The #5 Movie of all time that never existed

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The Critic

Not the spin off from the simpsons

Not to be confused with the Simpsons spin off by the same name, the critic is a black Comedy about an acidulous secret shopper/writer (Jim) that becomes drunk with power when he realizes that the general public is listening to his witty criticisms of daily life.

For the first time in his life he is treated with respect as he visits and reviews every store, movie, and electronic gadget around. Soon Jim begins to realize that his new found charisma is just a mask worn by others and and leads him to abuse his powers of critique.

As he fuels his hatred of years of being bullied, ostracized, and disrespected by those in the norm, Jim forces those who excluded him to now serve him. His writing becomes less and less funny to the point where it is just hurtful. Slowly, Jim begins to lose his new audience.

Upon self reflection, he looks into a new found passion of wine tasting and begins to meet real “live” people to Physocialize with. His writing becomes more niche focused and emotionally balanced. And of course there is a girl involved in his spiritual rebound. The Critic shows how we can separate ourselves and hurt human beings who are looked at as “people” and how we can unite and heal those we look at as “persons”

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