “The Michelinas” by Corporate America.

If we travel back to the early 60s, we will find a dance called “The Twist” It inspired dances such as the Jerk, the Pony, the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Monkey and the Funky Chicken, although none were as popular as the twist.

The rules regarding the out of date dance are simply:

  1. The longer the dance has been out of style, the safer it is to bring back with a touch of your own individuality.
  2. Everything from the 70s is an exception and to be laughed at, unless the person is trying to be funny, then they should probably be ignored.
  3. Dance moves from an Era are not the same as Fad Dances from an era and as such are easier to pull off.
  4. The “Out of” Date dance has an ironic function of inflicting “can’t find a” date status on dancers.

#4 The Signature dance.

The signature dance is especially hard to pull off and is usually used as a form of derisive mimicry. For example the Elaine Dance from the show Seinfeld is hard to pull off. John Travolta has 2 signature moves that no other being on earth can pull off, and Micheal Jackson’s moonwalk really pisses other dancers off when you back into them, so its pretty much stuck on the stage.

Regardless of the level of cool, the signature dance is not something that should ever be done poorly. If you are Mimicing Elaine from Seinfeld, you need to dance like an idiot with style. If you are Mimicing John Travolta, you’re going to need more than a $5 Dollar shake.

To properly pull of a signature dance, you have to spend countless hours practicing the moves over and over in your parents basement. Basically when someone does a retro signature dance people say “ I remember that” and when someone does a brand new signature dance people say “That guy still lives with his mom”  i.e. the signature dance should be from the past.

#5 The Mating Dance.

Bower Bird Nest

Bower Bird Nest

This is usually where the Peacock shows his feathers.

Animal courtships may involve complex dances, songs, or displays of beauty and might. The Bower Bird for example, builds a nice house hoping a female will just stop by and move in.  The females then come by and check out how he decorates the place, and watch on as he puts his sweaty feathers to use.

Usually, if he has artistic talent, the male bower bird with find a bunch of females all vieing for his attention. However, like most courtship rituals, if the female isn’t impressed, you’ve gotta start over.

Now were not suggesting that a human male or female should copy the mating dance of different species and apply them on the dance floor.  That would be silly. We’re just saying that you will probably have to go through a whole bunch of different moves and failures before you successfully invent the perfect human mating dance.  One tip we can give you is that a successful mating dance has a combination of rhythm, style and hypnotism with a strong dose of confident persistence. If at first you don’t succeed, keep smiling like the dude in the video below.  Who knows? With the right smile you might just get lucky.

We saved The happy face mating dance for last because its by far the toughest one to pull off.

Here is the link of a true master at work: Happy Face Mating Dance

We hope you can pick up a few pointers.

The Top 3 Super Dead Girlfriends of All Time.

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

So what makes a girlfriend super dead you ask?

Well, two things really. They have to be “Super” in that they are the girlfriend worthy of a super hero (we accept that superheroes can be women, we just couldn’t find any lesbian super heroes for our list), as well they have to die, leaving the hero in a type of agony that only a truly evil villain could create.

Now if you are looking for a list of a bunch of dead superchicks, you might want to try out the site: women in refrigerators, otherwise here we go.

#3 Jean Grey

Okay, so she’s hot. No seriously, she actually catches on fire! To top that, she’s also telekinetic, so if you’ve never had a “mind job” you could be in for a real treat. Of course shes also telepathic so you want to make sure you have the discipline to think only “good” thoughts (or the kind of dirty she happens to like).

Originally known as Marvel Girl, Jean Grey may be the most fantasized about “Super Girlfriend” in the comic book universe. This isn’t just because of this new “mind job” type experience she is known for,  she is also known for her loving personality too, depending on who’s telling the story.

Jean Grey went from being the weak marvel girl to becoming the unstoppable “Phoenix.” She did this  by channeling her power of love toward the goal of saving her team members and boyfriend Scott Summers.

By becoming a being of pure thought (kinda like a Buddhist reaching nirvana) Jean Grey gets reborn as “the Phoenix” with immense powers. However, as her new powers corrupt her, she begins to drive for new experiences and becomes a slave to the instantaneous wants of her emotions.

Although we’re sure this had some appealing side effects in the bedroom, the dark side of phoenix became a mass murderer and was killed by her true personality “Jean Grey” by way of suicide when Jean became lucidly present for a brief moment and figured out what her alter ego was up to.

So unfortunately in this case, a mind job is probably out of the question.  But it was worth a thought.

#2. Elektra

Elektra’s character first appeared in Daredevil #168, during the time of Frank Miller. The daughter of a Greek ambassador; and a college flame of Matt Murdock (DareDevil), Elektra vanished for years after the assassination of her father; only to later become an assassin herself as a tool of the Kingpin

When Elektra was 20 years old, she and her father were kidnapped by terrorists. Here, Matt Murdoch  donned the mask of Daredevil for the first time, and it was in the name of love.

Although Elektra’s father was killed in a police shootout, the emotive encounters between Daredevil and his onetime flame continued years later when she was working for his arch enemy, the kingpin.  This created a love “DeJa Vu” and eventually they fell in love all over again.

Unfortunately, one of Daredevils enemies (Bullseye) ended up stabbing her with her own weapon right around the time their love began to re-bloom, leaving her to crawl back and die in Daredevil’s arms. Daredevil took this to be somewhat traumatic, and would later go into bouts of madness and dementia creating ridiculous resurrection schemes that included digging up her lifeless corpse for necromancy purposes (Yes we said necromancy not necrophiliac)

#1. Gwen Stacy

The tale of Gwen Stacy is very similar to the tale of Mary Jane Watson in the first Spiderman Movie. Essentially the Green Goblin finds out that Peter Parker is Spiderman and seeks to attack his heart.  Doing so, he captures Peter’s first love, Gwen Stacy.

The Goblin later throws her off a bridge leaving  Spiderman to catch her with his webbing. Unfortunately for Gwen, the writers at Marvel Comics decided to obey Newtons laws of motion.  This meant that the sudden stop from free fall caused Gwens neck to snap like a twig, just like real life.  Enraged, Spiderman nearly kills the Green Goblin in retaliation, but in the end stays true to his hero form, just as Gwen would have wanted, leaving the Goblin to get killed by his own glider.

The Death of Gwen Stacy may have been the first where such a loved character both suddenly died and in turn helped deepen and recreate a super hero’s identity. A Pivotal point in the history of comic books, Gwen Stacy’s death brought an end to an era known in the comic book world as: The Silver Age.

Although comic book death can be cheapened by resurrections, and to a lesser extent, parallel universes and dimensions,  some comic book character deaths leave an emotional void in their audience, deepening our connection between fantasy and reality. When a character has this kind of power over a reader, the character’s death makes their life moments and lessons learned, remembered by the reader giving their story immortality.

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