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4 Scientific Cases Of Animals Who May Actually Be Astral Projecting

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft, Funny But True

Astral Projection is thought by many to be a form of lucid dreaming. Its the ability to project your body or self image in the “astral plane” or as some would say; “The collective dream consciousness”

Most people, however agree that the astral plane is a place for sentient humans, and not a place for your everyday barn yard animals. After all, eating an astral projection is not likely to fill you up, so cows and chickens don’t really have a place with humans who are traveling the astral plane.

Science can only explain so much in the field of lucid dreaming, but we at Daft Gadgets feel that the evidence in the videos below, speaks for itself.

1. Biscuit the Dream Walker

sleep walking dog

Biscuit hasn’t quite learned how to dream walk without using her body yet. She’s known to rise up like a Zombie and wander around the house while dreaming. Sometimes Biscuit will chase and bark at squirrels or possibly aliens (were not really sure since we don’t go to the same astral plane as her) and on some occasions she will run directly into a wall and wake up (Although she does run much faster on her side than when on her feet)

What do the Experts Say?

Scientists believe that Biscuit suffers from Parasomnia, which may be classified as sleepwalking, night terrors, or Rem Behavior Disorder.

For those of you concerned with Biscuits well being you can rest assured that Biscuit is a professional astral projector and is just fine despite running into numerous walls and obstacles.

2. Skeeter the Spontaneous Dreamer

Nacoleptic dog

Skeeter was normal for the first 4 years of his life, until he found away to transcend to the astral plane. At any given moment Skeeter can drop into a full REM state joining his fellow lucid dreamers on a trip to the astral park.

If you’ve ever seen a comedy sketch where someone is so tired they pass out in a plate of spaghetti, you’ll have a better idea of what happens to Skeeter.

What do the experts say it is?

The Experts say that Skeeter suffers from Narcolepsy that comes from a malfunctioning gene responsible for wakefulness. This causes Skeeter to skip the light sleep and medium sleeping modes going straight from full wakefulness to deep REM sleep. Kind of like a hypnotist snapping his fingers, except this actually works.

Unfortunately, Skeeter is now on the astral plane full time, since he was hit by a car while falling asleep during a chase. However, his brain was donated to science in the hope that we can learn more about what causes narcolepsy in humans.

And no, we don’t subscribe to the point of view that the scientist who received Skeeters corpse were in fact “Mad Scientists” who conspired to run down skeeter on the road to gain a possible specimen.

3. Men Who Stare At Goats.

Okay to be fair this should actually be call “men who blow horns at goats” but you get the idea.

If you’ve seen the Jedi Master George Clooney kill a goat through concentration, then you are aware of the fact that goats can “drop dead” as a moments notice. Of course as we all know, Hollywood has a tendency to exaggerate things from time to time. Exaggerations being dodging bullets, high speed chases, and killing goats through power of thought. The video above however, is no exaggeration.

The Way we see it is that the goats aren’t actually “dropping dead” as much as they are “astral projecting.” Unfortunately for the goats, taking off to the astral plane at the first sign of Danger, isn’t exactly a great way to ensure the survival of your species, which is probably why there are less than 20,000 of these goats left in existence (out of around 450 million goats in total).

What do the Experts Say?

Men who stare at goats

Scientists believe that these goats are “fainting” due to over excitement, kind of like they just saw Elvis in concert. The scientific smart person term for this is called myotonia congenita which causes the goats brain signals to force their muscles to continuously expand and contract, kind of like they were getting tasered.

Needless to say, without human intervention, these goats would most likely be extinct.

4. Half Brained Dolphins.

drawing compliments of wikipedia

drawing compliments of wikipedia

All Mammals need sleep, and all mammals need air. So how do dolphins sleep without drowning?

Believe it or not, Dolphins don’t breath unless they choose to. Unlike humans who breath naturally without thinking about it, dolphins actually have to make a conscious effort to breathe.

Known as “conscious breathers” dolphins can’t afford to sleep in and be late for breathing, and as we all know electricity and water don’t mix, so alarm clocks are pretty much out of the question. So what does a dolphin do?

The answer. It only turns half its brain off. This means that dolphins are the ultimate lucid dreamers in that they exist both here and on the astral plane simultaneously! Scientists have studied this phenomenon in dolphins, using electroencephalography, which is a method of attaching Frankenstein electrodes to the heads of dolphins in order to measure the electrical impulses during shut down.

We suspect that they found that Dolphins are a pretty “chilled out” and relaxed species.

If you want to chill like a dolphin you can check out the animatronic dolphin in our Daft Gadgets Shop.

5 Extinct Species That Probably Never Existed

Written by Jason Scott. Posted in Daily Daft

#1 The Chimera

Not to be confused with “kimura” (The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu reverse arm lock made popular in MMA fighting) the Chimera was a monstrous fire breathing female creature compiled of a lion’s head and body, with a tail that turns into a snake, with an extra goats head on top facing backward.

Legend has it that the Chimera mated with her brother “Orthrus” and gave birth to both the the sphinx and Nemean lion (the one Hercules fought) she was later defeated when the hero “Bellerophon” shot her like a coward from the sky while flying on Pegasus.

The Historian “Pliny the Elder” Said the Chimera was a reference to a place of land in an area known for permanent gas vents found on the Lycian Way in southwest Turkey. This land was used as a “light house” type landmark by ancient sailors.  See below.

Chimera in Lycia

Chimera in Lycia

#2 The Griffin

Griffins were the kings of the weird creatures as they had the body of a lion (King of Beasts) and the Head of an Eagle (king of birds)

Like most freaks of nature, the Griffin didn’t last long on its trip through evolution. Some scientists feel that because the Griffin had the head and wings of an eagle, it probably thought if could fly, supporting its massive lion’s body. This may have caused the Griffin to jump off the top of pyramids or into canyons, and may have led to the accidental suicide and self extinction of species as a whole.

Other Scientists feel that Cryptozoologists aren’t real scientists, and that a creature like the Griffin didn’t exist. They feel it is much more likely that it was a myth to scare thieves away from treasure chambers and tombs.

#3 The Hippogriff.

What happens when you mate a Hippopotamus with a Griffin? Who knows? When a Griffin gets it on with a Horse however, their offspring is a “Hippogriff” Like a griffin, it has the head of an eagle, claws armed with talons, and wings covered with feathers, the rest of its body being that of a horse.

The Beast was thought to be extremely rare among the other creatures that didn’t exist, due to the fact that Giffins usually ate horses. Our modern day saying “When Pigs Fly” can be translated to the medieval times expression: “To Mate a griffin with a horse!” which was to express something very unlikely.

The Hippogriff is said to fly faster than lightning and has found itself reborn in many fantasy adventures including the Harry Potter series and the online gaming universe found inside the World of Warcraft.

#4 The Harpy

The Harpy, AKA “Snatcher” was seen as the personification of the destructive nature of wind, as harpies were cruel and violent creatures.Known as scavengers who steal food, the harpy could be likened to a part seagull, part vulture, part wicked witch of the west.

The Stories of Harpies are best known for their part in the torture of Phineas, the king of Thrace. Here, the Greek God Zeus, blinded the king for being psychic, and punished him by placing the King on an island with a large buffet of food protected by the evil torturous harpies.

Of course the real harpy or “American Harpy Eagle” is much nicer to be around and carries a much more distinguished look.

Im not that kind of Harpy

"Im not that kind of Harpy"

#5 The Sphinx

Traditionally a female, the Sphinx is as deceitful as she is sadistic. A sphinx is a monster with a head of a woman, the body of a lioness, the wings of an eagle, and a serpent headed tail. According to Greek legend she will eat you raw if you cannot answer her riddle, so an argument can be made that she works to better the human species by making it smarter.

When most people think of the Sphinx however, they don’t think of the treacherous maneater, but rather the typical “androsphinx” (no this is not Leon Spinx now on steroids after losing to Mike Tyson). The Androsphinx was seen as more of a benevolent guardian of the entrances to sacred places.

The Word Sphinx comes from the ancient Greek verb “sphingo” which means to squeeze.

If you need a mental image to remember useless facts like these you can imagine the word “sphincter” knowing derives from the same root.

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