The #9 Movie of all time that never existed – Kyle in Wonderland

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9. Kyle in Wonderland.

Plot Summary

Kyle Ferguson has a special gift for pattern recognition, making him one of the worlds most sought after computer programmers.

When Kyle begins to see patterns and repetitions in daily life however, those around him become worried, as they watch his gift slowly  pull him  into another reality.

Kyles family convince him so see a psychiatrist who asks him various health related questions as well as one that seems to stick out predominantly from the rest.   He asks Kyle  “When is a raven like a writing desk?” Kyle doesn’t pay much attention to the question at first and takes the medication prescribed by his new doctor.

As he begins his cycle of medication he starts to feel better, but realizes that his pattern recognition skills are no longer present and as such he begins to lose his identity as one of the worlds leading computer programmers.

Kyle goes off his medication and gains his mental powers back, but his attention toward patterns in everyday life starts up again. He starts noticing similarities between all mainstream art, music, television, politics, and more and begins to see external fictional realities in his daily life, particularly, Alice in Wonderland.

As each person in his life begins to resemble a fictional character of some sort, Kyle gives in and begins taking his medication on a dose by dose basis, allowing him to control when he takes refuge in a reality that is slowly slipping away.

Kyle becomes aware that his doctor may have the answers he seeks, but every question kyle asks also makes him appear more insane and dangerous to society. and that each step towards help increases his chances of being permanently committed t an insane asylum.

Kyle accepts that eventually be faced with living on medication or residing in both the reality of society and the wonderland of his mind simultaneously.

He concludes that a writing desk is like a raven when you are insane.  Insane from trying to find meaning in something that was never meant to have any.

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