The #8 Movie of all time that never existed

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The top 10 Movies of all time that never existed.

8. The Cult

The Chinese Province of Shandong has a secret. Its largest corporation is controlled by a secretive ancient cult who believe they are the ancestors of a special group of people chosen by an advanced alien race (the Alatians) who visited the earth 6000 years ago.

Their job is to force the lower level “non-special” humans to produce pure organic food for the chosen ones and their families so that their bodies would remain pure.

As well, they were to produce technology for space travel, and technology that can be sold on the Earthian market for money that can be later exchanged for raw materials

It is believed that the alatians came here to save humanity from another locust like species of aliens (the Trilax) that have been devouring all organic life in their path.

6000 years ago the Alatians realized that the earth was in the path of the Trilax, and came to protect the continuity of the human race.

The Alatians have chosen special humans from different countries to continue the existence of humanity in an alien utopian paradise. In turn, the chosen ones have been using alien technology to slowly poison the earth and it inhabitants with toxic waste, chemicals, and manufactured diseases, in the hopes of poisoning the Trilax who will devour the poisoned people and hopefully inherit their diseases.

One of the most loyal managers (Kai) of the corporation stumbles on to the secret plot of “the chosen ones” and spirals down a staircase of intrigue a deceit.

Helped by a mysterious stranger Kai makes a desperate attempt to inform his friends and family, but finds either they don’t believe him or they are “in on it”

He tells his mother who laughs at him like he was a school boy with a vivid imagination, and tells his father who doesn’t believe him at first, but later reveals that he knew about the conspiracy and was being paid off with a luxurious weekend life, unbeknown to the family.

When Kai approaches the authorities he realizes that everyone with any type of power or influence is someway involved. Realizing this Kai makes his last desperate attempt to survive.

As the corporation closes in, Kai is brought into a board room for a final meeting with the CEO. It is here that the whole alien plot is revealed to him by his former bosses who are laughing at him and his vain attempt to save his own life.

Kai then reveals to the board that with the introduction of westernism to china, the younger generation is no longer naïve enough to believe such superstitions and that the corporation was being downsized.

He reveals that the CEO’s right hand man was the mystery stranger helping him and that the cult was actually just an experiment in religion that the real world leaders implemented 30 years ago.

In the board members silence he claims that this religion was no longer relevant, and that the true world leaders discovered immortality when they completed the first successful brain transplant, and all they really wanted were healthy bodies free of impurities.

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