The #6 Movie of all time that never existed

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The Top 10 Movies That Never Existed

Nero contemplating mothers assasintation

#6 Madness.


Madness focuses on the darker side of the Roman Emperor Nero, his descent into Madness, and the birth of the first documented case of a serial killer.

Taking passages from his biographer, Madness tells a story of “Nero” donning a wig and stabbing innocent people in the middle of the night, as well as the executions, of both his mother and stepbrother. The story follows inline with “Pliny the Elder’s” take that “Nero” was a tyrant and an enemy of mankind.

The emperor who fiddled while Rome burned has earned a few advocates from modern day historians, but Madness is still closer to actual historical events than similar Hollywood stories of the Roman Empire such as “Gladiator” or the canceled HBO series “Rome”

The top 10 movies of all time that never existed #7#5

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