The #3 Movie of all time that never existed

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The Franchiser

The Franchiser



#3 The Franchiser

The Franchiser is a screenplay based on a John Grisham type Novel that was never written. The Protagonist of the story works for a company that is essentially a middle man or “broker” for major franchise corporations around the world. The franchiser buys the franchise rights in bulk to later finance and resell them to potential owner operators. This proves to be a very profitable venture for the franchiser, as well as dangerous since a lot of the companies dealings are shifting towards micro-finance in the third world.

The protagonist of the movie finds his life threatened, at first believing it to be members of a corrupt socialist party, only to find later that it is his own company trying to get rid of him as he has unwittingly stumbled on to something much more sinister.

The Franchiser rivals the movie “The Firm” in intrigue, while showing a more “international” corruption of modern day.


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