The Redcat Rampage XT is The Best Selling 1/5th Scale RC Truck From Redcat Racing

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Redcat Rampage XT 1/5th Scale RC Truck

The Redcat Rampage XT 1/5 scale truck is a beast and is the most popular RC Truck from Redcat Racing’s 1/5th Scale line up. Redcat has beefed up the Rampage XT and made it look a lot heftier by including the substantial body that can only be matched by its massive tires.

At the heart of every Rampage XT is a 30cc HY 2-stroke engine geared up with a hard-wearing, spring filled clutch. This spring centrifugal clutch uses a pair of composite pads that has actually been made to channel power to the clutch bell.

The massive tires are mounted on smooth black plastic rims. A closer inspections reveals directional treads that offer optimal grip on even the most unrelenting surface. The drive train has actually been crafted from metal and commences with a four-gear single rate vertex gearbox which directs the engine’s power to the center spool.

4 huge volume threaded aluminum shocks enable silky smooth suspension action while the sway bars keep the extra-thick T6 framework steady and decreases side roll as the truck works out tight edges.

With all the whistles and bells, the Redcat Rampage XT handles impeccably– just like a well-tuned sports vehicle. In order to optimize its abilities, search for an area that can accommodate its heft and in some way provide some semblance of a challenging obstacle.


You Can Purchase Hop Ups for the Rampage XT Online Through This Link.


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