The Top 4 Gadgets to Enhance Your MP3 Experience.

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Top 4 Ways to enhance your MP3 experience.

1. Use in prohibited areas.

A waterproof MP3 case brings music and sound into many previously forbidden places. Music can be a great motivator for your morning shower, especially on those days you don’t want to get out of bed.  A must for you lovers of Gadgets out there.

Before bedtime there is nothing like relaxing in the tub without the worry of your boombox falling in the water and electrifying you.

Your waterproof MP3 case should float also, for those times when you are around water, but not in it. (On a boat or a dock out in cottage country)

2. Sports.

Music is a great enhancement to physical activity. Music has a natural way to entice your body to move. An underwater MP3 player allows swimmers the enhancement of music, a privilege land exercisers previously had dominion on.

Wireless media players, like mp3 sunglasses, allow free movement for almost any sport be it baseball, basket ball, mountain biking, snowboarding and more. The wireless freedom makes all these activities more enjoyable and easier for athletes to enter “The Zone”

3. Efficiency.

Media players can make you more efficient in your daily life. They allow you to listen to books on tape, podcasts, missed meetings, university lectures and more. A friend or colleague can record an event that you are unable to attend, be it a business meeting, university lecture, or other event, allowing you to essentially attend at a more convenient time, which may be on your way to work, during your morning shower, or during a brisk treadmill workout. The Media Player puts the power of Decision in YOUR hands.

4. Do you Mind if I put something else on?

With i-Pods and other media players becoming a gadget staple for the masses, carrying around an entire music collection is kinda like having your own theme music with you. A lot of home theater and stereo systems are incorporating the ability to play mp3 music from external sources. This allows you to share and add great content to your ever evolving music library.

Of course an external mp3 speaker never hurts either 🙂



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