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As we move into the spring of 2012 we can only hope that it is a year of really cool gadgets. At Daft Gadgets we get most of our new gadgets for the year between the months of April and October. Now that we’ve hit April, its only a matter of time before the new gadgets start rolling in. That being said, we feel its important to pay homage to the gadgets of yesterday that are still going strong and as such have made it to our list of “Top Gadgets

Top Gadgets #1 Camera Lens Cup with Coffee Cap. The official coffee cup of Spider Man

Camera Lens Coffee Cup

Yes, the camera lens cup sold out fast last Christmas as it seemed like everyone and their photographer wanted one. Some people were making fun of photographers who didn’t realize that their once exclusive and precious technology would soon be an included feature on even your cheapest throw away pay as you go cell phone.

It was a way of saying things like:

“At least those old camera lenses are still good for something”
“Now that 90% of the population is competing with you on a freelance basis, you should probably get used to serving coffee since your profession is obsolete”

We’ll have to see if they can maintain their “Top Gadget” status through the summer of 2012.

Top Gadgets #2 DaVinci Catapult

We’re not sure if the buzz around this one was the fun in putting it together, or using it to fire random objects at friends and coworkers until the explode into a rage. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time with this gadget.

Top Gadgets #3 80s Retro iPhone Case

Be it Gordon Gekko or Patrick Bateman nothing said Wall Street power back in the 80s like a giant radioactive brain frying cellphone.Oh sure, the smaller technology gets, the cooler it gets. Except when its ironic. Then its the opposite, as is the case with the 80s cell phone.

Retro iPhone accessories notoriously find themselves in our top gadgets section, and this year should be no different.

Top Gadgets #4 Water Lanterns

Any celebration with a pond, stream, swimming pool or even a jacuzzi can benefit from the soothing lights of these water lanterns.

A big hit with weddings and graduations, water lanterns are a great way to get everyone involved in the celebration. Some people make a wish and release them into the water, others just light them up to prevent drunken guests from falling into the pool.

Whichever your celebration, water lanterns are a great theme.

Top Gadgets #5 iPlunger

Who would have thought that toilet accessories and iPod accessories would go hand in hand. Were not sure if the popularity of this item comes from people dropping their iPhone in the toilet, or if they are just cool things to keep in a pencil drawer. These may also have made the top gadgets list thanks to the mention of Daft Gadgets in the CNBC article: “Strange but Functional Gadgets” So their popularity could just be good publicity.

Be it unusual, unique, wacky or crazy, you can be assured that Daft Gadgets has the top gadgets you’re looking for as well as some gadgets you may not have known existed.


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